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here I go again...
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Default Sunday promises??

I don't know if I'm the only one, but I make promises to myself every Sunday that this week will be different... and then it all goes out the window by Wednesday or Thursday. I figured if I start posting my Sunday promises on here and try to follow-up daily, it might be harder to slip? Anyone care to join me??

This week:
I will work out for at least 45 minutes every day this week!!!

I think I'll just keep editing with progress:
Sunday: 35 minutes of TaeBo (not quite 45, but will make up for it tomorrow, I promise!!)


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Ur not the only one with sunday promises I use to do that all the time, but I eventually go over that and so can you. I am trying to break my cousin into doing that cuz she is getting married june 3 and she wants to lose 60lbs and I think that would be hard for her to stop doing that I think after a while it becomes a routine. If u need help with anything let me know. Good Luck!
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Sunday promises are a good one. My WI day is sunday so a lot of things change on Sunday for me. Some times I cheat and think well I have a week to get back into things. Latley my big sunday challenge is to not mess. Its hard to play catch up half way through the week.
Anyway, my challenge this week is to jog 4 days, and do pilates/toning 3 plus, not over eat!
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*waves* I would love to join in on the sunday promises! I too always make sunday promises and then come wednesday see myself chowin down on a donut! ahhhhh so here are the promises this week ...

I will resist temptation at work and not stuff my face with all the goodies
I will swim at least one 500 a day during my break
I will do aqua aerobics or practice with the swim team at least 3 times this week

*cross my fingers* good luck to all!
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Good idea!

I will drink my water every day (ate least 94 ounces of fluid)
I will exercise 6 X times week AND add something new...not just bike every day. At LEAST 3 days of something different.
I will keep more on plan and only have 1 day or less of over my 1600 calories.
(not a weight loss one) but I will clean my basement for when my in-laws come next week (I hate cleaning it out...I have TOO MUCH stuff)
Finally, I will take a walk with my children at least 2 times this week.

I thought of another one....I Will NOT cry in front of my 5 year old when he starts kindergarten on Thursday no matter how much I don't want him to be a big boy yet *sigh*

good luck to all of you!
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Aw Amber... *hugs* They grow up so fast, don't they? (Yea, this is comming from the chick with no kids).

I think my only Sunday promises are to keep under 1600 calories and keep exercising and things as well as I have been doing.. We're getin up to a week now!
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I find that when I can stop starting over every week, life and weight loss are so much easier. That's one of the reasons I weigh in on Wednesdays.

This week...
I will stay under 1500 calories per day and get in every workout for Week 7 of TBM.
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Amber - I'm right there with you. My little 5 year old man will be starting kindergarten in two weeks from tomorrow. He's excited, and I just want to put him in a vice and shrink him back down into a onesie! I miss my tiny baby!!! Oh, and to make matters worse, he lost his first tooth on the 8th of this month. Time sucks. Oh man, now I'm depressed!

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