Guess what I got!

  • I got a personal trainer today!! I see her everyday (except for Sat. and Sun.) thru next Friday, and then I go home for a week. I am sooo excited, I think she is going to hurt me, and I think I am gonna like it!!
    When I get back after the new year we will continue on as we had been. I am just really excited and wanted to share!
  • Wow! What a wonderful news! I always wanted a personal trainer but I don't think I can cough up enough money. *lol*
  • You lucky gal!!! Hee, she probably is going to hurt you, but if she's any good, you'll get such a good workout!!
  • Wow! You are lucky!!!
  • That is soo great! Good luck with that!
  • Great news!!! Good luck!
  • YAY! I'm jealous What a great boost!
  • That's awesome! I loved having a trainer, they show you so many new things to do!
  • I had my first meeting with her on Thursday, it was great - she really worked me out!! But then that night we had a huge wind storm and it knocked out power all over the region, and I didn't make the Friday apt. the good news is that I have an appt. with her M, T, W, & Th.!! We did legs and abs and it took an hour! Now I just have to work on controling my FOOD intake. I struggle there tho...
  • Oooh I am so happy for you (and jealous lol)!