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Default Anyone else out of breath from stairs?!

Anyone else feel fatigued after going up a flight of stairs??

I feel pretty ashamed to say this, but I didn't know of a better community to voice this to! If this happens to be you also, tired after going up a flight of stairs, don't feel ashamed to come out post here!

Perhaps the more we can relate to each other, the closer and stronger the community will be.

These 'heavy breathing' episodes began about 2 weeks ago, or at least thats when I began to realize this phenomena actually happen. For all I know, I could have been catching my breath months ago, but my husband happen to tease me a bit (in a loving way) after we had got back from dinner that Saturday night.

It dawned on me more and more after my husband pointed it out, and I began to get more conscious of this occurring each day.

Honestly, it made me think long-term. I cried. I knew I had to change things otherwise my health and my loved ones would have to either a) sacrifice their time to take care of me and b) probably have to see me suffer. None of these options work for me!

Thank you all for your encouragement.

So what's the verdict?

I can say that 99% of us are most likely out here to fulfill an endeavor, to lose the weight and 'feel great'.

After all these months of studying and lurking on the forums, I'm finally going to take action. Please take action with me, otherwise all of this knowledge will be pretty much useless.

I'm talking about knowledge on 'tips and tricks', weight loss, diet and so forth.

It can be overwhelming at first, but I suppose we have to find what works best for our lifestyles and preferences.

After these heavy breathing episodes, I planned to take this intermittent fasting approach. I'll see how it goes and keep you all updated.

Any one else trying this intermittent fasting with another dieting approach?

Dr. Miller describes her approach by suppressing the appetite and choosing healthier snacks:

Counting calories has been the only sure-fire way for me to actually start losing weight, gradually. explains how you can actually gauge your daily caloric intake.

Counting calories and fasting has worked so well for me. My only struggle is in the morning when I 'restrict' myself from food because of intermittent fasting. i found this to be helpful in my approach:

I can put off eating, fuel my body with some proper herbs and micronutrients and detox the years of neglect.

Please post here what your methods are toward reaching your goal!
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Me! I have the same issue! It is one of my main kickstarters!
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