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Unhappy Hello lady chicks

Well, hope everyone has some nice relaxing plans for this weekend. This has been a waiting week for me. My mom was diagnosed with uterine cancer and unspecified leukemia a week before Christmas. It has been a test of our patience and faith to wait until this past Tuesday when she was scheduled for a hysterectomy. We thought that the worse ( or we were hoping anyway) was over. Well, she has had to overcome obstacle after obstacle. She is 73 and diabetic. Now, she is in ICU on a respirator. I can not afford to fly "home" nor can I afford to take time off from work. I do not get PTO. So, there have been a lot of long distance phone calls among family members. I have been saying a daily Rosary for her since she was given the news. I said one this morning at 6 am after my sister called me to tell me that Mom went from serious to critical. She is experiencing acute renal failure. The surgeon believes the cancer was contained and they got it all. Who knew it might be the actual surgery that might kill her? So, I am standing firm on my faith today. Let's hope I have something good to report in a couple of days.
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