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WhitWhit 10-09-2006 08:37 AM

My Pictures
I last weighed in Sun 10/1 at 152lbs. I'm sure I'm a little more now...I just feel it. Anyway...I take pics every morning to see how my clothes look before I leave the house. I decided to download these. So I wore a tan cardigan and size 8 pants. The pants were a little snug but oh well!

Have a nice MONDAY ladies!

161-165 pounds



Dreamer85 10-09-2006 08:49 AM

I know everyone's goals etc are their own... but you look AMAZING! To me... I'd take those size 8 pants anyday... :) Cute outfit too...

(Dreaming of being a size 8... sigh, some day) ;)

roundRN 10-09-2006 09:22 AM

Wow sweetie....you look absolutely amazing!!!!!!!! I love your outfit..you look sooooo slim, and you are beautiful!!!! Conrats!!!!!


WhitWhit 10-09-2006 09:31 AM

OMG! Thanks so much ladies! Evidence starts in 30 minutes...here I am dreading the start of class and you ladies made me smile. Thanks for making my Monday :)

Daisy Boo 10-09-2006 09:50 AM

you are gorgeous!!

that is my kind of outfit too - simple, classy and understated. nice ;)

you take a pic every morning?

flabbychic 10-09-2006 11:15 AM

I Am 5'7 And 155 And Wear A 12. I Was An 8 At 140. You Lucky!!!

Canadian_Mickey 10-09-2006 11:21 AM

Wow, you look amazing!!! I agree...everyones weight thing is their own, but you look gorgous!!! I too love the outfit!

dollypie 10-09-2006 12:22 PM

You look great! Your confidence about yourself definetly shows in the picture!

WhitWhit 10-09-2006 12:53 PM


Originally Posted by Daisy Boo (Post 1432312)
you are gorgeous!!

that is my kind of outfit too - simple, classy and understated. nice ;)

you take a pic every morning?

Since I live alone, I take a pic every morning when I'm headed to class and have to look "presentable." I just want to see how things look. When I live with other people, I can just ask them. Weird habit, I know.

PS: I uploaded my "before" pic around 11:50 am. I don't see much of a difference, but I know that on the before pic I could not fit into the brown pants.

Slimming Down 10-09-2006 04:34 PM

You do look amazing!!
keep it up!! You are almost at your 10 pound mark!!!

redlight 10-09-2006 06:44 PM

Wow! You look so good and svelte. Are you sure you need to lose more?

FlightyGypsy 10-09-2006 08:16 PM

My goodness... you looked amazing even at 165! I love your sense of style, too.

WhitWhit 10-09-2006 08:21 PM

Thanks ladies!

My doctor wants me to get to about 140lbs and maintain. He is also my grandmother and mother's doctor so he knows about their health concerns. He wants me to develop healthy habits and reach a healthy weight so that I do not develop high blood pressure or diabetes in the future. This is so much more about health for me.

Nicklewise 10-10-2006 04:12 PM

You look great! If I was your size I would want to take a picture every morning!

Keep it up!

sjdphc 10-10-2006 04:33 PM

Glad to see you back! Girl, you look great! :)

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