Weekly Exercise Log 6/20 - 6/26

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  • Ok Tuesday-
    20minutes on the elliptical
    20 minutes on the arc trainer
    15 minutes on the [email protected] 10% @3.4
    lunges, abs, and squats
  • Tuesday:
    1-hour circuit training class
    extra ab and lower back work (incline for the abs)
    walked home from gym, 1 mile

    They suggest we do jumping jacks during circuit training, but it kills my knees! Anyone else have this problem with jumping jacks?
  • Tuesday - Walked for 30 minutes (probably about a mile & a half).

    I am thinking about starting to lift my fiance's 5lb weights as well. I noticed a slight bulge in my bicep that has never been there before and now I am excited to tone it even more! I think I got this much from lifting my 5 year old daughter.
  • Tuesday: 34min arc trainer, 30min elliptical
  • Today I did it
    fast walking for one whole hour
  • Tuesday-50 minutes bike

    I need to change it up a bit and get back to the treadmill for some but I REALLY want to finish this book and I only allow myself to read it on the exercise bike. I should be done tomorrow so I can go back to my normal routine.
  • monday - hour with trainer - not hard enough in my opinion - but good for my abs

    tuesday - 6 slow miles - took me about 12/min mile but hey - at least I did it. then some knee strengthing things

    feeling guilty for the last week.
  • Bida, 12 min/mile is fast for me! My PR for 1 mile is 11:27!

    ran 5K, 39:36 (fastest yet!)
    LOTS of stretching
    will be walking home, 1.5 miles
  • Mon:

    15 min ab class
    1 hr kickboxing class


    1:30 weight circuti arms & legs, 2 sets 15 reps
  • aww thanks paperclippy - how long is 5k anyway? like 3.125? cool beans!

    today I went for a hike - boy was it hot - i think the first part was good for me - all uphill, then downhill...maybe 1.5-2 hours? wanna do some strengthy thing tonight, will see.
  • Wednesday: I walked (slowly as I was with my puggie and daughter) 2 miles. It took an hour to do.
  • Wednesday

    -Elliptical for 30 minutes
    -tredmill for 30 [email protected]@10 incline
    - bike for 10 3 minutes intervals between lunges and squats.
    -30 minutes of tae-bo before bed
  • Wednesday AM: 32min elliptical
    Wednesday PM: 13min jog (4.5-5) + 2min walk + upper body strength training
  • Tuesday~I did the mile and a half walk workout

    Wednesday~ nothing but painted mine and my doggy's nails
  • Doing good girls! Let's keep it up!