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Mikey's girl
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Default **Calling all 20 something's plus anyone else**

Ok ladies where are you?? I know I know it's fall time, great weather for either hanging around the house with a great movie and a warm blanket with a window open. Or even going outside to cider mills, haunted houses... BUT Don't forget to stay on plan!! I have recently fallen off just enjoying the weather, and coming back here to kick my arse back into shape, and realized that we are dwindling away!! Like someone else said on another Post.. **BUMP** Where is everyone?? How is everyone doing?? LOL sorry Im nosy, can't ya tell!!
I feel as though you guys are the only ones that truly understand what I am going through and actually care, I dont want to lose that. Im such a sap and Im sorry for that.. I will step off my soap box And go back to work! Just wanted to say hello!!!!!!!
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I have been doing really well with the exercising, but the eating part could be better. The weather has actually been helping with the working out. It motivates me to go outside when I might want to be lazy and stay in since the weather is so pleasant.
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Big-time loser
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It's midterms - I'll be back to normal again next week!
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married the village idiot
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Plateaued at's pissing me off. When are we gonna hang out?!
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I feel the same way justforus, I totally depend on all you girls. I have been mostly on plan, but have been kinda off and on the last 2 weeks (not counting this week, I am doing good so far). I have also been wondering where some people have went. I am still thinking I can meet the Thanksgiving goal, and I am really thinking I can meet my big goal by the end of the year.

We gotta keep eachother going, it seems, for me at least, it is getting to the time of year it's hardest to stay on plan!!!
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I feel the same way. I got off track with the start back to school, and that messed up my schedule, but I think I found my rhythem sp? again.

I'm back on track and LOVING this weather!
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Mikey's girl
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you know SUZEFAcTOR I was thinking the same damn thing...
WHOOHOO!! Glad to hear from you guys! Goodluck on midterms! I forgot about school, seeing that Im not in it. I should be though...
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Melting Butter
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Hi Justforus!
The weather is SO nice outside. But I'm still hanging in there. I got tired of being so self-conscious, miserable, and uncomfortable with myself that it's really motivating me. Don't worry about falling off happens! When I first starting losing weight in June, I was pushing myself like crazy and of course I crashed and burned out. Sometimes it's all about taking it one step at a time. But don't you wish we could take it 10 steps at a time anyway?
Thanks for your hello on my intro board.
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I've decided that the best way to exercise right now is to kill two birds with one stone. I've been cleaning out my basement and my mother's basement so we can have a garage sale. I've been scrubbing my house and I'm cleaning my mom's house tomorrow for money & exercise. I've also been lugging my chunky monkey baby around in my front carrier giving me an extra 20 pounds to move while snuggling and hanging out with her.

See what I mean? For some reason the multi-tasking bug has bitten me! I've got a clean house, empty basement, should make some money and I'm getting a ton of mommy baby time. Now if I could just get my eating on track.
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I wanna hang out too you michigan chicks!!!
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Hey - I know that when I was without internet for a week I was dying!!
Glad to be back
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I've actually seen a bit of an increase in new comers this past week. Everyone has been going on and off this thing. Glad to see you back.

It's going to rain the next 4 days, today is SO nice. I guess it's a good week to start at the gym then, since i won't be running outside in the rain.
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Bida Bida Bida
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what weather change?? In LA everything stays the same (except for, as I have noticed and been told) the shade, where it gets a little bit chillier. Eek - my first non seasonal change - I wonder if I will go crazy - it will kind of be like all daylight for me (ok, maybe not...but!)

so I am super busy - in my defence, I am trying to read things - but I never have time - and can only post so often. I am trying to lose weight, but its hard to keep on track! but i did lose like 1.5 pounds from last time I weighed myself - yay!
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