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Trying it again....
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Morning chicks,

Cottage-enjoy your day off. I'm a stay at home mom so I don't know what days off feel like anymore.
Gonna-good luck at the doctors
Cyndi-have fun at the staff party tonight
Kara-I know what you mean, I've always been the designated driver. It's better to save a life than let one go.
pamatga-sorry to hear such terrible news. My prayers are with you and your mom. My dad was just diagnosed with cancer in his kidney (the right one). He lives in salt lake city and I'm in houston so it's hard to visit with him. My brother works for the airlines and dad gets to fly for free so he comes down here quite a bit. But when it comes to surgery, no one is there to take care of him and I can't, I've got 4 little ones. He has 2 of them on one kidney. The doctor is gonna sit with him on Thurs to determine what's happening inside his body and what they are gonna do. They don't know for sure if they are gonna do surgery or chemotherapy. When he went for his MRI they wouldn't tell him anything, they wanted him to come back in 2 weeks with family to discuss what is going on. I take it that it's something bad. All will be well though with you and your family. Good luck.
Have a nice day to everyone else who I missed.
Me-well, I'm afraid to step on the scale today. I went into alittle snacking frenzy yesterday. I had all low fat, low calorie snacks but I just couldn't stop and I didn't get any exercise in either. I think my daughter has an ear infection. She gets them quite frequently and her doctor is waiting for her next ear infection before sending her to an ENT specialist to determine if she needs tubes in her ears. I would rather her get tubes, that way she'll stop getting ear infections. She's very fussy and whiny. I think I'm gonna pull my hair out today. My boys have half a day at school today. Shucks. I was hoping for a full day to get the house cleaned for the weekend. I guess they will be put to work when they get home. DH hasn't had any PTSD moments yesterday or this morning. Hopefully it stays that way for the whole weekend. It's getting better though. Nothing much else is going on. Gotta go and do taxes today. Making some oreo truffles for the boys' teachers today but if I don't have time, I'll wait till Tuesday (Mon is holiday).
Take care ladies and have a beautiful day.


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