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Default I want to play with swords! *cries*

Ok... so my last semester in college I had to take a gym class, and I decided it would be interesting to try fencing. What do you know.. I fall in love with a sport! Seriously.. the class taught us both how to bout and how to judge, and although I wasn't particularly good at either (after only a semester of learning) but I don't think I was hopeless either.

I'm buying a darn practice foil with my next paycheck... but the other equipment (helmet, vest, glove...) I'd want to buy new.. and that's part of the problem, I don't think sporting goods stores SELL fencing gear! And even if I got them (which someday I WILL), I need to find people to fence with! It's not exactly a mainstream sport, at least as far as I'm aware.

It maes me sad , it's so fun.. and a good workout too! Haha today I was practice advancing, retreating, and lunging, just to see if I remembered how...

Ok, done ranting. Just had to get that out.

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Good luck in your search for your gear & opponents!! Maybe its out there, since you were able to do it in the college you're in, look around the area for others who have done it. Ya never know what you'll find!
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I took fencing in a Public High School and We fenced in thick sweat shirts, and Im sure you could find helmets other materials on ebay, and never underestimate amazon
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House - oh I know they sell them on ebay.. but I have no idea what would be comfortable on me. Especially with helmets - I always had trouble finding one that fit right from the ones provided, they usually ended up wiggling around on my head, which could be very distracting! And thick sweatshirts? Hmm, never thought of that... makes sense, considering you using a tipped blade, so the padding would just be protection from jabs and slaps, not actual points. Thats probably the reason my teacher made us wear long sleeve shirts!

amb - Thanks. I know I want to ask the college Im going to (once I can get in-state tuition rates) if they have some sort of fencing society, or know of one. I just want one now.. and preferably within walking distance!
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Why don't you look into martial arts? A lot of them do stick/sword fighting.
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I am also really interested in fencing. It is one of my biggest regrets that I didn't try out for the fencing team in high school.

I am not ready for it yet - I want to get down at least another 50 pounds, but I have found a fencing school fairly close by to me. Here is one place to look up fencing clubs: http://www.usfencing.org/usfa/conten...gory/7/325/80/
I am also not sure if I want to do formal fencing like that, or go through a group like the SCA.
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