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Post I'm new here...and need help!

Hi everyone. I just joined the site and am looking forward to seeing how things are around here. I've checked out a few other weight loss support forums and I'm trying to figure out where I can fit in and get the support and help I'm looking forward to. I guess I should start by introducing myself.

I am 26 yrs old, a stay at home mom of a 7 yr old daughter, a 5 yr old daughter and a son turning 4 tomorrow. I have been married for 8 years. Last June I weighed 226 pounds. Today I weigh 166 pounds. I am 5'10. My problem is I'm kinda stuck. My goal is to weigh 150 pounds and I'm hoping to do that my the new year. I lost weight before too and reached this weight and was stuck...then it crept back up on me because I was discouraged and didn't stick to my diet and exercise. Well, I am not going to allow that to happen again, but I'm wondering what is best so I can kick it up a notch and drop at least a few pounds. It will give me some incentive. I've been "stuck" here at 166 for like 3mnths or so. Anyone have any suggestions??

Also, my problem area for me is starting right above my hip bones to the area right above my belly button--its nothin but FAT!! I do crunches, elliptical machine, walking but I can't get the flotation device, lol, to go away!! Does anyone have any ideas on what I can do to target this particular area of my body?? I've lost the weight in my upper arms..I'm down to a single chin now, lol and my thighs no longer rub together but boy oh boy my abdominal area is still craaaappy. I want to succeed this time.

Well thanx for listenening and I wish you all good luck on your journeys.
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Welcome shydoll! I am sure you will find everyone here to be so supportive and understanding...we have all been through the weight loss battle!
I used to (and still do!) have problem toning up my ab region, but it has gotten somewhat better in the recent months so I might have a little advice. First of all, I lost a few more pounds (always helps!) and started REALLY doing ab workouts. Not like 20 crunches, 50 bicycles, etc. but doing full situps on the reclined bench and doing crunches and oblique work with 5 lb weights. I would do this until I was swwweeeaatting like I had been on the treadmill. My brother is a football player so I would always watch him lift at the gym, sweating more than I was on a cardio machine. His dedication would be my inspiration when I didn't want to do one more rep! I would also recommend doing a variety of different ab excersises...I do a different routine every time to work all of the different abdominal muscles. Also, have you tried yoga and, especially, pilates? They are amazing core strength builders, and they also help you with posture and balance. As for specifically targeting the lower ab region, you can look up different excercises on fitness sights that are particularly for that area. I hope this is helpful!
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Question New Here...

My name is Kimberlee. I was just diagnosed with borderline diabeties. I am now taking weight loss very seriously, as I have a child to raise and a life to live. I been married 12 years and was about 180 pounds for the last 20 years or so. Before that, I was very thin and had no eating problems and weighted maybe 135 pounds. After age 24, I could not stop eating or gaining weight, it just piled on slowly year after year. I am now an enormous weight of 238 pounds! Its depressing. I don't leave my house much anymore...I can't eat out even if I am having a salad cause I catch people watching me, and I can see they are replused by my size. I have one online friend. I also am a stay at home mom. Making Friends is not easy...people don't usually befriend me, I am open and friendly but get passed over often. I know its my size that bothers I just don't try anymore. Anyhow...I have been working through some issues from my childhood...and it hasn't helped with my depression, but I am doing the best that i can right now. I am now cutting out sugar and calories but I am not sure if i am eating enough now. I eat very small meals and I am even afraid to eat fruit as they contain alot of sugar. I am waiting for my dr to send me some guidelines in the mail soon. I know I eat out of anger. I don't know how to stop that, I do jounraling and write my feelings down, but it doesn't seem to help...therpahy is too expensive and my insurance does not cover it. So...I am left to look through my old WW books and look to the point system, which is my next question here, does anyone know how many points a person m size can eat per day or know the chart? I know the food point value system but not how many points I can have, I know I can do this cause I done this before...I tried looking online but I can't seem to find how many points in a day you can have...just point values for foods. I would join, but I barely have enough money to buy every payday, so that is not something I can do here. If anyone can help, thanks so much! I heard if you don't eat enough, you can actually gain weight! And I never been able to count calories very well! Good to be hereL
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Hi shydoll! Welcome to our little place of support.
What is your fitness routine right now? If you want to get rid of fat... cardio cardio cardio. Jogging/Running intervals are your best bet. If you have a layer of fat, as many cunches as you might do they probably won't show through the layre of fat. This also doesn't mean you should do them. I would recommend a balance ball or if your gym has ones of those ab machines that you sit in and crunch sitting up with weights it works wonders on the lower region.

Hi Kimberlee - You should always have fruit in your diet, even if it is just a little amount. They might have sugar but its natural sugars, a lot better than the corn syrup they use as "sugar" in processed sweet foods. I haven't been on ww, so i can't help you there but i would recommend talking with your doctor and if he doesn't seem to help, possibly a nutriotionist to get your started in what you CAN eat and what you SHOULD eat since you do have borderline diabeties.

What type of workout do you do right now? Eat lots of fiber rich foods and veggies! I would stay away from white breads and any type of soda or drinks that contain tons of corn syrup. I always say... you can have ANYTHING so you don't binge when you encounter it, but SMALL portions.

Have a nice day!
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