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Hey ladies! Im back again. Im feeling MUCH MUCH better. I took a bath after i took my meds and then took a nap and now i feel fine.. Im going to have to talk to my dr tho because i only get 6 of my migrane pills and im going thru about 2 a week right now lol. Oh well. Sorry ive been so whiney about being sick latley lol. Well hope everyones doing well. Amanda enjoy your turkey dinner!
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Heather, glad to know you're feeling better! I hope they can figure out what's causing these headaches! Have you gone through any allergy testing before? Sometimes Allergies can cause migraine-like symptoms. It might be something to think about. I know that I get allergies/headaches with new paint fumes, with certain chemicals, things you wouldn't really think of...

Feel better chica!
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Heather - glad you're feeling better!

Today was a good day for me.. since it was payday, I spent about $100 on groceries, pure Fae-food (diet food) and some other necessities (ie socks). I also put money in my shopping-saving envelope... and a guilty pleasure... a cd. Once by Nightwish, a cd I owned once but lost when I moved.. and I love it. Unfortunitely, I got out of the store right as the rain started... not pleasent, walking home with grocery bags in rain with insane wind.

Mmmm this music makes me happy.. if I do my cardio tomorrow (still debating if I want to take the day off and relax all day.. besides house cleaning, that is) i may mute the tv and listen to this instead...
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Steph(LockItUp)- I just wanted to take the time out to commend your incredible cardio endurance, you're a monster (in a good way) keep it up!
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