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Hey ladies... how is everyone doing? I haven't been around in about a week, but I think about yall every day!

I'm done with week 2 of my new job. It's... well, it's work. It's only temporary, anyway. I'll work 10 weeks total, so I have 8 weeks left. I'm working for a public affairs office that I had worked for a couple of summers ago. Last time they had me writing articles and editing and stuff, which was fun... This time it's graphic design and layout projects. Basically whatever needs to be done. I can't say I'm swamped, but I'm occupied enough.

I've finally gotten my weekday eating under control again. Weekend eating, well, that's another issue, one which I'm working on. Today I had my first actual workout since April (in May the only exercise I had was walking, which I still count as exercise, but I don't call it a "workout." Not sure why.) My sister and I did Turbojam... it was a lot of fun! I feel really good about having done it! I forgot how good a nice, heartpumping workout feels! I got some new workout clothes including a sportsbra (which I had never owned before, adding to the reasons why I had avoided non-swimming pool activities), and that's proving to be good encouragement to work out!

Anyway, off to mini-golf. Hopefully it doesn't rain
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the garden is finished!

we completed it yesterday and it looks great. we will mulch it today so i will put up some before and afters later in the week.

after being incapacitated last week after gardening, i decided to count my gardening hours this week into my exercise. i hope everyone is cool with it - it really is a workout and i was breathing heavy and everything. so i split the 300 minutes between cardio and strength evenly.

eating is going ok. will be weighing in this morning and doing my measurements. i know that there is no weight loss (possibly a gain), but my pants are loose most definately. i think i need to get a belt
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Way to go on the loose pants Daisy!

Oh how I can't wait to get there. I have not exercised really in 2 wks. I am in desperate need of a good walk or something. I'm hoping tomorrow I am able. I did do quite a bit of walking while on vacation but i'm not sure that counts.. LOL
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