Where is everyone??

  • Im looking and looking to see where everyone is??!! no new threads or nothing.
    Just wondering!!
    I think we should start a july challenge, any ideas???!?
  • Haha, I'm here! I'll be gone all next week, but I'm here for now! I think my personal challenge is going to be not undoing all the work I've done during my vacation next week. AND since I am going to be baking some cookies to bring my bf's parents as a present, I will probably end up licking the bowl. And sampling some. And I'm sure I'll eat them when I get there too.

    How much weight can someone gain in a week, anyway? I lost 3 lbs this month, is there any chance I will put all 3 back on?
  • Hey I wanna lick the bowl! I wish I had the will power to make cookies and trust myself NOT to eat them!! Have fun at the Bfs parents. It's always a experince when the family get together. At least for me it is!! Im dating a family of 3 boys, so being the only Girl / GF its fun.
  • Not to post again, but I wanna try for 1500 mins of excercise for hte month of july. Im doign the june challenge on the SBD thread I thought it would be fun to do it here.
  • Paperclippy - I went to Hampton Beach, NH for 2 days (June 10th - June 12th) and gained 5lbs during the weekend. HOWEVER: I lost 3lbs of it within a week of getting home, so I think it might have been some water retention. I ate sooooo bad (lots of pizza, chinese and a large cremee) and hardly had and water (mostly soda) on top of it being 90 degrees+ both days...so while I ate horribly, I think a lot was retained water. Better luck to you!
  • I make cookies
    Hello ladies,

    I've been thinking about a july goal also. I'm thinking i'll just go for another 10 lbs and maybe to set a time goal for a mile jog, since i haven't actually jogged a full mile, i think i'll try to time myself at it and then try to cut 30secs to 1min off of that time. And i love baking, i do it as often as possible. I do resist licking the bowl, i give it to my nephew, but when i bake i use splenda and light butter/margarine in order to cut out some of the calories. Even then, i'll allow myself only one a day of whatever i've baked along with a glass of milk. A large part of the satisaction in baking for me is seeing my loved ones enjoy something that i've made with my own two hands, so it isn't as much of a challenge to resist. Plus that one tastes so much better when it's the only one. Nummy.
  • Hi ladies,
    I think summer has hit the threads hard. The other thread I post on in the support groups has dwindled to nothing. I think a challenge would be a good idea. 1500 mins of excersise how many hours is that? I guess I could do the math, I'm just lazy,,,,hold on....Ok, 250 hours is that right? so that is like working out 5-6 times a week. I think that is a good one. I'll check back to see if that is the challenge of the 20somthings!
  • I like the excersise challange for the month of July...or any challange actually. Its about 10 weeks until labor day we could do a Labor Day challange. I really want to kick it up before Labor day since I know I'm going to New Orleans that weekend and I will be eating not so good .
  • I've never done a challenge before!! I'm feeling really powerful this week so I'm up for whatever you gals decide.

    I think my goals are going to have to be primarily lifestyle goals instead of weight loss goals. I know that if I keep doing the right things and pushing myself I will see results on the scale. But I'm not losing as fast as I thought I would so I'm trying not to get discouraged.
  • Ok I put one up for july, its a personal one, everyone makes their own goal. How about a LABOR DAY CHALLENGE?? just like april showers said.. Any suggestions??