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Default My regimen for September- How does this sound?

My workout plan for this month is seriou! I have a big event on Oct 1st and need to have lost at least 6 pounds. So here it is:

Mon/Wed: 120 mins of cardio,

Tues/Thurs: 120 mins of cardio, 60 mins strength training

Friday: 120 mins cardio, 30 mins strength training.

Saturday: 120 mins of cardio split in 2 sessions.

Sunday: 120 mins cardio

I also have cheerleading practice (college competitive) 4 times a week for 2 hrs each.

I've been doing this since the beginning of August and its a lot but I am getting great results. I generally do cardio in the morning and strength training in the evenings.

I may step it up to 2.5 hrs cardio this week to lose more.

I eat a low-cal, low-fat diet which basically consists of me eating 2 salads and a piece of lean chicken everyday. I drink water (80 oz) and green tea only.

What do u think? Should I add more?

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Definitely don't add more cardio, you'll see changes, but this might be exhausting... good luck though! But since you're already doing this, then just good luck! You might not see the pounds, but I'd assume you'll probably get some non-scale victories, maybe gain some muscle...

Wow, I die after 45 minutes of cardio
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it looks intense, but if it works for you - go for it.

my rule of thumb is no more than 90 mins in a cardio session. from my research, cardio/exercising becomes counterproductive after 2 hours and you could end up doing more harm than good.

increase the intensity instead of the time or change the cardio type around. ie, monday walk, tuesday step class, etc. keep your body guessing.

personally i feel that you need to get in more nutrients. 2 salads and a piece of lean protein in a day isn't going to cut it - you will run yourself into the ground and even reverse all your good work by starving your body.

get in some complex carbohydrates like brown rice or wholegrain bread and add in a little fat - perhaps some peanut butter.

finally if you are counting calories, i would be interested to know what you are living on. generally speaking you shouldn't go below 1200 cal per day but if you are exercising as much as you intend to, you definately need more - perhaps up to 1800 cal per day.

most importantly - take care of yourself
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also make sure you get enough dairy and calcium and vitamin D! Becaue you will be stressing out your bones! It seems like a lot - so also make sure you are eating enough based on your calorie deficient, becuase that could be counterproductive as well.
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I agree with the other ladies, make sure you're getting enough calories and protein, it will be really hard to maintain this strict regimin if your body is being severly deprived
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I`m with the other ladies on this one.. What kind of cardio are you doing for 120 minutes? High intensity (read sweating and really high heart rate) cardio would be really hard to do for 120 minutes, even with high stamina. I applaud you for your hard work, but if you could do maybe 60 minutes at a level 7 or 8 intensity then you could probably get the same results without spending your whole life working out.

AND, I agree that you probably would also get better results if you ate a 4-5 smaller meals with protein/complex carbs/veggies instead of just two salads a day. You need a little more fuel for all those work outs!!
But otherwise, seems like you`re very motivated and athletic and thats awesome.
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At the risk of sounding unpopular- I think this too much! Are you saying that on TOP of your 2 hours of cardio you also have 2 hours of cheerleading 4 days a week? I definately admire your dedication, but please be careful! So much exercise really stresses your body even if you eat to compensate- it could put you at risk of stress fractures, overuse injuries. If you want to keep exercising this way, I would run your program by a professional trainer just to be sure.

Take care of yourself!
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Yeah! Be careful!! This is crazy intense! I have always heard to stop cardio after an hour that past that point you arent really doing much good anyways.
Plus if you do all this you risk burnout.. which leads to not doing anything... and putting back on all the weight you worked so so hard to get off!!!
if you have the money.. maybe look into a personal trainer! They are an excellent source to channel your want and energy!! Maybe even get a friend and split the fee the trainer charges
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I agree with linki--I think it's WAY too much! Plus, if all you're really eating are salads and one piece of chicken with all that exercise, you're basically starving your body, which will lower metabolism and SLOW your weight loss plus make it harder for you to lose in the future.

Also, I HIGHLY suggest at least one day a week of NO exercise (or maybe just some light stretching and walking. Every body needs some rest, and with 4 hours of cardio 4 days plus 2 hours the other 3, you're not giving your body a chance to heal and recuperate in between. Be careful, chica!
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