I'm sooooo hungry...

  • I haven't had too many problems hunger wise since I re-started my weight loss. But the last few days I'm dyin'. I feel like my body is fighting me so hard to make me eat so that I don't lose the weight. Or is this a mind game??? Either way, I'm having a horrible time keeping my calories low enough and not feeling starving. Not to mention I want to lower my caloric intake even more since I don't think I'm going to get far where I'm at.
    Here's my typical day:

    B: Bran flakes w/ soymilk and a mini whole wheat bagel w/ lite cc
    S: Fruit or rice cakes
    L: Soup or tuna salad in whole wheat pita
    S: Cottage cheese w/ fruit or apple w/ pb and sometimes (Nutella)
    D: Chicken or fish w/ veggies and brown rice or another variation around (600-700 calories)
    S: Popcorn or fat free pudding cup

    I'm fighting to keep the calories below 1700 and most days it doesn't happen. I do cardio daily, I started jogging again this weekend so I think that's why I'm so hungry. I also am strength training and getting back into yoga and pilates. I'm shooting for 64 oz water intake daily.

    I totally envy those of you that keep your caloric intake to 1200 - 1300 calories a day, how the heck do you do it? Anyone see anything I need to change? What's your typical day look like? Any tips that you use to help keep cravings at bay and not feel like your starving? Help me please...
    Does that sound desperate enough or what?
  • Hi
    I would say eat more veggies and salads. Drop the pb and nutella!! Lots of calories there!
  • I think the diet really looks pretty good overall. I might suggest a bit more protein in the morning meals if you're hungry, which, obviously, you are! Do you tend to get hungry at a specific time. I know that if I don't eat within 20 mins. of finising my workout, I can't get full no matter how much I eat.
  • Personally, oatmeal made with half milk (adds a little bit of sweetness making it possible to eat plain) and half water is my saviour. I eat it for breakfast and snacks, and it really fills on just a few calories (under 200 for 1/2 cup of oats + 1/2 cup of low fat milk). Plus, it's quick (if you have a microwave) and cheap (if you buy regular oats and not some premade stuff), and it's fiber rich. Yummy.
  • Hi. The way I dont get to hungry is snacking on "lots" of veggies and fruit. Baby carrots, celery, cucumbers, lettuce, seedless grapes, and the list goes on! lol They all really low in calories.
    My meats I usually eat turkey, porkchops (weighed of course) broiled, skinless chicken.. There is so many ways to eat alot of stuff really. You just have to cut alot of the fatty stuff out of it.
    If I drink milk which I hate the stuff most of the time. lol I will take 4 oz of 2% milk then add 4 more oz's of refridgerated water. Another way I do it is let it soak into the cereal then drain off the rest before eating.
    Im a popcorn lover myself! I had to quit the stuff cause when I make a bag I have to eat the whole bag, period! I cant do just a cup. When I total my bags up in calories it usually totals 400. Plus, I retain alot of fluids the following morning from popcorn lol.

    Wish you the best of luck!
  • One thing you might want to try is dropping the bagel and cc (bagels are evilllll!!!) and having more cereal and milk and add something low call, like fruit to breakfast.
  • I usually get hungry when a) I don`t eat enough fat (between 20-35 grams a day) or b) I eat sugar. For some reason those two things make me ravenous no matter how much actual food I am eating. So, it looks to me like your diet is good, but maybe you could try to pay attention to if maybe some foods make you hungrier than others.
    Also, I've read that strength training can make people more hungry. Maybe on the days you lift weights you could add another small snack around that time to keep you from feeling so hungry.
  • You are probably getting more hungry because you started to work out again. Drink lots of water and eat! Just choose healthy alternatives. But don't forget to have a "bad" snack every now and again because your taste buds deserve it!
  • <<B: Bran flakes w/ soymilk and a mini whole wheat bagel w/ lite cc
    S: Fruit or rice cakes
    L: Soup or tuna salad in whole wheat pita
    S: Cottage cheese w/ fruit or apple w/ pb and sometimes (Nutella)
    D: Chicken or fish w/ veggies and brown rice or another variation around (600-700 calories)
    S: Popcorn or fat free pudding cup>>

    Overall it looks good but you aren't listing serving sizes of your foods. There is a big difference between a cup of popcorn and a bag or 1T lite CC and 2T etc etc. Watch how those little extras add up and like everyone else said drink your water and eat your veggies! Good luck.
  • Here's the serving sizes:

    B: 1 cup Bran flakes w/ 1/2 cup soymilk and a mini whole wheat bagel w/ 1 tbsp lite cc
    S: 1 piece of Fruit or 2 rice cakes
    L: 1.5 cup Soup or tuna salad in whole wheat pita
    S: 1 cup Cottage cheese w/ fruit or apple w/ 1 tbsp pb and sometimes (1 tbsp Nutella)
    D: Chicken (1 breast) or fish w/ 1 cup veggies and 1/2 cup brown rice or another variation around (600-700 calories)
    S: 1 cup Popcorn or fat free pudding cup
  • Yes, what are your portions? I also agree with 2 things already said: eat more veggies, and figure out how much fat you're taking in each day. Some of my plateus have been because I wasn't consuming enough fat (<20 grams/day). When I increased my fat intake to ~30 grams/day, I started losing again. Veggies will help fill you up without adding a lot of calories.
  • More protein or more fiber would definitely help!
  • One thing I can think of, you seem to have a big meal at night, which is ok if that suits you, but maybe try this. 1700 cals for a day, 1700 / 5 = 350 Try and eat 5 meals each with 350 kcals more or less. So you could safely do your breakfast, then about 3 hours later, try some cottage cheese and crackers with an apple, then for lunch your tuna in pitta is ok, then later on maybe try some oatmeal with banana in, for dinner a jacket potato and some lean meat.

    Also do you track your stuff in fiday? I'm not sure that your dinner would actually come to around 600-700 kcals, but it depends how you cook your veggies and things. I also agree that you *might* not be getting enough fat. I know when I have a low fat day, I'm dying of starvation! Try having an egg for breakfast!

    I know people say bagels are rubbish but it seems to be whole wheat so that would be ok. But your breakfast is very carb heavy, for breakfast I have 2 eggs on one slice of toast, or 1/2C cottage cheese on one slice of toast, try to have more protein, it will fill you up more!

    Hope that helps, also just keep experimenting and find what works for you. Your body might just be bored if you eat the same things most days!
  • Thanks for all the advice. I go grocery shopping this weekend so I'm going to try some different things and get my caloric intake down. Today was a better day with dinner I should be just above 1500. Since it's getting colder outside I'm going to try to have soup for lunch and dinner a few times a week, low fat, low cal.
    I've tried the egg thing for breakfast, but I don't tolerate eggs very well they tend to make me nauseated, egg product does the same.
    Anyhow, thanks again and I'm open to more advice if anyone's offering...