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Originally Posted by Lyn2007 View Post
Is it possible to be depressed and not FEEL emotionally depressed? It's almost like my BODY is depressed (wanting to hibernate and having no energy) but not my head. I am pretty happy with my life overall and not sad or angry or anything, just have NO energy. I felt so great and energized up until about November. With only 9 hours of daylight I feel so different.
Well I know that on days when I work at home, I keep the curtains pulled to conserve energy. I also rarely leave the house those days. By the time dinner rolls around, I feel so blah and energy-less that even if I needed to run errands or get things done around the house I usually don't. So I understand being completely exhausted just because you are a hermit!

I think opening the curtains/blinds is a great idea. That usually helps me a lot. How about trying to get some exercise in too? Even if it is just running up and down your stairs a few times? Putting in an exercise video might help as well. Also, sometimes I make a list of all the things I need to do that day. The other day I had to do this to get motivated. It said things like "make bread", "do laundry", etc. Everyday things. But I would check them off and I ended up getting them all done and I felt better at the end of the day. I think the list was motivation.

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