Weekly Chat 6/20-6/26

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  • OMG do I fall in with the rest of you! I never, ever realized how BIG I was! I knew that I wasn't tiny, but I still saw that like 180 lb. body that I had in like 7th grade or so (and which I pretty much have now, too). It wasn't until way later that I realized what I looked like. At the time, I didn't even know that I wasn't eating like a normal person would or that exercise was something that I needed to do. No clue! I think that that is pretty awful - you would think they would teach a little personal health and nutrition in health classes in high school, I think that really would have raised my awareness. Maybe they do now, I hope so anyway. I learned everything I know now from 3FC and the internet and books I found on the internet!

    Paperclippy - I need a haircut too, but I'm in a new place and have to find a salon first. No one I've talked to has very good recommendations from anywhere near here.

    My weekend plans are to get out and about, maybe do some hiking, some shopping in Spokane (maybe a haircut there too!).
  • All this haircut talk.. if I had any money at all right now I would break down and get one. I had really short hair for 2 years and I'm in the process of growing it out. Unfortunately it is in that weird inbetween stage and I'm starting to miss my short hair.

    I figure that by the time I'm at my goal weight, I'll have that long flowing Victoria's Secret Model hair to go with my sexy new body!
  • paperclippy - you are right - dr crane was teriffically spooky and hot
    bewitched looks like fun - and even with all the engagement booha and scientology whatever I am looking forward to war of the worlds. But more specifically willy wonka - and as much as I love johny depp and burton I don't know if it can top the original.

    other that that - getting bored and depressed - its depressing to think how much time I have to wait to before all the work of weight loss pays off - but more depressing to think how long I've let this be my life - as you all have been discussing how you didn't think you were large before - and "carried it in all the right places" - I believe I have fallen into such pits. You ever just look at the skinny people and wonder why? how? etc! alas I am degressing. Soon I will go for my run and feel uplifted? and then eat a nice healthy dinner. and then wake up to do it all over again. not yet skinny. anyhow, I think im having a bad day! I will be more optimistic. hopefully soon I will weigh myself (As I don't own a scale) and see that all this has been paying off. I feel a bit lighter - but who knows.

    ok im depressed today - i think its time I called some people up!
  • oh i just yelled at tmobile people and got what I rightly deserve. (hopefully) I feel much better. maybe I should have been a litegator - haha.