Wednesday Planning

  • Happy Hump Day!

    B: Sugar free apple cinnamon oatmeal, coffee
    L: Salad, Chicken, Fat Free Ranch
    S: String Cheese, Pretzels
    D: Spaghetti, pasta sauce, meatballs (made with extra lean ground beef)
    S: Apple, Jello SF pudding

    WO: ???

    Water: 3 Liters
  • Oh dear god it's Wednesday. Where's the time gone??

    B: 1/4 c steel-cut oats w/cranberries, green tea
    S: spelt toast w/pb
    L: tuna salad on rye crackers, apple, yogurt
    S: hard-boiled egg, 2 clementines
    D: planning on gnocchi w/homemade pasta sauce, spinach salad... but I'm going to a study group and we might end up going out. I'll be good, though.
  • Not so sure yet what I'm gonna do with my meals today. But here's the plan so far...

    B-1 piece WW toast, 1 T PB, 1 C orange juice
    L-Turkey/ham sub from Subway, baked lays, light lemonade (or water)
    S-1/2 C yogurt
    D-3 oz. chicken breast, 1/2 C rice (both with tomato)

    WO-none today. I'm sick
    Water-I'm gonna shoot for 5 cups today
  • This is what I had...I can't believe how the calories add up...

    b: 2 pieces wheat toast w/ 1 1/2 ounces cheese
    cup of low fat milk, and some green tea
    l: 1 cup chili, salad w/ chickpeas, hardboiled egg and peas, 1 pita bread
    s: pecan bar =[ total waste of calories there

    My goal is to stay around 1600 calories a day, already I'm at 1350. Yesterday I thought I did okay and when I went back today to total up my calories it was around 2000 ahhh!