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fat fighter
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Default **Goals for June 2006**

Well we are now only 6 days out from June. OMG - June already!

Time to start putting those ideas down for your goals for June.
  • 1200 minutes exercise
  • Monitor all food in FitDay - completely honestly
  • Lose 10lbs
  • Move out of my comfort zone when doing cardio
  • Start doing pushups with each weight session
  • Incorporate more yoga
  • Eat all my meals at home, at the dining table
  • Eat correct portion sizes for each meal
  • Tidy up the house each night before bed
  • Complete month 3 of being SMOKE FREE!
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44lbs gone!
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S/C/G: 154/112/105

Height: 4'10''


  • lose 4lbs
  • revise for exams
  • Keep drinking 2litres of water a day
  • start going back to the gym, @least 2 times a week
  • be able to jog for 5mins straight
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S/C/G: 201/201/165

Height: 5'11"


1-drink more water
2-more OP foods, less junk
3-try some new classes
4-keep pushing myself with running
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Lose that Baby Weight!
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S/C/G: 172/154/125

Height: 5'2

Default Stephie June Goals

June Goals
  • 1300 minutes of exercise
  • 64 oz water per day
  • Stay consistent with my diet
  • Log everything into Fitday
  • Stay on track with my running program
  • make it to 3 classes at gym
  • lose at least a lb a week

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back at it
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S/C/G: 178/175/145

Height: 5'8"


-running program 3 times a week
-Yoga 2 times a week
-eat out only 1 time a week (seriously this time!)
-make appt. for yearly doctors exam and go to it
-aim for 8 hrs of sleep each night, not 6 not 10
-1100 minutes of excercise
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Moderating Mama
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Location: Woodland, CA
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S/C/G: 295/200/175

Height: 5' 8"


-1800 minutes of exercise, including at least 25 cardio sessions, 10 UB weight workouts, 5 LB weight workouts, and 25 sessions with my swiss/stability ball.
-96 oz. water per day
-30 g fiber a day
-For the month (averages of each day in month) - 1500 or less cals per day, 100% DV of all major vitamins and minerals, especially calcium.
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S/C/G: 236/135-140/More Fit

Height: 5'6"


-Get into the 130's
-Workout 3 x's a week
-Stop smoking again
-Drink a lot of water
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For the moment, I just want to stay sane...

Seriously though, I know that making sure that I get enough rest/sleep will be one of the most important things next month.
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I can do anything!
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S/C/G: 267/Ticker/150 & BAMF

Height: 5'9.5"


Drink more water!!!
Lose 7 lbs
Keep up the healthy eating
Run the 2 mile path 3x a week
Keep up the Pilates at least 4x a week
Mow my HUGE yard at least once a week before DH gets to it lol
Try some new vegetables
Park farther out in the parking lot
Walk with my son all the way over to the park (about a 1.5 miles each way) at least once a week.
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here I go again...
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Work out on a more regular basis
Take my vitamins every day
Drink lots of water every day, even the weekends
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Location: Kansas
Posts: 554

S/C/G: 180/165/130


Work out 5days/week.
Continue drinking water.
Lose 5lbs.
Be able to run for a full 15mins or more by the end of the month.
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Junior Member
Join Date: Jun 2004
Location: Philadelphia
Posts: 10


  • Work out at least 5 days/week
  • Do not eat/snack mindlessly (when bored, stressed)
  • Drink more green tea
  • Drink less diet coke
  • Eat more vegetables
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Location: 617
Posts: 119

S/C/G: 265/236/180

Height: 5'9


Walk everywhere.
Dance and kickbox (classes and socially).
Eat balanced meals (dairy, veggie, fruit, meat, carb) and regularly.
Jump rope and jumping jacks.
Do pushups and situps.

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Fearless and Free
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My goals are:

Stay focused
Lose 10 lbs
Walk 4 times per week
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No More Excuses!
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S/C/G: 240/225/165

Height: 5'6"


My June Goals:

1. Get my diet back on track
2. Try to exercise as much as my ankle will allow
3. Drink ALOT more water
4. Stay Motivated and Focused on my goal..

I think im gonna need alot of motivation this month ladies! lol
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