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Good morning my dear chicks! Where did this week go?

Cottage Enjoy your day off!

Gonna Sure hope you get some positive news at the dr. today.

Cyndi & LC

Kara I admire your stamina to do an hour and half of yoga, that would kick my butt. Of course I am lucky to get in 20 mins in the morning but hey something is better than nothing!

pamatga Thoughts and prayers to you and your family. I know what it is like to be miles away and facing this situation.

Ruth Be careful out there today!

Schmoodle I was thinking myself of hitting the sales this weekend but I am selfish and doing it for me!

Dawn Have a great day!

Me Just another busy work day at hand! I am once again starting to see the top of my desk. Thinking of moving the living room around this weekend, I get bored of it being the same for too long. Need to start doing some planning, I want to re-do my dining room which currently isn't used for that purpose, heck there isn't even a table in it!

Confession time! I was very bad last night, won't share the food porn I had but lets just say that little devil on my shoulder and my DH (shame on him) and the Queen were not my SB friends lastnight! Dairy makes it healthy though right? So much for a treat this weekend!

Have a great day ladies I will check back later!

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