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JustForUs 06-30-2005 03:57 PM

*WARNING* Self pitty party ahead..
:( OK so I should be starting TOM hmmm any day now. Bloated again, feeling icky no mater what I do or eat. Im just in a blah mood. Over tired,fat icky,sticky,disgusted. :( Must I go on?
Maybe Im jealous. I went to these fireworks yesterday.<detroit ones> and the people we went with the wife was 42 ish THIN tan, kinda cute she was wearing white pants all the guys loved her, and not that I want the attention I just look at her and think how can I look like that?
Then I get dircouraged because I feel like its going to take YEARS to lose my weight!! :yikes:
I dunno my emtionas are a mess, and Im going on 4 hours of sleep no work out in this morning, and and and I had a med latte with whip cream and 2 reeses cups and a HOT DOG!!!! plus a lean cusine [email protected]!! Im done with my calories today and its only 3 pm!!!!!!!!!! What is goin on me?? :?: :?: :?:
:sigh: Hopefully this weekend goes better.. Saturday is my birthday, gotta do soemhting fun!
Hope everyone is haveing a better day then me!!
Sorry for the self pitty party.. :^:
Just had to vent sorry..

Doss 06-30-2005 06:46 PM

Ahh, TOM is wonderful isn't it? I'm going through it now too. Nothing like Aunt Flo to make us feel down on ourselves is there? :(

bida 06-30-2005 07:03 PM

to make us feel like it just wont stop :)
luckily no cramps - but i think ive been overly tired. wanting to sleep all the time. hrm.

jkg0679 06-30-2005 09:15 PM

Awww hun! Don't let it get the best of you! And don't worry too much about those Reases! It's not going to break you! :)

Ahealthierme 06-30-2005 09:49 PM

aww Im sorry, but vent away, we're here for ya! Happy early birthday btw!

Oh and just so you know Im jealous of my 50 year old MIL every day! She's thin, tan and totally gorgeous!! So I know how you feel there!

JustForUs 07-01-2005 10:26 AM

Thanks guys. I just needed that lil bit of "its ok" Because I didnt want to fall off the wagon compleltly. Just waneted to hang my left foot out for the day.. LOL.... Im feeling better today. Darn hormones.

skinnyjeans 07-01-2005 10:40 AM

I didnt want to fall off the wagon compleltly. Just waneted to hang my left foot out for the day...

LOL. That is hilarious...And accurate. Stick with it. It is not so much the mistakes that throw us of track but what we do after that matters. In the long run one bad day is OK. Just don't turn it into an excuse to have a lot of bad days (Note to self: I am talking to you!)

Oh and Happy Birthday!

spillthebeans 07-01-2005 04:10 PM

LMAO, (I wish)

Papperclipp & Justforus...you ladies are funny!

jenicra 07-01-2005 04:42 PM

Too funny!

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