Weekly Exercise Log 6/20 - 6/26

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  • Monday - 2 hour walk home from work
    Tuesday - 30 min walk during lunch, 1 hour walk after work and 30 minute walk in evening
    Wedesday - 25 minutes treadmill (20% incline, 3.5), 15 minutes stationary bike at level 8 difficulty (not really sure what that means, but there was resistence when pedalling)
  • Monday:
    30 min. uphill walk (everywhere I go now is uphill!)
    45 min. elliptical
    45 min. bike

    25 min. uphill walk

    30 min. uphill walk
    5 min. warm-up walk
    5 min. sprint run
    5 min. cool-down walk
    35 min. weights
    35 min. bike

    45 min. uphill walk
    45 min. tennis
  • Thursday:
    1 hour circuit training class
    walked home from gym, 1 mile
  • wednesday
    intervals run on treadmill 3 miles, walk .5 miles
    abs exercises 30 min
    run 2 miles outside
    walk 2 miles

    run 2 miles (6.5-7.2mph) walk 1 mile
    upper body weights 30 min
  • Blah! I slacked hardcore today (Thursday) - I did 8 minutes on the treadmill at 3.5 mph.
  • Thursday-

    AM- jogged up 10 flights of stairs
    PM- 40 minutes [email protected]% [email protected]
    40 minutes arc trainer
    20 minuteson the elliptical
    6 sets of 15 squats, lunges down and back the length of the floor 6x
    Upper body strength training
    100 crunches(go abs!)

    Its weird working out is like a drug to me!
  • Thursday: 32min arc trainer
    1 lap jogging, 1 lap walking around track
    Lower body strength training
  • Wednesday-nothing because I'm a big klutzy loser and fell over my curb getting my newspaper and really tore my hand up. I can just now bend it enough to type or do anything really. Duh!

    Thursday-1 hour exercise bike
  • Friday:
    timed mile run, personal record of 11:04!
    10 mins stairmaster, half level 2, half level 3
    abs on incline:
    10 regular
    10 each side
    10 reverse

    I am obsessed with doing my crunches on an incline. You wouldn't BELIEVE the difference it has made. The other day I went back to the floor to do some reverse crunches during my circuit training class, and it was a breeze! Even though a little while ago I was struggling. Seriously, 10 crunches on the incline is worth 50 on the floor.
  • Thrusday Update - Well, after I posted last night, I wound up doing some pushups and some bicep curls. Not a lot, but better than nothing!
  • friday
    run 2 miles walk 1 mile (with hill intervals)
    30 min lower body weights
    15 min abs
  • Wed: ab class 15 min, chest machines & weights 45 min

    Thurs: back and upper arms 45 min, 1 mile jogged on treadmill
  • Thursday~took the doggy for about a half hour walk

    Friday~mile waking video
  • thursday - circuit training with trainer
    hiking (kinda light) but then I saw a hill up the park - i saw footprints - i said - this looks like fun. i get about half way up - no mind you this is a very steep hill - i look up - hrm - i look down - no way! so I go up - its been dry lately - I realize this is really a run off for water - but I keep going, I end up making it to the top, hands and feet dug into dry crumbling dirt, fully dusty and smiling - hoping that no one was watching my fast *** falling down then gripping and climbing up the hill!

  • Friday - Today I swam for about 10 minutes (it's a lot for me seeing as how I have a severe water phobia) and walked 2 miles in about 45 minutes.