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Default do fruits and veggies fill you up?

i have a quick question for everyone....i have noticed that when i eat a lot of fruits and veggies at a meal i feel VERY full and just yucky after...whereas if i just eat protein and a tiny serving of veggies i feel better. i feel as though i have read EVERYWHERE that you should eat lots of fruits and veggies when dieting. maybe i am subconsciously (spelling?) going atkins, but today i had a small piece of veggie pizza and half of a turkey burger (no bun) for lunch and i felt great! i had two slices of cantaloupe and some cottage cheese for dessert and later some frozen yogurt as a snack. this made me feel waaaay better than my usual lunch of a big salad with kidney and garbanzo beans. anyway sorry to put such a long post, just wondering if anyone had some advice about keeping high fruit and veggie counts without feeling so full! thanks!!!!
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Fruits and veggies are good for you but one of the main reasons to eat fruits and veggies while dieting is so you can be full. The purpose of eating a lot of veggies is to fill you up because you are lowering your calorie intake. If you feel too full from them, then lay off a bit. You don't NEED to eat a TON (2-3 servings of each a day is plenty). You can just as easily get your fruit in with a glass of juice, the only reason we're told to eat an apple instead of drinking juice is so we aren't hungry. So if they make you TOO Full then there's no reason to force yourself.

I hope this makes sense. You should eat whatever feels best to you.

Good luck!
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I agree with Amber, if it makes you feel bad just eat small servings, don't skip them but don't blow it out with a huge bowl of lettuce. Today I got a salad at wendy and it was just lettuce. I ussually make salads at home and do all kinds of stuff, peppers, apples, spinach, what ever is crunchy and good and I feel fine. Well this gross wendy's mediterainian salad was bassically lettuce, feta cheese, and a little chicken and I feel so gross. I keep burping and I feel bloated and I'm sure once that passes, I will feel so hungry because there wasn't much substance to it.
So it might not be veggies in general but the type.
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