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  • Ok, so I'm bored at work...
    what do you all like to wear in the summer?
    I never wear shorts, always jeans or short pants(like crops or capri, nothing above the knee)
    I just got a sundress to take to the beach and I am not a dress person at all but it is so nice, I wore it to sleep in, to hand out in, to go to the pool. I just feel silly in a dress.
    tanks, wifebeaters, nothing with sleeves most of the summer....
    oh and flip flops, all summer long except when I am working out!
  • I'm with you on the crops thing, all my exercise gear is cropped pants, and i would wear crops more often when i'm not exercising, except that all of my old ones are now too big and i can't afford to replace them right now. I will wear shorts around the house, actually that's pretty much all i wear at home, if i'm wearing pants at all. Though, my legs are starting to shape up, looking more like muscles than cellulite these days, so i'm thinking about getting a pair of shorts. As for shoes, i'm all about the flip flops or sandals when i'm not exercising. Tops, i'm into tanks and tees.
  • I'm with you girls -- no shorts here! I'm just not happy enough with my legs yet. I'm always in jeans (my new size 10s!) or crops. I'm getting more comfortable with my upper body, but tank tops are still not something I wear... maybe soon. And, you will always find me in flip flops (all year round) -- love the things!

    As for beach gear, I found a new swimsuit I am fairly happy with. It has the halter top, which I think is pretty flattering. It is a tankini. If I'm feeling self-conscious, I have a pair of shorts to go with it. (Yes, this is the only time I wear shorts because the alternative is worse!)

    I think it's all about what you're comfortable in. People give me a hard time about not wearing shorts, but I would be uncomfortable and feel self-conscious. So, I stick to what I feel best in.
  • I don`t feel comfortable in shorts and since I can't wear them to work I don't really have the budget to experiement. I think I don`t like them because I have to pull them down all the time and who needs all that attention directed at their groin?
    I don't wear cropped pants either. I think they accentuate my large calves, and if I'm gonna wear pants I might as well just go full length.

    However, I'm a little more liberal with my tops. I love tank tops, camis, halters and even tube tops occationally. It is too hot here for sleeves so I'm beyond my fear of showing off my arms.
  • Hmmm . . . I don't wear shorts either, except around the house (and I usually don't wear pants around the house at all! ). My most important summer clothing is tank tops. It's not like the sleeves of my tees are very covering, but for some reason I really prefer tank tops when it starts to get hot out.

    I have a sundress or two, which I also love! I only have one pair of cropped pants, because up until now I thought they made my thighs look HUGE. I wear jeans all the time, but if it's hot, I will wear a skirt (rather than shorts). Then the only problem is my thighs sticking together!

    Back home in LA I would wear flip-flops year-round, but now that I'm in Providence, I haven't been able to (no frostbitten toes for me!). I was SO EXCITED the day that I dragged my poor old flip-flops out of the closet a couple weeks ago! I guess one good thing is that my feet are much nicer now than they used to be -- my heels used to always be cracked and dry and nasty, but after being in closed shoes all winter they are nice and soft!

    For the beach . . . I have a tankini, which I think is okay, but I'm thinking about looking for a different one. What's funny about the tankini (from Old Navy) is that I bought the top in XL, and the bottom in M! I don't think it's designed very well for my large chest, so I might get a different one. I'm so glad there are places that sell the tops and bottoms separately, because it's totally ridiculous to assume that if you have small breasts you are a size S on the bottom, or if you have large breasts you are an XL on the bottom!

    Oh, and my one must-have summer accessory -- a floppy straw hat! Actually, the one I have right now isn't floppy (my floppy one died last year, and I couldn't find a nice floppy one this year), but it's still cute! My scalp burns really easily, so the hat is definitely a must-have.
  • No shorts here either.. LOL funny not one person is into shorts. Im a jeans or blk pants. Tan pants, or capris. I LOVE sandles, flip flops now because mike is a lil shorter then me, so we try not to look to to silly together.. I like tank tops, but Im still a lil weary about my arms.. GRRR
    No bathing suit even though I did find a super cute one here online at old navy, the tankini you're talking about paperclippy. Havent bought it yet though, too afarid to get one still.. Oh well..
  • Well, I am going to break the streak: I love my shorts! I also wear a lot of tanks primarily for tanning reasons, and to work I wear sundresses.
  • Well, I'm with the no-shorts majority here, but not because I feel uncomfortable in them (I'm pretty okay with my lower body below the thighs - I mean, there's a SPACE between my legs now ladies! They are no longer just all smooshed together chubiness down there). I just think that they're tacky! I strive to be a bit of a fashion plate, so they don't really fit in. However, i love sandles, so I love summer shoes. (Besides, I could use a break from high heels for a season). During the summer, i just switch to lighter fabrics (my legs aren't long enough for capris or cropped pants of any kind - make me look like a midget), tank tops (no spaghetti straps without another layer over it, though, again, not flattering - what can I say, I'm picky!) and dresses and skirts more often. I'm a tankini halter girl too, it's my favorite style, though it's not like I'm in love with it on me anyway. Congrats on the size 10s Jina!
  • My capris and jean skirts are my fav in the summer. There is no way you will catch me out of the house in a pair of shorts. I don't even know if I will ever be able to wear them again because of all the cellulite I have created for myself. It's very rare that you will find me in a tank top because I have so many stretch marks and loose skin on my arms. Sometimes I will brave it though when it's REALLY hot. I'm usually in tees or cute tops with a little sleeve. And I love flips flops and sandals!!! I really need to get a new bathing suit..I'll be checking out Old Navy soon.
  • i don't wear shorts. hmm big surprise

    i wear a lot of skirts, i have long and short(er) peasant skirts and jean skirts that are really comfortable and cute at the same time. i'll generally wear tshirts, tank tops and halters, and i've been really into funky belts lately. i detest any tank or halter that has a shelf bra in it, because i'm not comfortable with just using that and not a bra, and hate to wear a bra AND a shelf bra at the same time, so it is a no-win situation
  • I'm suprised so few of us are tank top wearers! I bet every single one of you who said your arms are not "acceptable" would look just fine in tanks!
    Megan - I LOVE the shelf bra, as long as it's big enough to uh, keep 'em in. I remained well endowed despite my loss, and need all the help I can get. I do, however, have a tank with a shelf bra in it that only cover like half the boob - so I get this goofy ripple right across my chest. It's grrrrreat...
  • I'm with you, Megan -- I don't feel comfortable using just a shelf bra, so I wear a regular bra along with the shelf bra and always manage to get the two caught on each other. It's not that I have huge boobs, I just feel a little too "exposed" with just the shelf bra.

    Jenicra: Loved your description of your former legs -- "smooshed together chubbiness"! I've had (and sadly still have) some areas like that!
  • yeah. summer sucks. I really like being able to hang out in t-shirts, but I'm so self-conscious in public....my chest is pretty huge (un-attractively so) so, honestly, if I'm not layering at least a little bit I feel like "hello! here are my boobs."

    Spring and Fall are my dream seasons, light jackets, cute scarves. oh yeah, bring on September baby!
  • Yes, I am not a short person either! Not yet anyway I do wear them when I work out though - it is toooo hot not to. I like capris, skirts, and tank tops!
    I also have a tankini.
  • My summer uniform is knee length skirts, sandals, and tank tops. I wear shorts around the house, to the beach, or to the gym, but I feel more pulled together in a skirt so I wear them more often.

    I like wearing strapless sundresses to go out at night or when I'm feeling really lazy in the morning - what could be easier than pulling on 1 piece of clothing and some flip flops?