First NSV and more

  • Well, I have had my first NSV and then it ended up being several all in one weekend! I noticed on Friday that my thighs don't rub as much when I walk. On Saturday, I put on my swimsuit after about a month of avoiding it, and it fit better. I usually have to tie up the straps to keep them on my shoulders and I didn't have to this time! On Sunday, I clipped my toenails with minimal effort and now today I got my rollerblades out and was able to skate for about half an hour without having my calves ache for hours afterwards!!!!! Here I was wondering for the last 2 weeks, where did those pounds go.....I couldn't tell they were gone, now I can and it feels GREAT!
  • Woo hoo that's wonderful, Jackie! Congratulations on your success and bye bye to those 17 pounds!!!
  • that is awesome!! yeah..its great when you notice some changes like that. i am there too. (my favorite is being able to sit on a chair with feet on the chair and knees infront of me) they seem small. but they are HUGE. being able to move more easily...means more movement..which means even more pounds go!! keep up the good work.
  • Way to go!!
  • Yay Jackie! That's great to hear!

  • thats wonderful! all of those things are just going to keep getting easier and easier, congrats and keep it up!
  • WAY TO GO! I'm proud of you!
  • Thanks everyone
  • Thank God for the NSV's... WTG!!! And each day/week you will find things will only get better for you! You can do it!!!!
  • awww brilliant - its so cool when loads happen at once, really makes everything worthwhile! keep up the fantastic work!
  • Thats so awesome! It really is those things that matter, how you feel , what you can do, how your clothes fit. We get so caught up in the numbers sometimes. Congrats!