how pathetic is this?

  • I drove down to visit my family for Thanksgiving and since I normally weigh in on Thursdays I brought my scale with me! I'm embarrassed even to admit that. Did really well eating though and weight has stayed steady. Wish I could have lost that one pound but the sliver of pumpkin cheesecake probably didn't help!
  • That's not pathetic at all Lizzbabe! This is, after all, a lifestyle change, not just another diet, so you have to learn how to integrate your new healthy habits into regular life, such as visiting your family for Thanksgiving. I think that bringing a scale w/ you shows your dedication to getting healthy and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

    Does your family not own a scale? Or did you just want to make sure you were consistent w/ your weight measurement b/c a person's weight can fluctuate from scale to scale?

    Congrats on losing over 50 lbs and maintaining your weight over the holiday! Wow!

    My weigh-in for Week #2 is on Monday (thank goodness! I had one bad night, but I'm back on track!).
  • I agree with Jen. That is not pathetic at all. I give you major kudos!!! That is definite dedication. Good job on eating well during the holidays!!! The holidays are the hardest times to lose weight. There is so much temptation. If you can get through Thanksgiving, then you can get through anything
  • Thanks for the support, girls. It was my aunt and uncle that I was visiting not my parents so I wasn't sure if they would have a scale or not so I figured I better bring mine along. I also ran a 5-mile race Thanksgiving morning which gave me more incentive to eat well.

    Today on the drive home wasn't so good though....I got really turned around and drove around in circles for such a long time that when I finally figured things out I stopped at a store and picked up a pint of (low-fat) ice cream and ate half the container before throwing it out. Not as terrible as it could have been but still--that stress monster rears its ugly head!
  • I sure hope that's not pathetic, because I've done the same thing!

    Congrats on doing a turkey trot--that's such a great way to start Thanksgiving on the right foot!