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Hi gals!

Linda, enjoy your day off! Put your feet up and have a nice relaxing cup of coffee.

Gonna, I really hope they get you and your immune system sorted out! Hope you feel better soon! You should join Dawn and I in our scale boycott!!!

Cyndi, have a great time at your party tonight. I don't drink (well, I've been known to "throw back" a Mike's hard lemonade once or twice - literally - in my life...), so I'm often the designated driver. I always feel so responsible, like I'm saving the world or something!

I can't believe we're facing another weekend already! I made it through the week of the gym being closed and I can't wait for yoga tomorrow morning, although they shortened it from an hour and a half to an hour-long class, which had half the class up in arms last week. They said that the folks who do the spin class right before yoga want to do the yoga class but don't want to stay the whole time. I blurted out, "Just let them leave halfway through, then!" and then realized how rude it sounded and tried to explain my way out of it, but luckily I wasn't the only one upset, so no one thought I was crazy or anything. I'm hoping they'll just have it as an hour and a half anyway. Maybe I could just go to the stretching room and do an extra thirty minutes myself. I kind of feel like I still need someone leading me, though. We'll see.


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