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Stephie that would be great if you could PM me the info! Thank you! My sister's actually looking for something too because she had a baby and doesn't want to go back to work. She figured over and above working a little for her husband's business she'd only need about $300 a month so maybe I'll tell her about it too. Again, thanks!
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hey i am kinda back well fortonight anyways... but i was looking for the biggest loser thread and i cant find it.. did they take it away?
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Sugarbutt -it's in the "exercise" forum now.

Well, about the not counting calories thing. I'm not giving up just yet, but I think what, well actually I know what I am doing wrong. I am eating foods I would never eat when counting and more of other stuff than I normally would. I know what I need to do, it's just a matter of doing it. I had the food thing so under control before mid December, it's like I have reverted or something. I know what actions I need to take, now I just need to do them.

Have a good Thursday everyone!!!
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OH my goodness can I relate! I cannot get back on my food track either! I KNOW I shouldn't be eating and eating and eating (not always eating much but sometimes just not the right thing...darn that sale on Cookie dough ice cream) but I keep doing it. It's really frustrating me because I keep exercising like a mad woman and expecting to get results and I'm not! I HAVE To get the food under control and for some reason it's been hard. I dont' know why. It wasn't that hard before and since Christmas I just can't seem to control my intake. *sigh*

But Today is a new day and I have to keep telling myself I have no right to be frustrated because I'm doing it to myself. If I would just eat the proper foods in the proper amounts I'd be losing. This 2 month plateau is killing me. Today I will do better (I hope *hehe*) I started off right and we'll see how I end up. I'm going to try to be extra good for a couple of days to see if I can kick start my weight loss which will motivate me to keep going. The fact that I'm sitting at just around 150 right now and that's the lowest I've ever been (I was around this in high school...my low weight) I think has lulled me into a comfort zone...YES I am a lot skinnier than I used to be a LOT healthier but this isnt' where I want to be and I need to get that message out to the rest of my body!
Not much more going on here. I don't have any good ideas for staying at home and working either. I've made decent money going to auctions and garage sales and selling stuff on Ebay if you're into that sort of thing. It can be a LOT of work.

Good luck ladies! Tomorrow is my dreaded weigh in day, we'll see how I'm doing!
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Lose that Baby Weight!
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Not much going on here ladies. Just working and getting packed/cleaning for the move. Exercise has kind of taken a back seat as I am cramped for time. I will have to work extra hard next week. I have been doing OK as far as eating goes, not nearly as well as I would have like to though. I caught the biggest loser last night, crazy someone can lose 20 something lbs in 10 days. Sometimes I think that show is unrealistic since they basically have all day to workout and eat right with a professional to help them. Makes the average person feel bad about only losing like 2 lbs in 10 days lol.

AMBER - Just think what you would be gaining though if you were not exercising like a mad woman. Usually when I exercise if I think about overeating or eating the wrong things negating my hard work I can get a handle on it. Take it one meal at a time.

Stephanie - That is the story of my life, I know what to do its just the do'ing is way harder than it seems. But trial and error is going to give you what works for you. It sounds like you are trying new things and also smart (and brave) enough to realize and share with us when those new things may not work.
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Amber I am feeling the same way! My exercising is great but if I could just make those eating habits stick it would be so much easier..still stuck around 150lbs and I want the scale to magically forget about the PB fudge I snagged or the cookie dough while baking. Doesn't seem to be working though.

I really wish I could see TBL but we watch Lost now on Wednesday nights and since we don't have cable here at the apartment I can't even tape it. And I don't think our "group" will want to switch programs at this point lol.

I have been sooo tired lately and I don't get it. I work with kids during the day and find myself yawning constantly and that is not a good thing. I came home today and grabbed a diet rockstar energy drink but I know that is not the solution. Sleeping has been weird lately because I keep waking up during the night but the past two I have slept the whole time and still been exhausted.
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so i have decided that i like to spend my mornings doing things around the house (i'm more productive with cleaning at this time than later in the day) and running errands and then go to the gym around 3. there are so many positives about going at this time....it's not crowded, i have a lot of time, and energy, and it's usually my horrible snacking time, i can listen to music and watch all those celebrity gossip shows which makes the time go by faster, BUT it leaves me all day thinking, i need to go to the gym, i have to go to the gym...instead of getting it over with it. i still haven't adjusted to going everyday at that time, but for the last few days i have, it's worked cuz i get home (maybe stop at the grocery store on the way home), shower, make dinner, and then my bf is usually home and we can spend time together. and i just eat dinner and don't have to worry about snacking.

there's so many pros, but i'm wondering if i shouldn't just go in the morning, and then it's done with.
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Good afternoon, everyone!

Amber and Lizzie, I totally know how you feel. I did soo good yesterday..until dinner hit and I had a whopper with the works. And Fries. And a coke. BUt, today will be better. I have my trusty container of carrots and celery, and I got paid, so I now have money to go grocery shopping. ^.^

And...I found a pilate ball on sale at Marshalls, for a whopping 10 bucks! So, for 14 bucks, I got the ball, and two hand weights. Tight tommy, here I come!

And Chicago, I try to go in the morning, I feel like I have more energy during the day when I've gone early on..the only hard part is not longueing around in the morning and actually going
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12 pounds lost in 2006
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I’ve been pretty busy this week so haven’t had much to read all the posts. However I thought I should check in and say that I’m doing well this week with exercise and also eating! I had my body fat percentage measured at the gym yesterday and it is 33.5% Yuck! The trainer said that she would like me to get down to 27%. I’m not going to sign-up for a personal trainer though (wayyyy too expensive for me), however she said she would check on me every now and then to see how I was doing.

Tonight is my 2nd Cardio Seduction class. It is fun! We have this sexy routine, which I don’t look sexy at all doing, and it makes you sweat. It’s kind of weird though, as the class is in the main studio with walls made of windows right in front of the weight machines. So we are all bending over and shaking our booty in front of the guys. Ugggh, the BF wouldn’t be too happy about that LOL Anyways it’s interesting and fun.
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Sighs....I weighted myself yesterday and I think my scale's broke because it said I lost a pound. How on earth that happened I have no idea because this week my eating has been awful to say the least. It's so hard to resist temptations when everyone else in your family is not on a diet.

Does anyone know of any exercises that you can do with a baby? My baby nephew is currently living with me, and since I am babysitting a lot, I was wondering if there are any movements that I could do that would still see results and also keep him entertained....?
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Chicagoposter, which do you enjoy least? i'd want to get that one out the way (except when I run, in which case I need for it to be dark and if possible deserted ).

Hope everyone's good! Yesterday was off plan. I went out to lunch and there was pizza. And dough balls. Although, I shared them with my friend and the pizza had green stuff on it and I only drank water . Is it better, if you go over allowance, to try to make it up in other meals or to just draw a line under it (or replace it with an "oops" - I have those in my food journal too!) and start again from scratch?

Today's been better, mostly because some nice men came to fit us with some new windows so I was at the library all day, where they fine you for eating and drinking .

I did lots of work too (Zizania, *so* there with you on the final term thing, if you ever need to vent...) and had a good meeting with my dissertation advisor man. Oh and then i went for another run, less successful due to gale force (maybe not quite) winds. But still, i feel like i should be polishing my halo or something .
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Happy Friday Everyone!
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Hi Everyone! I've posted a couple of times to different threads but I'm kind of a lurker...

Nemesis: How old is your nephew? If he's a baby baby then I think there are some like "mom and baby" type yoga dvds out there that you could look into. If he's a little older - toddler style, then you can do simple exercises with him - I think there's even an elmo workout dvd geared toward working out w/kids...the key if he's old enough for that kind of stuff is to make it exiting and fun for him (even if it makes you want to tear your eyes out). The other possibility might be if he naps during the day to do your workout while he's having a nap.

Keep on Truckin!
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I've been doing so much better with my water the past few days.
Now i need to incorporated exercise back in.
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Friday! Thank goodness. Tomorrow is an SCA event, and I get to run around in Medieval garb all day!


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