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Good morning everyone!

Well, like my post said last night I have decided to get back on the beach. I started the beach back in June of 04 and lost around 85lbs. Since then I got engaged and got married back in September 2007! However I have put on a few extra lbs I really want to get it off and maybe a little more, plus I want to get back into this one pair of jeans I have That's one of my goals. So I'm on day two of phase far so good...I was craving the chips my dh had on top of our fridge last night....BUT I was good and didn't touch it. I'm glad to see some familiar faces on here. We had some snow showers here yesterday morning but that quickly turned to rain They're calling for more snow tomorrow so I've got my fingers I love snow and we haven't had a decent snow in years How is everyone doing today? I have to close at work so I'll be getting ready in a little bit.

Pamatga- my prayers are with you, your mom and your family. I hope everything will be fine.

"Tomorrow is always fresh" - AGG
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