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Default Favourite Breakfast!

Breakfast is my favourite meal! I could eat breakfast food for every meal. I usually go on kicks where I find something I really like and then I crave the same breakfast for a few weeks.

Right now, I'm super stoked about my low cal version of an old fave: eggs and buttered toast.

In a non stick pan with pam, I put 1/4c of egg whites. Then I crack an egg in the middle. Salt, pepper, let it sizzle then flip it for a quick moment. I have that with a slice of Weight Watchers whole wheat bread (it only has 50 calories!) and 1/4 teaspoon of butter- it is not nearly enough to cover the toast, but I know that it is there and it leaves a little flavor. I end up with ooey gooey runny egg yolk and buttered toast for only 163 calories! Heaven!

What are your favourite healthy breakfasts?
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I love breakfast too! I'm with you on eggs. I typically will eat 1-2 eggs (sunny side up...runny yolk) on zucchini or sweet potato topped with salsa and/or guacamole; sometimes mixing in last night's dinner (chicken or leftover carnitas...YUM!) Delicious!
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Breakfast is my faaaaav. But my favorite breakfast food is too much right now. Bacon, egg, and cheese breakfast sandwich. Preferably on a bagel.

But, since that's really fattening and a calorie bomb, just plain ole bacon and eggs. I do like sunny side up with toast too.

But seriously, breakfast is the best.
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Breakfast is the most important part when trying to lose weight. I've discussed with a lot of doctors about this and they all told me this. My favorite breakfast is fruits, milk and some eggs. But unfortunately, most of the time I don't have the foods I need for my weight loss program
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I usually make an egg with a half slice of cheese and put it on half of an Arnold's sandwich thin bun! It tastes great and it's fueling for the day!!!
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My favorite recipe of all times (I could eat this thing everyday):
It's one of the recipes that really makes me feel satisfied up until lunch. c:
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for a while i was doing a breakfast sandwhich involving a 100 calories english muffin, an egg, and a wedge of 25-35 calorie cheese (laughing cow or heb). i'd add some meat or jelly if i felt like splurging, haha. but i've moved and lost my precious low cal cheese wedges!! now i'm doing a 100 calorie english muffin with a thin layer of jelly and a 100 calorie greek yogurt. meh.
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Hey all! So I've been trying to stay away from the carbs and recently discovered something called cream cheese pancakes and these have been my favorite breakfast (and sometimes lunch and dinner) for the past few weeks! 2 oz. cream cheese + 2 eggs in a blender... i add a bit of cinnamon, a packet of splenda & that's your quick and simple batter right there. I even add cinnamon sometimes. They definitely come out more crepe-like rather than pancake-ish but its been about 6 weeks without any bread or flour product so I'LL TAKE IT! =)
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i did the ole banana and two egg pancake before and it wasn't too bad (for those who are still carb friendly). and regular crepes i did for a while too. i'd premake a bunch of batter that would last a few days, but i got tired of making everyone crepes every morning, haha.
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Granola and vanilla yoghurt is currently my new fave
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2 Medium hard boiled eggs sliced onto 2 thin wholemeal bread slices and a small slither of heinz tomato ketchup is the best!!
2 Medium eggs scrambled with some salt and Italian herbs mixed in, and one slice of buttered wholemeal toast.
2 Poached eggs on wholemeal toast.

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