For all you runners out there

  • I have been jogging for about 2 months now. I still get out of breat easily. I'm not running like I am in a race or anything just a nice steady pace and I don't smoke. Does it take a while or is there a trick?
  • I have the same problem, and it has gotten a lot better...even if it doesn't seem possible, try running slower and concentrate on breathing slower and very steady. I can run maybe 3 miles or so, and if I go faster than a crawling speed, I run out of breath.
  • I have been running for only about 3 months now I am I am with pilatesgrl I have to run rediculously slow (like 4 mi/hr) I mean I could probably walk at the same speed...but If I go faster I cannot go as long, I run out of breath. You can try spinning on your off days, that is supposed to build up your endurance...
  • Here's a good breathing technique - breathe in for 2 footfalls, then breathe out for 3 footfalls. Depending on your exertion you can make it in for 3 and out for 4 or in for 1 and out for 2.

    You could also try breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth. This controls your breathing well.

    The reason for breathing in + out for an odd number is to do with the fact that you put more pressure on your striding leg when you first breathe out. breathing out for an odd number of footfalls ensures that you first breathe out on alternate legs.

    Also your overall stamina will increase with time, and breathing will get easier
  • I had problems with tuckering out quickly and I still do sometimes if I'm not careful. The trick for me was learning to breath from my gut, not from my chest. This also cut that pesky side pain as well.
  • hrm - the odd theory is very ineteresting - I should try that. Once upon a time when i started running I def got into a breathing regimen - if that makes sense - I wonder if it came from swimming - the even amt - every arm raise - anyway I usually do it in 2 strides - (aka I run two steps while breathing in and 2 steps for breathing out). but I wonder if that changes when I do more sprints - I think I just try to breath deeper when I do sprints - I will check it out. It def gets out of whacks when I'm going up a big hill.

    ps - come join us on the runner's thread.

    Running gets easier the more you do it! So keep at it!

    yes - and I love spinning - it totally helps on sprint series (I do that in a class) and then I have my alone time - running - and the fun of a class - spin!

    good luck!