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spillthebeans 06-27-2005 12:20 PM

Weekly Chat 6/27-7/3
Good Morning Ladies,
I hope everyone had an enjoyable weekend.

Guess what? It is the last week of June, already!!! Let's finish this last week of June strong, and begin July on a high note.

C'mon Ladies, let's hit the gym, pavement, or treadmill. Let's get down that H20, water, and aqua and eat the right things! We can do this!

Let's be on track this week, LET'S DO THIS!!!!!!!!!!!! :cheer:

what will you do to make this happen this week?

paperclippy 06-27-2005 12:52 PM

Good morning! I can't believe June is almost over!!

This week, I am going to WORK OUT extra hard and try to limit my snacking (no more bread and butter! seriously, I need to stop snacking on that). If I lose one more pound, that will mean I will have lost 4 lbs in June, which is really good for me (especially considering I only lost 2 in May). Honestly, I am so impressed by people who can lose 10 lbs in a month. This Friday is my measuring day (I measure every 2 weeks), so I'm hoping I'll see some progress!

I have a question for all you midwesterners . . . I'm going to be in Indiana all next week (suburbs of Indianapolis mostly), and I want to make sure I get some exercise in. What's the best time of day for a jog? How early will I have to be up to beat the heat? Also, are the bugs really bad? Thanks!

imsexydamnit 06-27-2005 01:47 PM

Hi all,
I'm off to a good start for the week. I'm doing the couch to 5K program and did day 1 of week five (and some extra), when i got home from the track i did some abs work, push ups and the 20 min winsor pilates dvd. Had a decent breakfast, and the scale said nice things to me, so i'm doing well.

jkg0679 06-27-2005 02:02 PM

We did our pug walk on Saturday. It was fun but boy was it HOT!!!! We pulled through it and walked the full mile. We planned on walking another mile after dinner Saturday night, but it looked like a storm was coming, so we stayed home (btw: the storm never came {{{Sigh}}}).

This week I plan on working out more than usual because Friday is my fiances b-day and he wants to eat at his favorite chinese buffet & there will be cake with his fam in the evening. Sooo...I might as well lose as many calories as I can between now and then. On a brighter note, we are going paddle boating on his b-day as well, so that should shed quite a few calories! I am looking forward to that! Yay!

AmberM 06-27-2005 02:11 PM

Hi ladies!!

I live in Indiana and it's HOT as heck right now. Today it was 91 by 9 am. It was still in the high 70s at 8:00 am and before so you'll have to go by then. It's usually still hot in the evenings. Bugs aren't bad in the morning but we've been having beetles and other icky bugs in the evenings.

This week I'm set to finally start losing for the month of July. I'm upping the exercise and NO DIET SODA this week at all (it's all ready been hard today). We'll see if that triggers anything. I did finally break my 169 slump and am 168.75...it's not much but I'll take it. Let's make July a great month to lose weight ladies. I'm going to a family thing on the 28th of July and I'm determined to lose at least 6 pounds by then. I don't think that's asking too much. I am happy that I'm just overweight now according to my BMI....goodbye to obese forever. If I lose 4 pounds I guess I'll be happy enough...but I'd love 6.

Keep up the great work ladies!

WastedThermos 06-27-2005 02:32 PM

I'm so glad to be back in the "safety" of my weekday routine. I have such a hard time on the weekends. I'm getting better, but I still feel like I'm starting all over again on Monday instead of continuing with my healthy lifestyle.

This week I'm going to be pushing myself extra hard in my workouts as well. Friday, my I-wish-he-was-mine boy is coming to visit and I know that we will be eating out. Thats motivation on two levels for me. Last week my dining out calories really added up (as did the $$ for those meals) so this week I'm cutting that out until Friday.

The weather here isn`t as hot as it has been but it is sooo sticky and humid. Yuck! Sometime this week I hope I can talk someone into running around our football stadium with me since I want to practice jogging off of the treadmill.

April_Showers 06-28-2005 12:37 AM

Hey all! Hope everyone had a good weekend...I sure did. Did a good job of eating right and getting some excersise in. Since I have been doing a good job of eating right (not too many carbies, no white stuff and 5 a day) and excersising... this week my goal is to up my water intake. I usually get only 100oz or so in...so I need to step it up. Anyways I am beat and need to go to sleep...night all!

Ahealthierme 06-28-2005 10:48 AM

Good question! I have no idea really. Im so frustrated by this plateau! Besides that it seems like my fiance and I are always getting invited out to dinner with the in laws, or friends and it's SOO hard to keep telling them no for the sake of my "diet." We've been invited out 5 times this week, and gone once (felt obligated) and I still cannot lose this friggin weight!

Even though for the most part I make healthy choices (and if I make bad choices I eat really small portions) and my excercise is good I havent been able to lose in a week and a half! Frustrating!

spillthebeans 06-28-2005 03:03 PM

Ahealthierme: have you tried changing up your exercise routine, maybe add somthing more vigerous...something that is going to get you sweating and your heart rate up for at least 20 minutes...How much are you working out?

Aprilshowers: hello! have a great week! White foods are the hardest to stay away from, because they are my favorites...mashed potatoes, chips, BREAD!!!!! ( I should stop) I try to cut back on those as much as possible, but have to eat it at least once in awhile....

Wastedthermos: I agree with you thinking of your safety being during the week...weekends are hard! Glad to see you working hard this week!

Amber: Congrats on the new BMI!!!! your hard work is paying off!

Jacky: Good to see that you are planning ahead...you have a nice reward waiting for you...I think cake will be great, just don't go overboard and get the biggest peice ever!

Christine, how are you doing? Still kicking butt?

Papperclippy: Awesome that you are planning ahead for some exercise for next week, that is awesome! What are you going to IN for? Vacation?

Ladies, it's Tuesday, if you messed up today, or yesterday, it's ok, jump right back in...let's finish off strong!

jkg0679 06-28-2005 03:48 PM

Spiilthebeans - I def will have a small peice of cake!

Well, we were invited to Jason cousins birthday party tomorrow night, a cookout with one side of his fam on Saturday night and a family reunion on Sunday. This is turning into a challenging week already! However, luckily Jason decided against the cookout because we are pretty busy Sat. already and by then we'll probably be exhasted. And I will NOT have a peice of cake at Miranda's b-day.

spillthebeans 06-29-2005 10:02 AM

Morning Ladies, Happy Hump Day!

How are we doing, this is the half way point of the week?

Are you on track? What has been helping you stay on track this week, did you try something new this week?

I've been eating breakfast this week, something new for me. I NEVER EVER have been a breakfast person, it makes me nauseous! My trainer suggested I eat at least something to jump start my metabolism in the morning, and we'll see how it goes. Today I had a egg and half a piece of bread.

I have brought my lunch all this week, turkey sandwich, fruit (peaches, cantalope, strawberries) yogurt, and granola bars....this gives me a little bit of variety when I need something to snack on and I don't want to go to the snack machine anymore.
I have worked out every night so far, and plan to keep that up, so I can relax this weekend at the pool with a beer or two :D

paperclippy 06-29-2005 12:55 PM

Good morning all!

Christine - I hope your week is still going well!

Jacky - Yay pugs! I hope your pug liked the walk! Paddle boating sounds like lots of fun to me. :) Good luck being careful at the buffet!

Amber - Thanks for the advice! I'll see if I can make it out early in the morning then. I'm such a bug-o-phobic, I can't stand mosquitos or anything, and they LOVE me. I used to share a room with my sister when I was a kid, and every year, I would get tons of bug bites all over me, and she would get maybe one or two. So unfair! :dz:

Lizzie - Good luck jogging off the treadmill! I actually have trouble jogging ON the treadmill. :rolleyes:

April - you are already drinking so much water! I'd drown ;)

Ahealthierme - eating out is rough, I try to limit to once a week, but social obligations can get in the way. Some people suggest that you ask for a box when you order, then pack up half your food before you even start eating!

Spill - Great job trying breakfast! Haha, I am planning ahead for exercise, now I just have to make sure I actually DO it! :lol: I'm going to visit my bf's parents for the 4th of July (and just because he hasn't been home in almost a year), so I guess it's vacation. We'll see how it goes! I wonder if they'll notice I lost weight. I was at my all-time high last time I was there, but each time I've been there I've been a totally different size. The first time I was about 160, maybe a little more. The second time, around 150-155. Third time, 185. This will be my fourth visit, and my thinnest yet! Wow, I wonder what they must have thought of me last time they saw me, having gained so much!

I'm doing well so far this week. I've been working out every single day since Sunday, and not eating TOO much crap. I forgot to weigh myself before breakfast this morning, so I am a little thrown off (I weigh every day) since my routine got out of order. I'm a little bit obsessive-compulsive, so this morning drove me crazy (forgot to weigh, ate breakfast before getting dressed, ran out of teaspoons and had to use a tablespoon for my yogurt, etc). My bf makes fun of me for how orderly I have to have everything!

imsexydamnit 06-29-2005 02:03 PM

Hi all,
Hope everyone is doing well on this fine wednesday. I personally feel like crap. My left foot is killig me for god knows what reason, so i had to skip my walk/run this morning. I think i'm addicted to my walk, i look forward to it, i love the time away from the house by myself where i can just think or walk insensibly around the track. i've also noticed recently that i'm alot more energetic and generally in a better mood on the days i walk than on days i don't. So, i'm feeling pitiful and sluggish and not at all friendly today. Sorry about the whining.

jillybean720 06-29-2005 02:07 PM

Hello all! I've been off plan like crazy lately--bad Jill! Vacation was evil :devil: We ate out every day! But I am back and need to get back on track. I know I will have a gain when I go to my TOPS meeting tomorrow night, but I will bounce right back with a big loss the following week!

I'm already doing MUCH better on my water intake, which has been a challenge for me in the past. I have already had 4 bottles of water today (3 servings of water per bottle), so I have been to the bathroom every 10 minutes :lol: I know it's good for my body, though, and it'll help me shed some of the water weight I gained during vacation (when I hardly drank any water at ALL :o ). Speaking of which, I really have to pee again, so time to cut this off and head for the restroom yet again!!

imsexydamnit 06-30-2005 12:33 PM

Hello Ladies,
Today is a good day. I got some info on how to treat the owie foot yesterday, and now i'm up and around again. I feel worlds better. It is truly amazing the effect exercise has on my mood and energy level. I was practically jumping for joy when i got out of bed this morning. I got trough 3/4 mile jogging 2x, with no problems. YAY ME!! Jilly, sounds like you had a good time on vacation, even with all the eating out and congrats on the water. Hope the rest of you are doing well.

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