Hi 20's people!

  • Hello 20 somethings!
    I think I posted here when I first found 3FC, just wanted to say Hi...you have some interesting looking posts here...(faking it?)
    Iam looking for buddies to encourage/be encouraged by on my 'get healthy' journey..currently Im on BFL and at about day 25 on it....lost about 4 lbs and toned up a bit so far!
    Im a 28 yr old SAHM of a busy 2 year old boy...I have struggled with my weight since just before getting prego with him, and had gotten heavier after having him than i was gaining 30 lbs during pregnancy ....but things are going to change now!!
    170 here i come!
  • Welcome
  • Welcome to the board! I'm 28 also and I have a 4 and 5 year old so I know how it is with a little one around. It gets easier as they get older though.

    Good luck! Great job on your weight loss so far!
  • WELCOME!! I have a 9 month old CRAWLING [email protected]! I wish I was a SAHM! Im jealous!
  • HI there

    I have a 4 year old, an almost 2 year old, and an 8.5 month old...VERY hard but possible to lose weight...and if you do not have time to workout, use them to get it done, take them for walks, runs, dance with them, exercise around them, sometimes you dont evenm realize you had a workout until you wake up and your muscles are sore...lol...

  • Hi,
    welcome, I have a 4 year old son too. He is so active it keeps me going. He is at soccer camp this week and comes home and want to play more soccer! ahh I wish I had that energy.
    We could start a 20 somthing mom's post
  • Hi there! I'm a 23 year old SAHM to an almost 10 month old crawling machine. Deffinatley use your kid to help you get a workout in if you can't find time! Find a big grassy area and play tag.

    Good luck on your weightloss journey!