Allow myself to introduce...myself

  • (Austin Powers... just a good quote)
    Hello all,

    After months of being lazy and forgetting to activate my screen name again, I'm back on the 3FC and want to get back into some of those pants I bougth when I had lost some weight!

    I was reading through this 20something gruop and thought you all sounded great so I want to jump right in.

    I'm working on a life revamping right now, and I'm not trying to look past my body in all my improvements.

    In the past I've lost some weight, and it was absolutely awesome b/c I lost 20 pounds last year by just working out and watching what I ate. I have never been able to lose weight, so that was just completely awesome. Since then, i've slacked on my working out and my diet and 10 pounds have come back. Which stinks!! But, 180 is still better than I've been for the past 5 years, but I'm just sick of being a "big girl." I want to see what my face looks like as a thin person. Not the thin person like, "wow, you've lost weight... (but you're still big)". No, i watn to be the "you look great!!" and not think of myself as overweight.

    Okay, I'm rambling. I'm horrible at introducing myself, but I would just love to jump right in.

    Just a little from the survey (sorry.. I've got to run to my second job so I'm giving the abridged version )

    Atlanta, GA
    age: 24

    Highest weight: 213
    Starting weight this time (as of TODAY 6/29/05) 180.5
    Goal :140 would be awesome

    Good weight loss works when I watch my portions, but i love to eat until I'm jsut stuffed, so that's a problem.

    Okay, time to go. Hope to meet you all soon!
  • Welcome!!!
    Dont worry Im a rambler also!
  • Welcome Welcome!! Just reading your topic made me want to come and say "hi" I joined here two months ago and the people here are AWESOME!! It is great to have a place to talk where you know that everyone has either gone through or is going through the same stuff. Good luck on your weightloss, you can do it!!
  • Welcome Diamond!
    I joined a while back - don't post much ...but wanted to welcome you on board ...
    PM if you want an accountability buddy! Since we have similar goals!
    Take Care TTYL
  • Welcome to the site Lucy!
  • Hi and welcome!