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Riestrella 03-14-2016 01:38 PM

Rie's Pre-Summer Challenge Chat Thread (anyone welcome!)
The New Year, New You Challenge has come to an end, and I'm taking a 1 month break from running a challenge. I've been running challenges continuously since September 2015 so it'll be great to sit back and relax for a while!

However, I want to hear all about what you're doing over the next month, which is why I've set up this chat thread. I don't want to lose touch with some of the friends I've been talking to about life and weight loss woes for so long, so please come on in, take a seat and let's just simply chat!

Anyone is welcome to talk here, whether you joined a challenge before or not :).

nonameslob 03-14-2016 04:05 PM

Rie- You most certainly deserve that break! Running the challenges must be hard work! I love the idea of keeping a chat thread going.

Funny how our first challenge of the year just ended, but I'm only NOW feeling ready to start losing weight again. The first few months of the year were really rough. Now, the days are longer, my new bike is complete (and SO fun to ride!), the weather is improving (aside from this awful wind), and my motivation is BACK. So, time for me to set some personal goals.

Fitness goal: Run a 5K race this Spring. I haven't picked one yet, but I'm trying to find one that supports one of my clients at work (I work with various nonprofits). I am aiming for May. I'd REALLY love to get myself under a 30 minute 5K! Secondary fitness goal is to run a 10K race this summer. I need to start breaking these goals down into a training plan, but I'll just start with this for now.

Nutrition goal: MEAL PLAN. I've gotten out of the habit and I do so much better when I plan meals and go grocery shopping at least once a week. I'm also getting Blue Apron once a month now to help with that.

I'm continuing to take a break from setting weight loss goals, but I'm sure my other goals will help me make progress!

Riestrella 03-14-2016 05:49 PM

Great idea, NNS!

Fitness Goal: Train for the 10K I've entered, ideally working out 6 times a week (but one of those days is yoga which isn't a big strain!)

Nutrition Goal: Eat smaller portions throughout the day vs. one huge meal at lunch and dinner. Focus on getting more veggies in my life!

I want to take a break from thinking about my weight and the number and focusing more on just living healthier. I've been contemplating a scale break for a while, then I would weigh in for the next challenge - I think I might just do it! I think by the time the next challenge is in swing I'll be ready to weigh and record my weights.

rainbowstripe 03-14-2016 09:10 PM

Rie Thanks so much for running the challenges, and for starting up this thread! Even though I don't post all that often, I read pretty much every post and think that even being involved, as a bystander, is helpful in my accountability. You definitely deserve a break from the actual challenge running part of things :)

NNS Those are some great goals, particularly the meal planning one! I'm normally so good with dinners and breakfasts during the week, but have a bit of a lapse in planning lunches and weekend meals. I think I need to do a little more work on this for sure.

~The past challenge was a continuing eye opener for me that I'm just not great a sticking with it at the moment, so I need to make some sort of change. I have actually been doing fairly OK for the past couple of weeks, and I think that's more down to fitting in exercise again. Nothing major, just a half hour a few days a week - but I think that is a really good start. Seeing my results from the past few challenges has been a bit of a downer, but I know I have no one else to blame for this! I even took a look at my social media feeds, and the trend is evident...too many treats!! I'm addicted to sweets and things that should be super-occasional, not weekly or sometimes daily parts of my meal intake.

This week is a little crazy for me - working 6.5 days, with Fri/Sat/Sun being days I'll have to leave home before 6AM, and those days the breakfast and lunch are out of my control, but I'm going to try to make good choices as often as possible.

My BF and I are also celebrating 8 years together this week, so we will probably have some sort of celebratory meal for that.

Zucena 03-15-2016 02:00 AM

Glad we have this chat thread even without the challenge! My life has finally settled down some so I'm hoping I'll have some more time to post here. I worked out really hard and was eating well the first week of March but the second week of March was a total disaster where I ate one delectable meal at a nice restaurant and then started emotional eating most of the next week because work was stressing me out and I was feeling really lonely. But after a day off and some time to reflect (plus an inspiring concert), I'm feeling a LOT better about weight loss. I realized I can't be a perfect robot and I just need to make eating healthy and exercising as fun as it can be for me and do my best and the weight will fall off even if it's not as fast as I hope for. It also helped that I finally replaced my scale which broke (the THIRD scale that's broken on me in a month gahhh) so that gives me a bit more motivation. There's still almost 3 weeks left in March and I'm ready to lose 3-5 pounds and get back into those 130s!

Fitness Goal: Regularly exercise and HAVE fun doing it! Even if it's 15-30 minutes, I want to make sure I get my heart pounding 5-6 days a week. I'm doing super great with walking because I walk 1-1.5 hours a day but I want the runner's high too and to get better in shape. I've realized I love to run and dance (sometimes at the same time!) and I've been trying to incorporate dancing into my workouts and that's helping a lot in the last few days. I also need to do more parkour as I haven't had much time to do it lately and I miss it and need to get in more strength training.

Nutrition Goal: More veggies, less emotional eating/treats and stick to 1200-1400 calories. I've figured out some good meals to eat that I love so I want to try to stick with that as much as possible. So for example, I love oatmeal with chia seeds in the morning with a side salad of lettuce and refried beans, I'll eat almond butter and fruit for a snack at work, ~350cal lunches at work and then veggies in a salad/soup with a side of ground lean turkey, brown rice noodles and marinara sauce/Parmesan cheese. I found the perfect dressing at Target for my salads: they sell Panera dressings which I LOVE so that's helping a lot with eating more veggies. I've already resisted a couple of cravings the last few days so that helps up my confidence a bit.

nonameslob Yes, I get this! I feel like right now I'm in a much better position to lose weight than in the beginning of the year. Good luck with the 5K!

Rie I completely get taking a scale break. I used to regularly weigh in daily with weight because it mostly didn't affect my emotions and I was afraid to miss a low number but it finally started to impact badly my days so now I just weigh myself whenever I feel I can handle it and it's a lot less stressful. It can be nice to just focus on taking the right actions and not worrying about the numbers. Good luck with your goals!

rainbowstripe Yeah, I've struggled with the last challenges too and I definitely have trouble with sticking with it more than 1-2 weeks. Treats are sooo hard to resist! But I think continuing to try and learning from mistakes is also important to the weight loss journey. I've done the 6 day working the last few weeks and it suuucks but the money is nice at least. Good luck with it and making good choices!

Penny105 03-15-2016 10:15 AM

So, I've been gone for a few days because my cable AND internet both went out. I had two separate appointments to get them fixed and the tech people didn't show for either of them (makes me very cranky). I finally got someone to come look at it, but it's going to be spotty to get service until they replace the equipment. Fun times. I'm contemplating not getting any sort of TV anymore. I just don't use it (not that I don't watch TV - I do, just online).

I also had a response for the end of the New Year's challenge, but I guess it never went through. I don't like losing posts, but it happens. :/

NNS: Those are great goals for this spring and summer! I find that the weather is tied to my motivation for fitness goals, too. That's great that you're looking for a 5K that supports your clients!

Thanks for running the challenges, Rie, and thanks for starting the chat thread! And to answer your question before, my goal next challenge is to (hopefully) reach my lowest adult weight, which is slightly in the normal range for weight. I've dreamt about reaching (and passing) it. It's an important goal for me. :)
And I say if you need a scale break, take one and use the energy to focus on other health aspects.
How's your 10K training going? Sounds like you have a great workout plan in place!
Also, LOVE the challenge badges!

Rainbowstripe: Good luck with your week! I hate those weeks where I have to leave before 5:30, so I hear you on that. And congratulations on your anniversary with your boyfriend!

Zucena: Those are some good goals! My sister did parkour, and she got pretty ripped even though she's so skinny. She loved it.
And I don't know what it is, but I've had trouble with scales dying on me too! One died, and my current one is three-legged (though I think it's still weighing me OK...hopefully). I'm glad you got a new one. :)

Riestrella 03-15-2016 11:57 AM

Hey guys!

It's great to see familiar faces around here :). Whenever I open a thread, whether it's a chat thread like this or a challenge thread, there's that small part of my brain that says "no one is going to reply". So it's always a delight to see when people start contributing!
This might sound so strange, but despite failing at life some days and hoping to start anew the next, I've just had this feeling recently of how amazing it is that we CAN start fresh if we need to. Sometimes it feels like if I have a bad streak then I'm doomed to live that way eternally, so I got this wave of happiness when I realised that it wasn't true! So even if it takes me a day, a week, a month or a year to get on track I know that I will someday figure this healthy living thing out and that's an exciting thought!

Now to start ranting about something that's annoying me, haha. I entered a 10K and now all that my BF and his Dad do is ask me "are you running today?" I know it's just a conversation starter, but there's that little monster that lives in my head that translates this simple question to "are you running today because you need to, because you're fat and need the exercise." It's crazy! When I hear that question I feel that small stab of anger in my chest before I have to breathe in and out and say "I'm not sure, maybe." I'm someone who very much needs to be left alone to weight loss and healthy eating (bar the forum of course), I can't have "real life" people asking me things and butting in with their thoughts on my lifestyle.

The crazy thing is, is that when you guys ask me how's it going I don't get annoyed at all! So in a nutshell - 10K training has been on hold for the last 2 days. Sunday I was in a really funny mood, I felt like I was getting sick but it was probably my mind tricking me to be lazy. Yesterday it was holy crap windy out, and nothing ruins my exercise outdoors than gusty wind. Which leaves today - I'm going to see a movie at 11:45am, so I have to start getting ready soon, so instead of a run I might tackle an Insanity later. I entered the 10K for this very reason, to stop these big gaping holes in my workout routine. I calculated that the 10K was in fact in 8 weeks time THIS week and not last, so last week I was super productive until I realised that I was a week early and now my brain is saying "it's ok, you can be lazy for another week!" NO, BRAIN. THAT ISN'T THE POINT.


rainbow - You're welcome, I'm glad to hear that the challenges help you! I completely agree that just working out for 30 mins, 3 times a week is the best place to start. It's how I began when I was an exercise newbie and it really helped to ease into it gradually. I'm with you on the challenge results, I remember feeling SO pumped before the Christmas challenge and I'm still at 164 lbs 4 months on. I need to change too! I'm similar, I have too many treats too many times a week. I think I'm going to start using the 90/10 rule where I'm healthy 90% of the time and then give myself a limit per week on what I can treat myself with. Maybe 1 soda a week and 1 dessert a week and then 1 cheat meal where I can choose to use all my allowance in one go. Congrats on 8 years together!

Zucena - I agree, healthy living shouldn't be something we have to force into our lives but it has to be something we enjoy. It might sound strange, but I really want to get a bento box and start planning healthy lunches to fit in it! Even things like using a useless kitchen accessory gets me in the mood to cook healthy. What was the concert you went to? I love to dance too! I go to a dance class once a week, run twice a week and then do a barre class for strength. Parkour is intense, my BF used to do it, looks so hard! Your nutrition goals sound very similar to mine, I need to find a good dressing too - something that's healthy. How are the Panera dressing in terms of nutrition?

Penny - I feel like not having the internet is the equivalent to not having a car - you can get around it but it's really annoying and almost an essential to our lives at this point. We're all of a generation that lived without it, but I think it's time to accept that the internet is an essential tool in our lives now! I'm the same as you, I don't want a cable subscription when we move, I watch my TV on Netflix or I just download it...
I can completely relate to that goal! When I hit the 140's I think I teared up when I stepped on the scale. I was so freaking happy. I'm sure you'll experience a similar reaction! I might go and break down and cry when I hit 130 lbs. I'm glad you like the badges! Looks great in your signature :)

katiam247 03-16-2016 08:04 AM

Just wanted to stop by and wave hello to everyone! :wave:

Thanks, Rie, for the challenges! They sure do keep me accountable! Love my new badge, too! Good luck on meeting your goals for spring!

rainbow - I am like you, too. Even though I don't post a lot, I still read and keep up with the board. You can get really motivated by reading how others are doing and get some great ideas.

Penny - hope you get your internet straight, soon! You are right about cable TV. There is REALLY nothing on! But, DH can re-watch the same movies over and over - anything with Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson, Bruce Willis is always on.

Zucena - good job resisting those cravings! Planning really helps to stay on course, for sure! I find dipping veggies in a nice low cal dressing helps in trying to get more into my diet, too!

NNS - hope you meet your non-scale goals. I am sure that meeting them will show up on the scale, too!

Right now, I am going to focus on strengthening my thighs. I saw my rheumatologist this week and he said I need to exercise them to help the arthritis in my knees. I am going to try to do leg lifts 3 times a week and try to walk outdoors in my neighborhood when I can. This is a very good time of year to start walking. I, also, had let myself eat way more than I should have. Mostly stuff on my plan, but too big of a portion. Going to cut back on that and will go back to Phase 1 of South Beach Diet to help me get out of the 160's. Been here since the first of January and I REALLY want to see a 5 in that second number!

xopeaceandlovexo 03-16-2016 09:41 AM

Good morning ladies!!
Rie I am glad you are getting a break and I am eager to join the summer challenge you do!! Summer is the time when I fall completely off the wagon, so joining a challenge will be my way of hanging on for dear life with one hand and while holding a beer in the other ;)

I was here for a while in at the beginning of 2014 and I remember you Rie and NNS. A lot has happened in my life since then and is about to happen. I'd like to give you the cliff notes version of it so please read on if you'd like to know because I'd like to vent a little :hug:

In march of 2014 My boyfriend and I moved in with his grandfather because he had dementia and my BF was to inherit the house. While we were living there his grandfather was quite mean to us and we never really could pinpoint why, but we chalked it up to his illness and dealt with it. So fast forward to about a year later we find out "papa" has cancer. I cut my hours at work to help take better care of him. His niece also helps out when I have to work and this is when we discover whats been going on. BFs great aunt had told papa that we got kicked out of our house that is why we moved in with him. She also had the will changed in her favor a month before he passed when he couldn't even hold his own head up. The great aunt is the one who asked us to move in there and she pretended to be on our side when she was filling papas head with lies every chance she got. The manipulation went YEARS back, I won't go into the details but it is disgusting. so anyway I got some legal advice from a lawyer I know and we hired a lawyer to fight the new will. Fast forward to now we are going to have to settle with the great aunt and girlfriend who are going to get the same amount of $$ both grandchildren are getting. Its not about the money its about what papa would have wanted. The only reason I can be ok with this is because I know in my heart that my intentions were pure in caring for this man when he needed me. So we have a month left at this house and will be moving in with BFs mother for a hopefully very short period of time. I don't need to say how stressful this past year has been but I am starting to accept that this happened because I can handle it, and it will make us appreciate having our own house and our own lives that much more.

*Edited to include spring goals!*
My weight goal is to be in the 180s by the time we move mid April.
My fitness goals are to do my workout videos consistently 4 times a week with one of those days being yoga :)
And my nutrition goals will be to stay on plan more - to limit off plan choices to one cheat meal a week and one treat like chocolate per week. Also I need to include more fresh greens in my diet!!!!

this forum is a wonderful support system not just for weight loss but for all of life's struggles, because we are all going through something. Even just expressing it to people who don't know me IRL and getting all these bottled up emotions out is a relief. I want to thank anyone who reads this long sad story and I hope my experiences can help and encourage others. Have a wonderful day people :wave:

nonameslob 03-16-2016 02:44 PM

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UGH I just wrote a super long post and responded to everyone but apparently I wasn't logged in. GRR! I'll post once I cool off. Hope everyone is doing well.

xopeaceandlovexo :hug: I am so sorry for that mess you've been through. Welcome back. I hope things start to look up for you and your boyfriend soon. What a headache!

Edit: *deep breath*. Ok. I am done being angry that my post was lost! In a nut shell, I've been exercising lots this week which has been making me hungry (along with having my period...) but I know that my appetite usually balances out after a week or so. Not too worried about it right now. Meal planning is going well and I also receive a Blue Apron box on Thursday, making that easier!

I signed up for a 5K finally! It's on May 7 (the same race where Rie is doing her 10K!) and now I am trying to build a training plan for myself. Because I am doing so much biking lately, I will probably just focus on 1 short run, 1 long run, and 1 internal run each week. I attached what I came up with so far, though I have a feeling it will change a bit since I have no idea what I'm actually capable of right now.

I did write personals to everyone earlier but the general gist was that you all ROCK and are ROCKING it! So glad to see many of you have set goals as well even though we aren't in a challenge right now!

Riestrella 03-17-2016 01:17 PM


You know I'm quite enjoying this whole not weighing in thing. After a bad couple of days with eating too much, not hydrating and not working out it's nice to just pick myself up on my own without having to see the damage I'd inflicted on the scale, which would in turn guilt me into picking myself up rather than just doing it naturally. I'm constantly reminding myself to live a healthier life, without a little number flashing in my brain it's felt like a more organic process.

Things I need to work on:
  1. Not drinking soda. My BF's parents are kind enough to stock their little beer fridge with Root Beer, which I think is delicious and tend to grab one once a night. This should be a once a week treat. I had a root beer last night so no more until Monday. I also got a soda when I went to see a movie on Tuesday, I didn't need it - I could have just taken a water with me.
  2. Making sure to lower my grain intake. I've been in the bad habit of eating a bagel for breakfast, having a sandwich for lunch, snacking on pita chips for a snack, then having rice/pasta/bread included in dinner. I don't think carbs are the devil, I need SOME sort of grains in my life to remain a happy, functioning human being, but I do need to limit these to less than 5 servings a day.
  3. Upping my protein/veg intake. This is a big one especially with 10K training underway, I need to make sure my muscles are receiving the protein they need to recover.
  4. Drinking water. I've fallen out of the habit of drinking water for unknown reasons - this is easily remedied! Especially with my fancy timer bottle

I can totally do that!

Yesterday I did a barre class, so tough. Feeling it in my butt today, oh sorry, I mean my "seat". There was this tiny girl next to me, who I like to refer to as "skinny fit" i.e. they're skinny and do the minimum required to remain skinny but don't push themselves to get lean fit. A way to pick these girls out are the ones who come in full makeup and perfect hair that makes them look like they've just thrown it up in a pony tail but really it took at least 20 minutes to tease perfectly so they look cute too. This girl was wearing full on eyeliner and eye shadow to a workout!!

I WAS gonna go on a 3 mile run today but it's snowing and it looks like it's sticking. Just my luck! I don't have the gear to run in snow so I'll pass until it clears.


katiam - You're welcome! Sorry to hear your knees are giving you trouble, I definitely second the recommendation to work your upper legs to help relieve the stress. I injured my knee a year ago and it wasn't until I started doing strengthening work on my legs that it started to feel better. I'm sure there are guides on the internet and youtube videos for a complete upper leg workout - try to do a variety of exercises rather than just the leg lifts to get the fastest results. I swear the 160's are cursed, I know a number of people including myself who are stuck in this range! I've been sitting here for 2, almost 3 years - it's embarrassing almost. I think I might cry when I see the 150's again.

peaceandlove - Welcome back! Sounds like you're in an awful situation...I hope it gets sorted in your favour soon. Some people are just nasty, I can't believe it. Good luck with your goals! I'm sure you can do them, they sound kinda similar to my own. We got this!

NNS - H3ll (really 3FC? you sensor h3ll?) hath no fury like a woman who typed a really long post on an internet forum only to lose it somehow. I understand that anger too well. Weee, we're gonna be training buddies! I would recommend to rest 2 days before the race, because you're gonna push yourself more than usual on race day so it's good to rest up 2 days before. If you don't mind running over 3 miles during 5K training then that's great, otherwise I'd suggest decreasing your long run mileage a bit. I would do 3x3 mile runs leading up to the race but nothing over 3 miles before that. BUT, if you're comfortable with those distances then that's fine. Also, you have a lot of cardio in there - I'm assuming HIIT training is running sprints? Personally I like to have 1 day of strength training to work on your core and other areas of your legs that running/biking won't get as well as a yoga day too. Even if it's just a 20 minute Youtube yoga session it's worth really stretching your muscles. The way I've got my training is
Mon - [Stretch] Yoga
Tues - [Cardio] Short run
Weds - [Cross] Insanity
Thurs - [Strength] Barre
Fri - Rest
Sat - [Cross] Dance
Sun - [Cardio] Long run
I also don't run over 5.5 miles until race day. Hope this helps!

xopeaceandlovexo 03-17-2016 01:43 PM

It is super frustrating typing out a long post and losing it!!!! UGH!

Have you done 5ks in the past NNS? One of my goals this year is to do my first 5k but I am getting nervous about signing up for one because I have never been a runner :snail:. Wanted to do the color run and its in June, but I feel like that will creep right up on me. There is one in August I'd love to do called Paws for a cause which I should just bite the bullet and sign up for right?

Hope you all are having a great day :dancer:


nonameslob 03-17-2016 03:20 PM

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Yesterday was officially day 1 of 5K race training! I was so proud of myself - I left work a tiny bit early, went straight back out on my run as soon as I got home at 4:30, ALMOST managed 2 miles (I was running out of time and stopped at 1.9 miles) and then was back out the door by 5:40 for a meeting. Whew. My appetite is still nuts, though!

I attached my updated plan...still filling in some blanks and I am sure I will miss stuff, but I'm getting there. It's definitely non-traditional, because I'm trying to incorporate running without disrupting my daily life too much (such as our weekly Tuesday night bike rides). I realized that the group run at our local park starts back up on April 1 so I added that, too! It's 3.3 miles and I find myself so much more motivated running with a group even if I am usually the slowest. I'm also tracking what my actual workouts were on the spreadsheet.

Rie - Thanks for the feedback! My goal for this 5K is to be under 30 min., so I really want to keep the longer runs in there because I know it helps develop speed, as does the HIIT (mix of walking and sprints). I know some people recommend two days of rest before a race, but I followed some advice both times I did races last year to do short runs the day before, and that seemed to work out well for me, so I'm gonna stick with it!

Strength is a good point and something I was struggling to add because of lack of time/equipment, but I LOVE the yoga idea. I don't know that I'll be able to do it every week but I added it to my plan! :) We are actually going rock climbing tonight (skipping my HIIT for that) and apparently they offer yoga as a cool down/stretch after rock climbing. Hoping I can get my bf into it! If not yoga, then I should at least go back to doing my core exercises once a week.

LOVE your goals! What is the timer bottle thing?!? Running in the snow sounds horrible and dangerous...I'm glad you decided against it. I can't believe someone would wear that much makeup to EXERCISE!

- I did two 5K races last year. I actually started the Couch to 5K program almost exactly a year ago now! Honestly, I would just pick a race you want to do, sign up, and start a training program. It's always easier to get motivated when you're invested in something, and when there is a timeline for it.

rainbowstripe 03-17-2016 10:11 PM

Penny Ugh, no internet is the devil. It's so funny how much we rely on it these days - for everything! I feel so disconnected - and sometimes I think a break is actually good, but it's definitely not when you need it for lots of things. This is a pretty nonsensical couple of lines, I apologise!

Rie I'm totally the same when my BF asks me if I'm going to work out...like he's insinuating I'm fat and need to. But I know he knows I'm not happy with my weight at the moment, and he's just trying to be encouraging - and it's working to be honest, he's giving me time at home alone to get my workouts in since he knows I won't do it if he's there. So I shouldn't complain! I know what you mean... I feel like I've been part of the challenges for 6 months and haven't budged... but I feel a change in the air.

katiam So true, I often get spurred to action by other people on here doing awesome things! I'm so with you - I want to see the 150s again! It's been too long!

xopeace I'm so sorry to hear about all the troubles you've had with your family, and the legal stuff. That kind of thing going on in your life can really take it's toll on everything - so it's great you have a positive attitude and some goals!! All the best!

NNS It is The Worst when 3FC deletes a post! The absolute worst. Congrats on signing up for the 5K and getting your training underway! Seems like you've got a good plan to get there!!

~~ So I feel like I'm doing good. I've been on plan with eating for most of the week, with on-calorie-budget breakfasts, lunches and dinners, bar the anniversary dinner last night. Even then, it wasn't hugely ridiculous. Sometimes I go out for dinner and eat to the point where I'm ridiculously full to the point of being uncomfortable, and I'll still squeeze a dessert in. Last night we went to a Japanese yakitori place and I probably had 4-5 skewers of meat (not huge ones), and a couple of pieces of karaage chicken. Then we shared a slice of cake. It was a big slice, so I'm glad we shared!! I wanted to challenge the BF to choose where we went - because he never does - so it was nice to have a bit of a surprise night planned. We are going to see Pixar music played by the symphony orchestra here next week, which was my gift to him - so I'm excited about that!

I have exercising 50 mins both Tuesday and today, and I feel really good about it. I'm doing the workouts from Cize - the Shaun T dancing workout. I'm finding myself actually looking forward to it because I kind of enjoy learning the choreography and getting better each time I do it! I'm going to try to get another workout in on Sunday afternoon. The next three days are going to be kind of crazy with work - really long days where I have to go to a hotel for an event we're hosting, and it could be a little high stress - so I'm trying to prepare for it. Last year in July we had the same event and that's when my health took a big downturn, so I've been trying to manage stress levels in advance this time because I do not want any more symptoms to appear.

I've been bringing breakfasts to work, which is a huge improvement on buying it everyday! Lunch is next!

Biggest goal right now: keep up the exercise, and DRINK MORE WATER. Some days it's dismal and I will literally only drink about 300ml.

katiam247 03-18-2016 08:37 AM

peace and love - you are right! This forum has spurred me on to lose more this time than I ever have before. Sorry to hear about your family troubles. My dad went through a similar thing when his dad died and his sister got everything. She lived with their dad at the time after divorcing and losing her home and somehow the latest will went missing (granddad changed up his will when he got mad at one or the other) and the one presented had her getting everything, even though my dad did more for my granddad than she ever did. My inheritance from my granddad was a cracked coffee cup and a small Styrofoam ice bucket with no top and a little brass teapot that I adored as a child. It had a small dent in the bottom and auntie probably gave it to me because of that. lol

NNS - just a couple of days before you, I did the same. I had a nice post with personals typed out and *poof* one stroke of a key, it was gone. Needless to say, it was a day or so before I typed it again. SOOOO frustrating! That is awesome you and Rie will be doing the same marathon. Good luck on your training and hope you meet your time goal!

Rie - wish I could be as active as you! I used to be able to, but I got out of the habit and out of shape, gaining weight to the point where my joints started rebelling. So, keep up the good work so you don't end up like me! Hope you can begin your runs, soon! Thanks on the tips for strengthening my thighs. I will search for some exercises on YouTube for sure! I have been seeing posts where people have enjoyed Leslie Sansone videos. I found one on Wednesday and had fun doing it. It was called "1 Mile Happy Walk". Was not complicated or too stressful on my knees. I am planning on doing it again today.

rainbow - good job staying on your plan and packing your breakfast meal! The Japanese dinner sounds delicious! DH and I don't eat at Japanese restaurants, because they mostly have shellfish at the restaurants here and he is allergic to them. Hope you both have a grand time at the symphony!

So, for me, I eliminated cereals/breads/rice and fruits from my diet plan and it has paid off! I wished I would have had that revelation WHILE doing the challenge! lol I am down to 160.8 this morning. After I finally hit the 150's, I will add them back slowly, again.

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