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  • Oh what a crazy night last night! We had a huge storm here, knocked out power for about 2 1/2 HOURS! We're supposed to get SNOW this weekend...I hate snow...I guess I'm living in the wrong place for not liking snow. Haha!

    It's sunny today, so I plan to take advantage of it, and go for a walk down by the lake. I also have alot of cleaning in my apartment to do, it was such a busy weekend that it never got done. I'm also going to the Library to check out what sort of exercise videos or whatever they have...one might help cause I'm really lacking motivation these days to do much of anything. Food wise I'm not doing as well as I probably could be. I asked DH to bring home the extra salads from work (they make them fresh that day, but just throw them out at the end of the day if they aren't sold, and they are still good!)...so I have about 6 of them in my fridge so that will be good! I'm drinking alot of water, and herbal tea now that it's gotten cooler outside.

    Another day has begun....
  • Hey girls. Well, im still at 214 this morning but atleast i didnt gain anything. Im so happy ive been able to keep my eating in check. Ive only been able to eat small ammounts at each meal latley. like i can only stomach maybe a small bowl full of food at a time, where usually i would be eating a heaping plate of food. Well anywho. I hope you all are having a good day. Ill post more later if anything eventful happens haha.
  • YAY!!! I just got back from the doc's and he weighed me, and I'm officially 117 Lb's now!!! I broke my plateau...after 5 months of sillyness! Hehehe!!! I'm so excited!!!
  • So I am having a not so good day. Just a little background, my parents divorced two years ago b/c my dad went through and still is going through a midlife crisis. I had always been a daddy's girl and was closer to my dad than my mom. Well in the past two years we have really grown apart from one another. We talk maybe every two weeks and see each other on holidays. Pretty sad since we live in the same town. Well yesterday my intention was to invite him and his livein girlfriends (who he cheated on while married to my mother) for dinner. Well the conversation took another route and all he could talk about was his girlfriend and her kids. I was so hurt I didn't even ask them to dinner. So anyway my goal today is to not emotionally eat. I think just typing this really helped

    Fae: I can understand retail, I did it for 9 years.

    Marineswife: Way to go at keeping your eating in check

    Mickey: I have learned to love salad. Yesterday I made a blackbean salad, it was great! Congrats on breaking the plateau!
  • Hi all,

    Tonight I'm headed to Buffalo (hopefully without weather delays) for a long weekend reunion with some college girlfriends. I was going to enjoy the fall colors. Now I guess I'll enjoy the fall rain and snow? I'm very excited to see my friends but as always I'm worried I'll lose food control. I packed a running outfit but if it's 45 degrees and rainy I don't think I'll want to run outside much. And we were going to walk around outside a lot, go to a corn maze, fun stuff like that but now I'm worried we will be stuck indoors with no movement. I wish I could just relax and enjoy myself instead of worrying about all this stuff...especially since I've been doing so well food & exercise-wise since Monday. My friends all like to eat, and only one of them has ever worried about her weight.

    stephiewilliams & Fae, we're doing 4, 1-act plays instead of a full-lenth play for our fall show. I'm playing a man's fiance in "Yes Means No" and the character is hilarious. She's pampered, demanding, and refers to her fiance as 'Teddy Bear' - so of course I'm having fun being totally over the top with it.

    Marineswife85, kudos!

    dollypie, that sounds like a very difficult situation. Don't give into using food as comfort - something I keep re-learning myself - it's only a temporary fix. Post to us whenever you need to get something out!

    Canadian_Mickey, congrats on the loss! Eww snow...why did I pick this weekend to go to Buffalo?

    Hi everyone else!
  • This week I lost 5lbs!I couldn't believe it.Now I'm 208,only 8 lbs till onederland.I'm aiming to be under 200 by thanksgiving.
  • Good job to all that lost weight! I'm still scared to get on the scale after my weekend binge, but as I said before I have been very good all week!

    It is snowing here too and I LOVE it. Makes me want to wake up late and sip hot coffee in my white fluffy robe all day (my plan for the weekend at least).

    Dollypie- At least you acted like an adult and made the first brave step to restoring your relationship with your dad. It's had when a parent moves on, especially when they start acting like a selfish teenager. A bit different of a situation, but my dad passed away from cancer a few years ago and my mom has been dating someone new for a little while and I feel like whenever I make plans with her she ALWAYS brings him with and whenever I talk to her on the phone she ALWAYS brings him up. I am happy for her, but in a way wish she stopped acting like such a kid. She should be the parent and I should be the "kid".
  • Hey girls! wanted to post a quick note to let you know im down to 213 now!! Im so ecstatic right now. Im even wearing a pair of jeans right now that used to be tight a few months ago. :-D I hope i can keep loosing weight like this. 2 weeks ago today i weighed 221 at the drs.. now im 213. Well, i got a busy day ahead of me. I need to go grocery shopping and pick up some meds at the pharmacy. So now im off to start my shopping list. have a fantastic day girls!
  • Way to go Marines wife!

    Well feeling much better today, out of my rut. It was definetly Friday at the gym because no one was there. But I was so that is what counted. I feel like I am about to hit a plateau the scale hasn't move at all in the past week, I am going to keep up the workouts though. I hope everyone has a good weekend!
  • Good afternoon ladies!

    Well, I've decided to make a change. I've started South Beach. I think it will be really helpful for me, so long as I make it through these first couple of days (which apparently are the hardest)... I have huge problems controlling carb cravings and that's what gets me into trouble. Plus I need to do something about getting my blood glucose in the right place, or I'm just going to feel tired and crappy all the time. And since SB is based on the glycemic index of good/bad carbs, it will definitely help me do that! So... today was Day 1, and I'm doing just fine. I actually have had really yummy meals so far, and I don't feel any more tired than normal.... so I'm excited. I really want to do this... Calorie counting just wasn't working for me, as I was letting myself eat all my trigger foods just as long as I kept to a certain calorie range... but the trigger foods trigger binges and I lose control. So that wasn't a good cycle to be stuck in. Anyway, off to a new start! Tally-ho!

    dolly - don't worry too much about stationary weight for a week. to be at a real plateau you'd be stuck for much longer than that -- and seriously frustrated!! you're doing all the right things, your body is just having a stubborn week, stick with it! And parent stuff can be so hard, esp when new people are brought into the equation. If your dad keeps ignoring you and only wanting to talk about his gf, maybe you ought to talk to him about it... like, 'dad, I'm happy that you're so happy with her, but I miss being close to you too' or something. But I know it's tough. Keep your chin up

    Heather - congrats on the weight loss! Aren't you back to/lower than the weight you were when you disappeared from 3FC for a while? Congrats!

    TiffyTaffy - wow, awesome loss! onederland will feel so great, and you've got a very do-able goal in sight. Congrats!

    Amanda - that's awesome about the salads. a pretty sweet deal! sounds like you're set up for success!

    have a great weekend ladies!
  • It's been a crazy stressful day today. Feeling just overwhelmed about alot. GRR!!! Hate days like that!

    I'm so glad I don't live in Buffalo right now, they got 2 1/2 FEET of SNOW!!! 380,000 people are without power! Geesh! We've had little flurries but it hasn't amounted or stuck, which I'm thankful for....I mean it's OCTOBER for goodness sakes!

    Well, I lost 2 Lb's last week, got down to 117, so that's good. Tried on my new jeans that I bought about a month ago, and they are falling off...Oh dear! LOL!

    I'm going grocery shopping on Monday I think, maybe tuesday, and I'm trying to come up with a shopping list! Oh I hate planning meals! It makes me CRAZY! I'm so not good at planning meals.

    Haven't really done much exercise lately, although I've done alot of housework the past few days.