Weekly Chat 6/27-7/3

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  • I have been thinking hard about my vacation in August. I will be going to Maine for a week with my fiances family (like 15 people total are meeting there for a week reunion they do every year...this is my first year going with them). I am soooo nervous I will go off track in a major way! I am sure we will eat out a lot, I will have to stick to healthier things on the menu. The major problem, however, is that these people like food! They are all mostly overweight and they eat a lot of bad foods (pizza, fast food, etc).
  • Quote: Ahealthierme: have you tried changing up your exercise routine, maybe add somthing more vigerous...something that is going to get you sweating and your heart rate up for at least 20 minutes...How much are you working out?
    Im only working out 30 minutes a day and taking weekends off. I know I should probably rev that up but it seems like there arent enough hours in the day!! Still Im not losing so I think you're right and I just need to suck it up! lol
  • Happy friday girls, have a great holiday weekend. See you guys on Tuesday!