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Bida Bida Bida
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Default question of the day 10/4


how does diet coke help you relax?

no seriously - I'm polling ideas - I need to come up with a pitch for a diet coke story (it is not a commercial - but diet coke needs to play a central role in the story) -this is the theme - a story that illustrates how diet coke is an ally for survival in a hectic everyday life...picking people up and calming them down...making their busy lives seem effortless.

Superhero coke madness?

oh - and this should be for a target audience of 35+ (i know we are all 20+) (but just use your imagination!)

any takers any ideas? brainstorming welcome! (you can even PM if you want!)


ps - my real question was going to be - if you were given 500 bucks - no catch - what would you do with it? and if you had to give it away - what would you do with it?
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Let's do this!
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The first thing that came to mind was the old pitch, "Have a Coke and a smile", but it's reallllly early in the morning, so I got nothin'.

$500? I would buy some new running shoes and pay some bills with the rest. I can't wait for the day when I can have some extra money and NOT pay bills as the first thing...

If I didn't have to pay bills?

Vegas. I've never been.

EDIT: Scratch that. The spa.
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here I go again...
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Maybe something about how every sip gives you a minute of selfishness in a day where you spend all of your time working for/caring for other people... except to avoid the negative connotation, better replace "selfishness" with pampering or something better. Who knows, the early morning brain fog may make this look silly when I read it later hahaha
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aka Superwoman!
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As for DC - it just keeps me going and I use it as a non-guilty treat. If I can't get out of bed, I think, "Come on, I'll treat you to a DC later!" If I've done particularly well with a workout, then instead of a chocolate bar I treat myself with a DC. No real ideas, just what I do!

$500 - probably hire a personal trainer for a bit! Oh and shoes, I'm hankering after a pair of furry Caterpillar boots.
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Workin' My *** Off!
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Coke Question: I have a bad story about Dad used to drink about a case a day for about 14 yrs, and he was so addicted to it that it gave him the shakes if he didn't have it, and headaches galore. Well one year he decided to go off it cold turkey....BAD IDEA! He was like a druggie without his fix, it was horrible! He ended up being rushed to the hospital and stayed there for 2 weeks because his heart was in overdrive because of the withdrawl...SCARY stuff! He's never touched a coke since!

$500 Question: I don't know what I would do with it. Save it to buy clothes or go somewhere after I'm at my goal weight. Or spend a day at a spa! Ohhhhhhhhhh that would be nice!
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DC: I've got nothing. I don't drink any sodas....and on the rare occassion I do, I drink Diet DrPepper. Uh....sorry I've got nothing too

500: Pay my cell phone bill it's 438- I talk too much! AAACK!~
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Goodbye Fat!
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Diet Coke is my one treat a day a lunch time. I look forward to it everyday and then I am usually satisfied. It is my way of being bad with food and no calories

With the $500 I would pay the vet for my dog's knee surgery.
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After two years of Diet Coke drinking (not excessive, 1-2 a day) I gave them up about a month ago. Why? Headaches. I was a migraine sufferer from the ages of 8-20. They have tapered off to nothing, but I was still getting headaches severe enough to keep me from functioning at least once a week. Went to the clinic on campus (free healthcare...woot!) and mentioned in passing that I was having these random headaches. The nurse said, "Stop drinking the diet cokes, you moron, you're probably allergic to the artificial sweetener." I was. And now I feel like an idiot for not figuring that out for myself.

My slogan: There's nothing better than rum and diet coke, unless it's rum and regular coke, but I'm watching my weight.

$500? I'd buy car parts. Like, little useless bits that my car has lost over the years that I can't find for affordable prices. For example: plastic door pockets? Over $100 for the pair. Absolute insanity. Ooh, or I could finally get it panted! Goodbye brick-shaped and brick-colored, hello brick-shaped and Tardis blue. Mmmm.
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future triathlete
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I'm no help with the DC question - I've hated pop ever since i was little, so I've never even tried Diet coke.

$500... pay for my scuba class, and use the leftover to pay for a few dives in Mexico this Christmas
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Lose that Baby Weight!
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Ok DC no comment hate the stuff...500 bucks? I would have to say I would buy a new lens for my camera, and unfortunately a new lens would take the entire 500 bucks. If I had to give it away I would donate it to a single hard working mother.
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fat fighter
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i am rethinking soft drink after watching an article on tv here about a guy who drank some ridiculous amount of coke per day (something like 40 cups). His teeth have rotted away and he is addicted and is now seeking compensation from coca-cola for his addiction. i like a diet coke here and there, it feels a little indulgent after drinking water all day.

anyway, the $500? right now i would use it to pay for a weekend away with just me and the boyfriend. to give it away? definately to a dog rescue group i am associated with.

2frustrated - caterpillar boots? work boots?
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I never liked Diet Coke, couldn't stand the taste. I used to drink regular coke, that habit probaby contributed to some of my excess weight. I haven't had any except in rum and cokes in many months and I haven't had any rum and cokes (or cokes) in a month.

$500 - some for clothes, some to pay off bills.
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aka Superwoman!
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I could wear them on my bike and with a denim mini
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DC - I agree with Daisy, it feels indulgent after a whole day of water. I don't drink it often (and besides, I like Diet Pepsi better ), and when I do, it feels like dessert. I can fix a sugar craving with DC.

$500 -- if I got to spend it, I'd either be boring and pay off a credit card, or I'd be indulgent and go nuts in a books/cd store. If I gave it away, I'd pledge it to our local community radio station. They're awesome.
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