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Lisa- WATER makes me say inappropriate things to strange men. I don't think I can fix that with abstaining from rummm.. Which is my favorite. Congrats on your loss!!

SpilltheBeans- Awesome! Not only do you have an answer to the weightloss thing.. but you have a bun in the oven!
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Thanks so much for your encouragement! It really means a lot, you're all so right. I just try to take things slower and today has been a much better day. I just need to be realistic about a lot of things and just my goals in general!

Spiltthebeans- CONGRATS!!!!!!!

Brito- Good decision, be the broke grad student, you're doing something that makes you proud and something you really enjoy!! You'll get where you need to be soon enough, and life is all about the journey, right? Besides, chock that up to one of those things that "build character" and who doesn't need character?!

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Spill - congrats! What a wonderful surprise!
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congratulations spill!! OMG how fantastic! I am assuming that this is good news - although unplanned.

i second that we are all going to be aunties!!
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Wow - seems like I've missed alot the past few days!! Congrads Spill on the baby news! How exciting!!!! I have alot of catching up and reading to do, and will reply later.

I've not been doing good at anything lately. The snow is finally gone, and I had my dose of chasing the kids around yesterday.....all 17 of them! I'm exhausted. My eating habits have been TERRIBLE! I don't know what the deal is, I seem to be in this "funk" about something. I've tried to exercise every day, in some form or another, but I just don't even seem to care anymore. I don't know how to snap myself back to where I should be. I have tried and tried, and nothin has worked! My Mom says it's probably due to all the stress that has been going on right now that I can't seem to focus on things, like what to eat seems a little silly in the bigger picture of things right now.
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Let's do this!
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Spillthebeans- congratulations!!! I wonder if there has ever been an online baby shower...
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Morning ladies.. Just a couple of minutes to check in before running off to class. We finally get to study some Spenser today, who's my favorite early modern poet (and the source of 'britomart').... So yay!

Meagan: mmm, pumpkin soup? mmmm, pumpkin bread? Do you have recipes or is it just a 'throw everything together' kinda thing? I'm a recipe fiend And the only thing I did to make the orange chicken was throw some oj concentrate (1 tbsp?) and a bit of water (1/4c?) in a bowl with some ginger (2 tsp?) and some cornstarch (1/2 tbsp?), mix it all up and throw it in the pan on top of my veggies and chicken. It thickened up really nicely and tasted like Chinese food! The measurements are guesses because it's the first time I tried it and just sorta estimated... The recipe I was looking at for inspiration called for 1/2c corn syrup!! Definitely left that out!!

Lizzie: dating is frustrating, I agree. but kind of fun in a sadistic sort of way (masochistic? which is self-harm? i forget). And yeah, I'm happy to be impractical for now. When I have kids and a car payment and a mortgage, I won't get this chance!

obviouschild: hurray for -2.5! That's awesome, girl! Fabulous!

spill: congrats!! omg! I totally want to be an honorary auntie.

Okay, I have 45 mins till class starts, takes at least 30 minutes to walk there and I still have to get my stuff together... Sorry for the hurried responses but I couldn't resist!! Happy Thursday!
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I love Biggest Loser!

Can't decide who I want to win though.... (bobby looks amazing now! he doesn't even look like the same person)

That new girl that just joined reminds me unfortunately a bit of me. I am in a routine and am very stubborn about changing.
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Greetings Honorary Aunty Chickies!

After a dr visit today, it is confirmed I will be having a baby on June 24, 2007I was recently engaged as you might recall, and now I will soon be married. My mom is helping me pull together a small, yet nice wedding ceremony in January.

I guess I will be trading in my SHAPE magazine for a FIT PREGNANCY Magazine.

I'll be checking back with you all---Life just got super busy! but great!

Thanks again for all the well wishes aunties! You ladies are the best support!

PS. good to see you again Jenicra! You look slim!
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dum dee dum
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Spillthebeans - Awww, congratulations!!! . That is AMAZING!! A wedding and a baby in the same year! One lucky lady

Oh wow, it has been such a great week for many! Can I just say that I have also arrived at cloud 9? I lost 6 lbs after 7 weeks of stalling ! I'm going to jump over the moon tonight! Fridays aren't my usual weigh-in days but after skipping last Sunday weigh-in I was DYING to know how much I weigh...and I guess it caught me by surprise. Six pounds in two weeks, hope I'm not going too fast after plateau. (Time to move the ticker, I say!)

Hope everyone else's day has been good

BTW, I've been wondering what the Biggest Loser was...now I get it (don't get that where I am )
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well ladies.... have a great weekend.... i'm off to DC for a few days with a friend who's coming down from canada. wish me luck in the face of much restaurant-eating...!
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spillthebeans - WOW! you lucky girl! Congratulations! May the baby and you be healthy and happy.
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Spill, congratulations on both the baby and the upcoming nuptials!

britomart, good luck!

passionfruit, wtg! That is awesome! I hate long plateus like that, but then whoosh, your body just lets go of whatever it's holding onto and you feel so good.

britomart, mmm, the chicken sounds yummy and easy, thanks. I got my Pumpkin Bread Recipe from allrecipes.com and it's called "Ribbon Pumpkin Bread" (note: if you do try it, the recipe says it makes 2 loaves of bread. The filling might be enough for two, but the batter is not enough to make adequate layers, so I'd double that, or just make 1 loaf). Pumpkin soup I got from the food network website (called "Pumpkin Soup" and the chef is "Food Network Specials"), and I subbed fat free evaporated milk for the half and half. I'm a little OCD so I like to follow my recipes to the letter.

Eating has been good, exercise good. It's just the weekend I'm worried about... I need some Will Power Dust!

Have a great weekend everyone!
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3-day road trip to Oregon this weekend, plus a wedding. You'd better send me some will power dust, Megan!
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hey girls!
congratulations, spill!! that is SO exciting! you will have to keep us all updated on how you feel! i was just reading an article that exercising while you're pregnant helps the baby be healthier too..i think it was in this months shape. anyway, you are going to be a wonderful mother!
i have been doing pretty well this week. i have been working out every day and trying soo hard not to overeat. i didn't do that well today, but the rest of the week was pretty good. i weighed in this morning at 139, so only one pound to go to reach my thanksgiving goal weight! today i went out to lunch and ordered really healthy (chicken salad) because i knew i was going with a friend to get a fresh baked cookie at our favorite bakery this afternoon. i had that..but then that kind of set off the binge tooth, and i had a roll and another piece of a cookie. i feel like we are all struggling with that...one bad thing and its all down hill. i definitely need to work on that!!
this weekend i dont really have any plans, which bums me out. i wish i were one of those people who can hang out in their apartment all weekend and be content. i get so sad when i am not busy and around a lot of people. i am trying to think of ways to fill the weekend...sigh, it makes me wish i had the boyfriend back. i swear that was all he was good for..taking me to movies
i hope you girls all have a great weekend, i will try to post more next week!!!
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