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jillybean720 01-23-2006 08:42 AM

Weekly Chat (Jan. 23-29)
Good morning! Hope everyone had a good weekend. The Biggest Loser casting call was quite uneventful. Jeff and I got there around 7:30am, and I was about number 300 in line. By 11am when it actually started, there were well over 1000 people in line :o We were lucky we got there early because we were actually waiting inside Jillian's, so we were covered and warm and could sit on the floor and have games and music and stuff--the line eventually went outside and wrapped around the building, and those poor people were stuck standing on the concrete in the rain!

Anyway, we went in in groups of 15. I was the youngest one in my group, and our interviewer was this skinny little blonde chick who seemed nice but at the same time very no-nonsense. She must not have seen anything she liked because all we did was go around the table to introduce ourselves (name, age, location, job, and "what our t-shirt would say"), and then she was like, okay, thanks for coming in! Other groups had more questions and were in there far longer, so I guess none of us fit their profiles :p Maybe by the time casting calls come around again next year, I won't be big enough to qualify ;)

NoSenseOfAdventure 01-23-2006 09:22 AM

Hi, I hope no-one minds me butting in...

I joined up here ages ago and I've decided (again) not quite in time for a new years resolution that I'm gonna try and lose some weight. I just posted an intro in the 'getting to know you' bit. Maybe I'll even manage to stick around for a while this time :dunno: :crossed:.

I'm loving the little tantrum throwing men they have now.

This is probably an obvious question, but Biggest Loser?
Looking forward to getting to know everyone :).


LockItUp 01-23-2006 09:54 AM

Jill-Too bad about the casting call! Luckily, unlike some peopl who probably went, you'll lose weight anyway!

Adventure-You've never seen the biggest loser??? It's a weight loss reality show. Glad you're here, and no one minds you joining the chat, you aren't butting in at all!!! We're looking forward to getting to know YOU!

Glad I got here early this morning, last weeks chat got too big for me to catch up on.

I am going to try something different this week. No weighing until Sunday, no calorie counting. I've been counting since August and I think I sould have an idea of what a good amount is. Plus it's driving me crazy and for me it's not realistic to think I will count calories for the rest of my life. It's time to see if I can lose weight the same as I have with out the counting and constant weighing. I am scared but **** bent on proving to myself I can do it.

Have a great Monday morning ladies. I am off to Biology lab!

Arian 01-23-2006 10:00 AM

Good morning everyone!

Jill- I agree with Steph. But maybe you will get a call back, you never know!

Adventure- Nive to meet you!

Steph- Counting? Huh ;)

Well...I brought my food scale back from my parents place in Mass, so hopefully that will help me determine what a serving of certain food items actually is. Here's hoping I remember to use it!


jillybean720 01-23-2006 10:04 AM


Originally Posted by LockItUp
I am scared but **** bent on proving to myself I can do it.

Sometimes that is the BEST motivation! I think it's a great idea--I actually just read a post from someone in a different section of these boards who did the same thing last week and lost 4 pounds, so I hope it works out just as well for you! I think maybe mentally, you might even eat less since you're not tracking, so you'll be almost overly-cautious not to go overboard, ya know? At least, that's probably what I would do :dizzy:

spillthebeans 01-23-2006 11:04 AM

MOrning Ladies- Have a Great Week!

Jilly: you might get a call back and if not, it wasn't meant to be- You can still be our 20 something biggest loser! Woo Hoo, you can do it!

Welcome back Nosenseofadventure! Good luck on your weight loss journey...and I think you are going to be a success this time around!

Lockitup! Nice to see you! a nice pic of you!

Arian, after using the food scale for awhile, you'll be able to eye things and be able to tell how much they weigh...I do it so much, I can estimate how many ounces etc everything is....

stacylambert 01-23-2006 11:42 AM

Jilly: sorry to hear you feel it didn't go well! They're having (or had, I'm not sure) a casting call here in San Diego but I'm too chicken to go. At least you had the nerve!

Oh boy, another week. I decided not to go to school this semester. I've finished my AA and this this semester was just classes to transfer to UCSD. BUT, we're thinking about possibly moving and I don't want to waste a whole semester on classes I may not need. Sooooo, I guess I'll look for a temporary job. Maybe I could do something from home? Who knows.

I had a really bad week last week. I've been so depressed since Christmas and for some reason last week was reeeeally bad. It was hard having a great visit with my family and then coming back home again. I'm just feeling really lonely out here and it's just compounding the usual stressors. And I didn't lose a single pound last week because I ate out almost every day. My calories weren't very high, I'm wondering if it's from salt.

Have a good week everyone, and hopefully this week is better for me too!

Isla_Bonita115 01-23-2006 11:45 AM

Happy Monday everybody!

Jilly, good for you for trying out for the Biggest Loser! Even if you don't make it onto the show, you will lose weight on your own. I know you will. :hug:

Adventure, welcome back! I have not been here long enough to remember you, but even if you failed in the past, this might be the time that you succeed. Learn from those mistakes that you made in the past...and use them to your advantage to finally lose weight and get healthy.

LockItUp, I like your new picture! Looking good!

Arian, I have always wanted a food scale. Lucky duck! Let me know how you like it.

Spill, that's really amazing that you can estimate food to the oz! Can I borrow you for a week or so? :p :D

Stacy, hang in there! Every time you feel lonely, go for a nice brisk walk or read a book to put your energy into something else. You will feel sooo much better afterwards!

I got in mucho mucho exercise this weekend, but eating was not great. I hiked both Saturday and Sunday mornings for 2 hours each day for a total of 240 min. On Saturday we hiked in Scottsdale's Sonoran Desert Preserve and yesterday we hiked South Mountain in Phoenix. My legs are sore from yesterday's hike, but it is so much fun that it doesn't even feel like exercise. The weather was gorgeous, of course, as always. I can't believe that it's winter!

We're going to try to go hiking 2-3x a week from now on, instead of once or twice a month. Now all I have to do is keep my munching under control and I'll be in the Bahamas by the end of the year. :devil:

I'm going for a 4-5 mile-60 min. walk/jog this afternoon, to be followed by stretching exercises.

I hope everybody else is finding time for exercise, fruits and veggies today. Have a good one girls!

AndreaHope 01-23-2006 11:56 AM

LockItUp: I think that's a phenomenal idea. I want to try it too, but I'm such a control-freak that I'm afraid I'd go crazy. haha.

I haven't been around much, school is getting so hectic. My Master's project is a classroom guidance unit on body image for 9th grade girls. That is my life right now. argh!!

Weight is going not great!!!! I keep working out and eating a little more than I should but my weight either stays the same or goes up. I just started lifted weights about 3 weeks ago, could that account for something??

Well I need to write more on my Master's paper. Ugh, kill me.

Hope everyone is having a great day!!! :)

miss michelle 01-23-2006 01:31 PM

hi girls! i havent been posting much b/c work has been very busy, but i've definitely been lurking around :)

lockitup i love the pic!

jenn, food scales are actually pretty cheap. i got mine at the local grocery store for 5 or 6 dollars i think...it is small but works for nearly everything (and if it doesnt, i shouldnt be eating something that weighs that much!!)

stacy, i totally understand. i have been in such a funk since the holidays..i miss my friends and my family back at home :(

this weekend was fine for me eating wise (hey, the weekends are never great!), but it was sad....my boyfriend went down to la to interview for a job today. we have been dating for two years and i don't know what we are going to do if he moves. i live in san francisco and don't want to move down there (at least not for four or five yeras). i really don't want to be in a long distance relationship with no end to the "long distance" part! i am trying not to think about it until i know for sure that he is moving...right now it is still up in the air :(

chicagoposter 01-23-2006 01:45 PM

i'm going to jump in too. i've read posts for a couple of weeks (two) but i knew that before now, if i popped in, it would be like one post a week, so now that i have time, i decided to post. i'm 23, doing WW at home, i'm a nurse, i have a bf of 4 years, and i guess that's about it. i guess i should mention that my short term goal is that i'm signed up for an 8k at the beginning of april so right now i have to go to the gym so i can get back into running (i used to run, and then i got mono and everything went downhill..fitness-wise) i hope you don't mind me posting....

lockitup- i think that's a great idea. when i started to work out (four years ago) i didn't even think about food, and just worked out about 2 hrs (5 days a week). well, i lost 30 in 3 months. for me sometimes i think when i focus on food, that's all i think about (therefore wanting it more). now, it's not realistic for me not to think about what i'm putting in my mouth cuz of all my food issues, but i think for me, focusing on working out to lose weight and not as much on food is always more helpful. let us know how it goes.

jilly- that's great that you went to the casting call. i've always wanted to try out for the real world, or road rules just to go through a casting call and see if i would make it to another round. (i guess that sounds kinda dorky).

andreahope- gosh i don't miss school, but you'll be so happy when all your hard work pays off.

miss michelle- LDR's suck. i was in one for 3 yrs when i was in college. don't think about things until you know for sure. the bright side...we're at 4 yrs....:)

NoSenseOfAdventure 01-23-2006 02:59 PM

Aww, thanks for the welcome!!!

Lockitup, you're very brave - it's hard to try something new when you get results from what you're doing.

I'm trying something similar but I haven't quite been able to let go of my calorie comfort blanket yet.

:bike: <---- Can I keep him? These new smiles are gonna keep me entertained for hours! :lol:

LockItUp 01-23-2006 03:30 PM

Arian - lol, I'm at forty trillion and a half hahahaha

Jill - I think sometimes losing weight without counting is more fun. I do the math too much. I'm like, well I am at a 8000 calorie deficit for the week, at least,why haven't I lost anything. It drives me nuts. I haven't lost any since finals began mid Dec., so what could it hurt? Don't worry, I won't go overboard!

Spill - Thanks and thanks

Stacy - I am sorry to hear that you have been feeling a little depressed! And your no weight loss could be from all the sodium in everything, or maybe your depression/stress could be creating too much cortisol in your system, which makes it harder to lose weight. Or it could be that awesome phenomenon of not losing weight for no good reason at all!

Jenn - Thank you very much! Good job on the exercise! I have never hiked South mountain before, just Squaw opps I mean Piestuwa Peak and Camelback Mountains. I will have to try it sometime!

Andrea - You'll have to let us know how the project is going from time to time. That's such a cool thing to do!!! And I am sure that the weight lifting will start kicking in soon. For some reason with me too, it always seems to stunt the weight loss at the begining. And I am a control freak too, so I will let you know how things turn out!

- Thanks! And you'll have to let us know how things turn out with your boyfriend, that would really suck, but I am sure that you guys would figure something out!

Chicago - Welcome first of all. What a great short term goal that is!!! I need to sign myself up for something like that. Maybe I'll start with a 5k. For me too, the food issue just gets to me sometimes. I am hoping that by stopping the counting and never ending calculations I can get it under control in a healthy way for me. I don't think about food any less that I did 30 pounds ago, it's just in a different way, and not really good different!

Adventure - I know, that calorie counting comfort zone is going to be hard to break, but I have seriously been thinking about that I want to live the way I will live when I get to maintenance, and at this point I know that counting calories isn't something I will want to do forever. Some people can do it forever, but it drives me nuts, we'll see what happens I guess!

Well, one class & lab down, one night class to go. What a long day school wise! At least I will have time to workout. I think I will pop in Sex and the City and do like 45 mins on my mini Stair stepper.

Hey has anyone seen the exorcism of Emily Rose. I rented it and haven't watched it yet and have to take it back by tomorrow and I wanted to know if it's worth watching tonight???

lizzbabe 01-23-2006 03:35 PM

Jilly, I agree with everyone else here. You don't need the TV crew following you 24 hrs a day to lose weight--you've got us to support you instead!

Stephanie, Good luck on the new plan! I tried that once...well, over the holidays and look what happened (gained...) but I *knew* I wasn't making the best choices so I am sure that is why it didn't work for me and it will for you. Your picture is totally cute!

I had a decent weekend...Mark's company had a holiday party Saturday night and I decided to be the DD so I didn't have to worry about alcohol calories and did really well on healthy eating at the meal itself. Dessert kind of sucked so that helped my calorie count too.

lizzbabe 01-23-2006 03:36 PM

Oh and I really liked Emily Rose. It's not necessarily a horror movie, more of a historical tale but I definitely jumped a few times!

Mark has gotten us hooked on Lost so I have a few episodes to catch up on tonight after my running.

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