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Default I'm thankful for this website and you guys!

Yesterday was a day when we traditionally give thanks for all that we have been blessed w/ in life. Well, I was thinking about what I was thankful for this morning, and I realized that one of the things I am soooo grateful for in this world is 3fc and you guys. I was in a bad mood this morning thinking that I would never be able to truly change myself enough to lose this weight and that I'd always be the fat sister, daughter, niece, friend, etc. and I was about to have a little pity party for one and drown my sorrows in half of a blueberry muffin when I thought to myself "Jennifer, if you eat that, youre going to have to let everyone on the 20-something board read that you ate a blueberry muffin on top of breakfast when you weren't even hungry." (I have a log in the food accountability thread). After realizing that, I admitted to myself that I would just be abusing my body if I ate the muffin....and that eating the muffin would probably give way to eating even more junk today (b/c I already messed up). So I didn't eat the muffin. Instead, I had 2 slices of french toast (made w/ eggs and organic vanilla soy milk), one scrambled egg, half of an orange and a handful of grapes....and I'm full, but not stuffed. If I had eaten the muffin, I would have been stuffed right now and I know that would have lead me to cancel my appt. w/ myself to walk/jog for 60 minutes this afternoon. I wouldn't have felt like doing anything. And then I would have tried to "start all over" tomorrow or the next day. Uh-uh. Not anymore! This time I am serious!

So, thank you so much to everyone on here! You are all an inspiration to me and I feel so much better knowing that we're all in this together! Let's all try our best today and tomorrow and the next day and so on and so forth to treat our bodies the way they deserve to be treated - with respect and love. Let's treat our bodies to exercise every chance we get and to healthy, whole foods every day (or as often as we can). We will feel, look and be much better for doing this!

I don't have any support on this journey except for you guys (yes, I live w/ my family, but their idea of support is calling me names like "fatty" and I'm actually not that fat. I am overweight but not obese. My BMI is 29). If not for all of you, I would have fallen off the wagon yet again this morning. I'm so grateful to be apart of this group!
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Dontcha just love this place?? I love it here too. This is the first time EVER that I really feel like I can do this and this place is really been that special something that keeps me on track. There have been days when I don't feel like exercising and then I'll come here and someone's post hits me right in the heart and then I'll get up. One great post I found here really helped to change my whole thinking on losing weight and healthy living. So I am with you in thanking this website and all of you guys for being there for me even when you had no idea you were. ((((group hug))))
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I second you guys!!! This website is definitely a big help. I used to come on every day in 2003 and 2004 and it helped me to lose a bunch of weight (I was 7 lbs. from goal). Then when I stopped coming on I forgot everything. I didn't pay attention to my eating or exercise. I lost control. I decided enough was enough and realized I needed to come home to 3FC. You get tons of support and it's just like family. I now realize that 3FC will probably always be apart of my life. It is a great website! I am so thankful for it and you guys as well. It is the members that make the site! You guys are great!!!! We can do this!!!
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I love this site also. It has helped me and every single person here is there to encurage, even if you haven't been doing so well.

I'll be sticking around for years to come.

=hugs you all=
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