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Daisy Boo 06-05-2006 04:30 AM

**Weekly Chat - June 5 - June 11**
:faint: i am exhausted, and the day is not yet over. still need to make dinner and do the ironing.

all weekend has been full on. finally doing the garden. we are half way through digging the garden beds. yesterday was paving and family came over for dinner. it is a long weekend here this weekend and i thought we would get the garden finished, but no.

anyway, i have only gotten an hour walk in this month so far and we are now 5 days in. i was going to go for a walk tonight, but honestly i just want to have a bath and go to bed.

ok, ok, tomorrow is a new day and I will be back on track by the end of the week.

on the positive side, the weekend has been so busy i really haven't had much of a chance to eat badly.

i hope everyone elses weekend was great!

ValRock 06-05-2006 04:51 AM

Sounds like you had a productive weekend!!!

My husband's squadron is coming home from iraq this week (he's been home for two months because he got his hand stuck in an air intake manifold and lost 2 fingers) so he's been at work all weekend. I'm starting to wonder when we'll see him again!!

This weekend's been pretty tiring... my 2 year old finally got his last two molars and he was not happy about it AT ALL, but I managed to stay on track all week and eat right and go on our walks. I'm having some trouble now that I'm logging my intake on Fitday because I'm noticing that I wasn't getting near enough calories... so I'm scrambling at the end of the day to find some healthy calorie sources. We'll see if I end up gaining because of it. I hope not!! I weight in tommorow morning.

We're moving in 2 months and the movers come to get our things in a month so I'm scrambling trying to get things organized and ready for that. I'm REALLY not looking forward to the move but we gotta do what we gotta do!

I almost forgot!!! Just 2 more weeks until our vacation to the Big Island!!! I can't wait!!!

Sushi Penguin 06-05-2006 08:30 AM

Hi Everyone :)

I had a nice Sunday... my boyfriend and went to a crafts market, I got myself a lovely new handbag. That's a success after a long long long search lasting weeks and weeks - I just couldn't find anything that would call out to me "buy me, I'm yours", but I really love this new one, and it's really unique - the lady only makes one or two similar ones and only uses the same fabric for maybe 5 or 6 bags total.
Then we drove on to another market, this time it was mostly bric-a-brac (more plainly: old rubbish). And then we went on this tourist railway thing, the ride is very short but takes you through lovely countryside, so it was really nice. And then we went to a hedge maze! :lol: It was lots of fun, we completed the little challenge that they have there and then had devonshire scones and tea (delicious, I don't know how many calories, but it shouldn't be too many, I think, and those were really small). And then we played mini golf, the first time I tried anything like that, and I really enjoyed. We only managed to complete half of the course before it was closing time, but we might go to another place closer to home, which my boyfriend says is very good.

Today didn't start too well - Steve woke up feeling sick (he has a cold and sore throat and can't speak), and I slept in way too late. The main event of the day was a visit to Rebel Sport with my boyfriend's mom - I got some warmer track pants for my birthday, but they're too large, so we wanted to exchange them. They didn't have a smaller size in that style, so I ended up trying on about 60 different pairs... I'm not kidding! Just couldn't find anything that would be warm and look good. In the end I found some, but they didn't have my size in the color I wanted... but they'll transfer them from another store. The good thing is that most of the ones I tried were Australian size 8! The last pants I got here a few months ago were size 10. The question is, if I'm an almost-8 size and still have lots of pounds to shed, what am I going to wear when I get closer to my goal, since the smalles they had was size 8?

I'm feeling a lot better overall than I did last week, and that's mostly due to my Ashtanga Yoga class. I went tonight after skipping the past 2 weeks, and I have no clue why I skipped those last two classes... it's so good, so fun, challenging, good workout, I love it. Anyhow, I did go today, and I'll be going regularly again.

I still don't have a job, but I've submitted some applications on the internet, and maybe something will come out of that. I probably don't qualify for most of those jobs because of my visa restrictions, but at least I've done something instead of waiting for the agencies to find me something.

I've decided to revamp the way I'm doing things... first of all, I'm going to introduce real rewards to help me with motivation and consistency. I've never really rewarded myself so far, and that could be why I'm not being as successful as I could be. My first reward is 6-7 pounds away, at 58 kgs (that's another change: end of converting: the scale is in kilograms, so I'm going to be using kilograms! just need to get the new ticker organized), and that'll be some music I really really want. It has to be ordered from New Zealand, so it'll be a bit expensive, and I just don't have the money right now to just go and buy it. But I really want it, so I know it'll be a great reward. The second one will be at 55 kgs, and hopefully that'll be before I have to leave Australia - I want to treat myself to a facial at this amazing spa place, which takes care both of your body and your mind.
I'm really looking forward to these 2 rewards, I want both of them, and there is the added challenge of achieving the second goal early enough to get this reward. It'll be ok if I don't, I have some other ideas as well, but this is something I'd really like, let's hope I'll kick butt! :)
I've also thought up how to go for it, which of course center around eating well and working out. So wish me luck! :lol:

Okay, I'll shut up now, this is probably way too long for anyone to read all the way through anyway! :lol:

Daisy, I love being busy just because it makes the whole issue of "food temptations" disappear. Good luck for the week!

ValRock, congrats on keeping on track with the walks and eating. Stay strong through all the scrambles. :)

Maria_N120 06-05-2006 09:59 AM

Hi everyone, hope you had a good weekend. This is the first time I've posted in the weekly thread... :o

My weekend was ok, I work all day saturday, so I was exhasuted on Sunday but had to revise, revise, revise for an exam I had today. I have another on Wednesday, so no rest for the wicked! My eating has been great but my exercise is awful because I have so many exams coming up (2 more this week, then 4more over the next 2 weeks) it means that I'm holed up in my room revising most of the time :(

Today started out great with the scale telling me I've lost 2.5lbs :carrot:

Everyone seems really busy lately, which is strange because I always thought summer was a lazy time! I guess being in the real world made me realise, there are very few real lazy times (which is a shame for someone like me! LoL)

Daisy Boo - Take your well earned break and bath, wearing yourself out isn't going to help your health. Remembering to get back on track is always the bit I find hardest ;)

ValRock - Great Job on staying on track all weekend! I'm moving house soon too, it's such a stressful time, but at least you have your vacation to break it up :)

Sushi Penguin - :goodluck: with your revamp! Your goals sound great, I'm sure you have the power to make it to both of them. (ps, I read your post all the way to the end ;))

Stephanie Osborne 06-05-2006 11:16 AM

You chickies have been busy chatting up a storm...went to look for last weeks thread and it was 2 pages in! Well...This weekend was crazy for me. I left Friday night, started work at 8 am shooting soccer and stopped around 6:30 pm...ate and slept then did it all again on Sunday. I am tanned and exhuasted! No time to workout and will have to play catch up this week. Scale says I gained .5 lbs this weekend but is probably just a fluxuation as man oh man did I get exercise in walking back and forth across that place.

So I am working my at home job today, then need to get a nap and a run in tonight. I am also GOING to do my strength training tonight. I am not letting myself out of it!

daisy - I know what you mean about feeling cramped for time, and stressed out to boot....that was my weekend too! Your absolutely right we are ONLY 5 days in and I know you will catch up.

valrock - oooh I hate moving...great job on staying on track through all of that though.

sushi - your reward system sounds great, you have motivated me to start something similar.

Maria - welcome to the weekly thread ! Congrats on your loss...haha summer is so not lazy for me.

Marineswife85 06-05-2006 11:34 AM

Not much is up with me right now.. Jason got his surgery the other day so ive been taking care of him. I havent gotten too much exercise in because of my ankle, but i did walk around a store yesterday for like 15 minutes so i think im going to put that in my exercise log.. Its a start i guess.
Today im going to go out and get job applications at a few places. Ive decided that ive had enough of sitting home and depending on my husbands money, because that means I dont get anything special for myself.. Like right now i REALLY need new clothes but we dont really have the money for it... Oh well no biggie.. I told jason that if i DO get a job im going to have to spend my whole first paycheck buying some new "work worthy" clothes.
Well, thats about it. Im just trying to get my eating in check but its been hard.. i still find myself snacking without even realizing it! ugh oh well.

trnsfrmnreplace 06-05-2006 10:05 PM

Hey everyone.. just checking in here before i have to go back and work.
It has been a battle on this end. I've gained about 7 pounds or so this last month. I've been trying to switch it over.

I am changing the way i live this month. I smile just thinking about it.

I hope everyone is doing good. =hugs=

Daisy Boo 06-05-2006 10:46 PM

hi all

oooh, my hamstrings are tight today! all that bending over and ripping up grass. we are about halfway through digging the beds so there is still plenty of work to be done this week and next weekend.

tonight's workout has been modified a little to take my poor lower body into consideration. upper body weights and abs, and some yummy yoga to stretch out my body.

things have been so busy recently, i need to catch up on the boards.

maria - welcome and congratulations on your loss. way to go!

trns - your smile made me smile thinking about your smile (does that even make sense?). this is the month for change.

stephie - we can do it girl. still plenty of days to go!

sushi - love the reward with the spa visit! that is very me. i actually have a voucher for a stone massage and a facial from christmas that i haven't used yet. i keep forgetting. must make an appointment as it is almost a 3 month waiting period at this place.

Marineswife85 06-05-2006 11:31 PM

It seems like alot of people got off track last month. LOL i guess Mays just a bad month for everyone! Im glad I got back on track though. :-)

illinichick 06-06-2006 07:20 AM

Yeah, I don't know what was with May. I was just so busy with work and trying to spend time outside... but June is a whole new ballgame!

trnsfrmnreplace 06-06-2006 09:04 AM

Did you know we have done

of exercise as a group thus far?! Keep up the great work!


chicagoposter 06-06-2006 10:29 AM

a quick vent:

so i'm watching the news to see what the weather will be like today because i want to go do my outdoor run by the lake today and the weather person said it may rain from noon till the late evening. grrrr. in other words, it COULD RAIN all day. it's not like i'm asking what it will be like tomorrow, i'm asking what it will be like TODAY. why is there such a huge window period? plus, the lake is 1 mile from my place so i don't want go get stuck in the rain, and i can't go till after noon today! treadmill time for me today (1% incline i guess). :(

i've been really good with my eating and working out lately. so everything is good, i have a wedding to go to in august and i need to get my arms and belly in shape. it's really good motivation. plus, i have some amazing dresses that i'd like to wear so that's motivation as well.

also, the good/bad news is that my bf is going out of town next week so that will help with my eating and going to the gym. as much as i will miss him, it is much easier for me to eat well and exercise while he's out of town.


trns- i'm right there with you. for me the more i plan, the more in control i feel and the easier i feel it is. :)

marine- i know how you feel about the clothes. i have some amazing clothes in my closet, so i have them, i just can't fit into them. so i'm even more against buying clothes right now. i might just have to bite the bullet.

stephie- my strength training is always the first to go as well. maybe that's why my arms look the way they do! i hope this wedding will give me the motivation to not skip my strength.

sushi- it sounds like your weekend was fun. i would love to go to flea markets, but i feel like i really don't NEED anything, and our apt. is VERY modern, so i'm not sure how much i would find. still, it would probably be interesting.

daisy- your garden is going to look amazing when you're finished!

Stephanie Osborne 06-06-2006 12:00 PM

Morning gals,
God I had the most awesome run last night. Things are really starting to come together with my running and it feels great. I can see my body changing and judging by my times and distances I am improving. It is such a high...running has always been such a challenge for me. Eating/Drinking went well yesterday. Scale has me down a wee bit this morning - YAY! Now for the bad news...my strength training was not done last night. Need to get to it tonight...may do it during short breaks while working. Get it done - the earlier the better. There is also a Yoga Booty Ballet class tonight. I am aiming to get at least one group class in per week.

heather - good luck on your job hunt, get some good clothes hun you deserve it :)

maja - Sorry about the gain, always nice to hear you are doing well though. That 1500 minutes of exercise your aiming for should banish more than a few of those lbs.

daisy - yummy yoga :) You are great, Your enthusiasm is really going to be the difference in your training. I wish I were so motivated hehe, we will make our goals this month!

chicago - I know what you mean about it being easier to be on track and working out when the other half is gone...I know you will miss him though. COngrats on being so good lately...wearing the perfect dress will be a good reward for your time spent.

Daisy Boo 06-06-2006 09:48 PM

:tantrum: got home last night - it was cold, dark and i was hungry. so dinner was made and that was about it for the night. no exercise. i had some cupcakes too. just coming to the end of TOM.

i can't touch my toes, my hamstrings are that tight. normally i can link my forefinger around my big toe but at the moment, i can only get to mid shin.

tonight i am definately getting in some yoga to limber up a bit. might just focus on the stretches and warm up and take it easy, but i need to get my legs back. they are painful to even walk on with my hammy's the way they are.

tonight i am doing 60 minutes of anything - yoga, weights, abs, whatever. i have to move.

oh, i think i have lost size too. i have definately not lost weight, but the inches that i have lost are making a difference i believe. i put on my jeans yesterday after they had been washed and put through the dryer. they slipped on with out a struggle and i was hiking them up all day as they kept falling down a bit. you know how you get the crotch lower than it should be? so there is a little bit of a plus.

stephie - sounds like you had a great workout with your run. you sound so empowered by it. i forgive you for not getting in your strength - forgive me? :sorry:

chicagoposter - i hear you on the BF being out of town. isn't it ridiculous that they have to go for us to get on track? i do brilliantly when my BF isn't here, and then get back into the mundane routine when he is.

illinichick 06-06-2006 09:59 PM

Daisy- That's great about losing size! I get the "low crotch" thing now with my work pants, but I just can't buy new ones yet... gotta get smaller still!

Stephie- I must admit, I'm jealous! I wish I could run, but I'm afraid of hurting myself :( haha

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