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Default Im bacckkk!!!

I really don't want to be back, but darn!! I'm back.

So It's been quite a while since you've heard from me, but I was doing soo well! I managed to hit 269lb in April last year and it was the lowest I've ever been. That's 19 Stone 2 or 122.2kg. Coming down from 323lbs/23.2stone/146.8kg has been bloody tough and I'm sure many of you know the struggle. But during that time I was finishing up my studies and graduating from University . I wasn't able to secure a job after graduating so I had to move out the city and back home to my seaside west coast Scottish town of 56 thousand people. Now that might sound like a lot, but when the population is mostly in the same position as you, its difficult to even grab a job at Macdonalds . Lucky for me and my weight, there wasn't any.

So because I was home and being a full time carer for my elderly dog, I was able to really concentrate on getting my weight down. I would go walks and really plan out my food to the gram and calorie . I was able to then lose 4 stone (56lbs). What I wasn't prepared for, was all the social events I had last year. First up was another drumming trip to Germany in the May, I did not too bad, just a couple of lbs on, but I could of easily of worked that back off. Then 2 weeks later my sister christened 2 of her kids. Lots of cake and socialising . Then I went to my friends Hen party (bachelorette party) and put on a little at that. I was then adamant that I was going to get it off for my friends wedding in June, but no.... I stayed the same. I then had another week long drumming gig in Northern Spain in July where I went a little all out .

Once I was back I found out I was offered a job with Scotland's biggest Travel Agency and I was so excited that after a year I was going to be finally working. So I decided to get my butt whipped back into shape and paid for 10 weeks of a private PT. 5 weeks in after following her meal plan to the gram and to the protein... I still hadn't lost a lbs :cry. I had been working so hard, no cheating no secret snacks, no weight movement . I told her that I felt that I was eating to many calories and she told me that she was the professional and I was to stick to it. At this point I was 280lbs - just 11 lbs up from my lowest. That weekend (1st weekend in October) I attended another friends Hen Party, luckily it was at a high ropes course, so I actually lost 2 lbs instead of put them on. But I caught a cold, which turned into a 5 month battle with Sinusitis. Which I am sure you can imagine isn't great for a PT session. I was also then posted from Training to my local branch which is a 12 minute walk from my house. I was not prepared for the feeders that worked there. I didn't know how to prepare myself for constantly having food, snacks and being told to eat something because I look fine . So I went from 280 - 295 by January. Then 295 - 310 by April. The feeders then left the branch, I have been battling to get this back off since April. I am currently 313 which has been up and down by 4lbs for the last 7 months.

Last week I decided to go to the doctor about it, I have never been to the doctor about anything weight related in my life. I went to ask to be assessed or referred for gastric surgery. He had never been asked before, so he had to go and find out to refer someone and who to. So currently I have only just asked about it. It will be a long process if I even get selected. But until then, I want to get back under 300lbs. I am back here because I found that the support I got here really did help my day to day life.

I know its a looooong story, but those who care will read it. But the short story basically is... I'm Back!

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Hi Scotsgal! I'm glad to see you back. I hope you get approved for your surgery, and I'm glad to see you are going to continue to work toward a lower number while you're waiting. It's true that there are fewer people here now, but there are still some great groups who will welcome you and give you support.
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Sorry that it's been such a struggle, but I hope you do get selected for the surgery and that it goes well! And I hope that the weight loss efforts while waiting are a success, too.
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Default :)

Aww thank you, so where is a busy group nowadays? I tried looking for other weight loss groups and their forums are just as dead. Do people not forum anymore? Am I missing a modern trick?

The surgery (if I even get it) will be so difficult to get. Our local nhs area for some reason has a stricter criteria than the main nhs service. Usually you need to have a bmi of over 40, have weight related health problems. Or a bmi of 50 and above without the problems. I am currently 50 on the dot, but my asthma came back after putting my weight back on, and I am now approaching the age where my mum and Gran developed high blood pressure. But my local nhs, seem to only really consider you if you have diabetes. So I need to prove to them that Iím a good candidate, itís soo expensive here to get it on private healthcare. Up to £11000 which in todayís rate is nearly $14000.

But I canít just wait and hope Iíll get it. I need to stop on the junk now.

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Welcome back! I'm currently running a Christmas challenge if you want to join in
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