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LockItUp 10-13-2005 01:39 AM

Funny things YOU see at the gym. . .
We had a thread a while ago like this, I was inspired by the Intimacy thread to resurrect a good thread, because it's soooo funny. I saw a really good one today:

I was on an Elliptical behind the row of Treadmils and there's this guy, mid 40's, thin, good build on the Treadmil in front of me. He was walking at like 3 mph, watching the TV to his right and talking on his cell phone (which bothers me in general, get off the damn phone for like 3 seconds, jeeze). So a few minutes into his phone call he mis-stepped onto the side of the Treadmil and dang near fell off. He barely caught himself on the side handles and dropped his dear cell phone in the process. We were the only one's in the cardio section, so there wasn't much noise and I had to bite my cheeks to not laugh. I mean, I think multi tasking is a good thing too, but there's some places it doesn't apply! He picked up his phone, regained his composure and ended his conversation! HA!

I can't wait to hear your stories!!!

jenicra 10-13-2005 12:31 PM

Yeah, people talking on their cell phones at the gym drives me NUTS.

Saturday, I saw this girl on an armless elliptical going SO fast, she just looked ridiculous. I mean, if you want to work out that hard, up the resistance or go for a run on the treadmill where you won't look like you're going fall apart in a million pieces if you're going 8 mph.

Why is it that the only people who go super-skimpy to the gym are the people you'd never want to see wearing those clothes? I see a 60 year old woman running on a treadmill in a sports bra and what amounts to underwear at least once a week - and it's not pretty. Then the other day I see an VERY chunky girl wearing a skin-tight lycra get-up with skin-tight pants and sports bra. That girl brought shame to all chunky chicks that day...

trnsfrmnreplace 10-13-2005 06:12 PM

... this isn't that funny but it made me laugh inside.
A month ago there was this ANNOYING girl at the gym on the treadmill one over from me to my left. She looked about 17 or so... She had TONS of makeup on, and was all dressed up. She got on her cell phone and started talking to her friend, "Hey i'm at the gym......" "I'm trying to lose 15 pounds in a week, prom is next week."

HahaHaaha. She was doing like 1.5 on the tradmill thinking she was burning calories while talking on the phone. PLEASE woman, 15 pounds in a week on that? :|

yesitsmeagain 10-13-2005 11:37 PM

It drives me crazy when girls go on a weights machine, put it on a really light weight and procede to do like 50 reps in a row. They aren't cardio machines!

The grossest thing I see is guys wearing flimsy pants and no underwear. The worst thing I've seen is a really old man wearing short shorts doing leg lifts on the mats. I certainly got an eyeful there :eek:

It also annoys me when really skinny girls with no muscle tone go around wearing tiny shorts and a sports bra. I think it's cool when really fit girls do that, though (show it off if you have the muscles!). Luckily the standard uniform at my gym is shorts/leggings with a t-shirt or tank top, so any excess exposure of skin is extremely rare!

icedragon6669 10-14-2005 12:18 AM

this reminds me so much , when i went to the gym (now closed!) this lady used to come in , she was all totsied up!! make up, skimpy clothing, used to walk in .. this was her routine.. 2 min treadmill, fast walk, then strut past all the guys to the leg machines . no weigt on machines, 10 reps! front then back... then home...
She was sooooo funny, used to go swarking to all on how to do everything, told my SIL that doing leg presses would actually make her thighs bigger!
Anyway we used to knickname her chicken legs!!!

trnsfrmnreplace 10-14-2005 03:41 AM


Originally Posted by yesitsmeagain
It drives me crazy when girls go on a weights machine, put it on a really light weight and procede to do like 50 reps in a row.

aweee.. When it comes to upper body i HAVE to do that or else i can't do ANY. I have NO upper body strength. Legs on the other hand... put the weight on!

Universityprincess 10-14-2005 03:45 AM

OK, had to join in! But this one is more gross than funny...
I walked into the gym and the manager gave me a tour. He showed me where the classes were held and I turned and looked in another direction because I was extremely distracted. There was this man DRIPPING sweat on the stationary bike. NO YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND! He wasn't sweaty, and a little damp he was DRIPPING...you still don't get my picture, do you? OK, Imagaine a middle aged man on a stationay bike, imagine that someone walked over to him with a gallon of water and poured it on top of his head...and then got a half gallon of water and repeated. HE HAD SWEAT POURING OUT OF HIS SHOES!!! HIS SHOES!!! EWWWWWWWW It looked like a fountain...he had puddles on each side of him, the puddles were covered by towels, but the towels were soaked buy his dripping foot sweat...he was wearing black and it CLINGED to him because he was so wet!

Ok, thats my story...EWWWWWWWWWW!

paperclippy 10-14-2005 11:10 AM

There is this very old man at my gym who comes in wearing teensy-tiny shorts, shuffles around the track for a little while, then goes to the mat to do stretches and FALLS ASLEEP every time! He starts snoring!!! While his legs are in some weird position and his teensy shorts don't cover anything!

It also bugs me when people get on the stairmaster and then hold themselves up by the handrails so that their legs are not actually doing any work! If it's too hard, just put it on a lower level! I guess they are too embarrassed to do level 1 or something. Also one time there was this guy who came into the weight room, grabbed a couple big dumbells, and proceeded to do this bizarre-looking exercise with his face all squished up (it was really fast, and he only did like 5 reps). Then he THREW the weights to the floor (huge clunking noise), and walked around the room checking himself out in the mirror! He left, then came back 10 minutes later and did the same thing! And the funniest thing is that he wasn't even that muscular!

skinnyjeans 10-14-2005 11:53 AM

So this one happened a while ago. I don't go to this gym anymore. I'm on the treadmill and there is this girl that is also on a treadmill a row in front of me and a couple over. She is working out pretty hard, not just a slow walk or something and this guy comes up and start hitting on her. She is obviously trying to ingnore him and keep working out . So she start upping the speed on the treadmill. I think she was going for, "I can't talk now I'm too out of breath" but all I could think is "She is trying to run away from this guy on a tradmill!!!" I started laughing so hard he gave ME a dirty look and walked away.

LockItUp 10-14-2005 01:06 PM

Skinnyjeans: LOL that's a really good one.

Paperclippy: It makes me so mad when people hold themselves up on the machines. I see people put the treadmils up to full incline then hold on to the top, like you're tricking the machine or something. It doesn't matter what the machine says you burn, it matters what you actually burn!

Gross out on all the ones with the guys shorts being to short to cover everything! Oh gosh and that sweaty guy on the bike, how do you sweat that much on a bike???

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