Weekly Exercise Log 6/20 - 6/26

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  • I'm so happy 5 days strait of healthy activities-

    Cardio Machines for 2 hours
    Lower and upper body strength training
    13 flights of stairs!

    Happy Friday all!
  • yay april!

    friday - 5 mile run, knee strenghts - and it was a bit faster than my 6 miles per mile score

    hrm, what should I do tomorrow, a bit bored of the ole running, as i think is my knee.
  • Friday:
    35 min. uphill walk
  • 75min Elliptical @10 incline & 7 resist.
  • Thanks Bida!
    Took my boyfriend to the pool(he needs to learn how to swim before our vacation), swam 15 laps
    Cardio machines(elliptical, arc trainer bike and tredmill) for a total of 60 minutes
    Circuit training for a half hour.
  • Saturday:
    2.5 hour bike ride - went on a great trail that runs between Pullman, WA (where I live) and Moscow, ID (where I go to school). The trail itself is about 8 miles and we had to go another 2 or so miles to get to it, and we went there and back, and it is super hilly. What an accomplishment!
  • Sunday - slow jog outside, a bit under 4 miles maybe. It was HOT!
  • sat - 4 miles, sprint serires (basically one mile of sprinting spread over 2 miles)
    ran up and down bleacher stairs 8 times, calve raises and leg steps.

    now really what to do today, as I am bored of running.
  • Sunday - 1 mile walk/20 minutes.
  • 72min Elliptical @11 incline & 7 & 8 resist - making up for this week , been sick =)

    Clean house =)

    Have all this engry,wish husband was home

    Woot!! Way to go everyone!!
  • Sunday-50 minutes bike
  • Great job last week girls! Let/'s keep it up another week!
  • 60min Elliptical @10 incline & 8 resist
  • 68min Elliptical @10 incline & 7 resist - need to get some weights this weekend