Back At It -Looking for a Buddy or two.

  • Greetings and salutations Like-minded 20-somethings!

    I have hit a plateau of unhappiness which when coupled with a sedentary job has made for an increase in weight over the past year and a half. I am 26 years old and I currently weigh the most I have in my entire life. I am looking for an Accountability/Support Partner/s to check-in with and mutually push toward each of our individual goals. I am currently at a place in life where I cannot get this in my real-world life. My day goes work-sleep-eat-repeat.

    Anybody out there?
  • I'm 29 and was pretty much in the same exact position. It had even been about a year and a half and I was weighing the most I had ever weighed. I still have a long way to go and would love and accountability buddy!
  • Hey Im brand new to this site. I have been struggling with weight issues my whole life and have went these past 3 years from 190 lb to 230 lb (current). I'm 5 11 so decently tall but I am so sick of this weight and I need to lose it now once and for all. I always seem to be able to diet and lose weight for a good 2-3 months and then I'm like 'yay i lost some weight, i can relax a little now" and then again it all back. I need a weight-loss support person in my life, someone who can keep me in check and someone I can keep in check as well. <3 Let me know what you think

    xx Amore
  • I mean, I'm in as I'm the same way! Last time I was on here the forum was much more active. It'll help knowing there are one or two people to consistently check in with here! I'm 5'1", started at 173.5, am currently 159.2 and want to get somewhere between 115 and 120... whenever my body feels good! So, I have quite a journey!
  • Anyone interested in texting, email, or snapchatting support? I've never had an accountability buddy before but I love chatting and discussing and would try to help as well as be helped!

    I'm 27, working full time in Atlanta in the airline biz, rotating shifts (days/evening/midnights changing every 3 weeks...) for the last 3 years, I've been permanently exhausted and have a hard time keeping any effort going more than a few hours. I put on 30 pounds instead of taking off the 70+ I really needed to lose before that. Been overweight since middle school, grew up with unhealthy habits from parents, and have been in quite a depression for the last 8 years since my mom passed from skin cancer. But I've made a lot of strides on that front this last year and finally feel like change is possible.

    I'm 5'7", currently 265 and need to be around 150 (I'll be happy with losing anything right now). I just got a new job though (yay!) and starting in a few weeks, and it'll be normal person hours so I'm really excited to get some routine in my life. I'm also planning on joining the Phit-N-Phat Tribe on March 8th when it opens again, I've been listening to her Podcasts and she's REALLY good, very inspiring, highly recommend, so I'm planning on getting extra accountability as well as teachings from that.


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