Rie's Pre-Summer Challenge Chat Thread (anyone welcome!)

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  • I'm thinking I'm going to try regular exercise three times a week. My plan is a 2 mile walk each time. I'll probably need help sticking to it - I get awfully lazy about deliberate exercise (but plant me in a theme park and I'll walk all day!). I know exercise is so important for being healthy, and I really want to get in the habit.

    Anyone have tips for adhering to an exercise routine (even a simple one like mine)? I'd appreciate the advice.

    Rie: I know from experience that repeated food choices that aren't on the plan can be so discouraging. But just the fact that you've maintained is awesome - I know it probably doesn't feel like it, but that picture of you in Seoul two years ago? You could be looking at it after a big regain and thinking, "I wish I was still at that weight." I know where you are isn't your goal, but you really have had success at maintaining. Lots of people can lose a bunch of weight, but not so many keep it off. Still frustrating when it's not where you want to be, but it's still a definite victory. Hang in there!
    Also, this is the place where you're supposed to vent about that stuff. That's what we're all here for - to support each other and get support!

    NNS: Excellent advice! That's what I did, actually. I have an end date, I'm still weighing daily, and I can't go more than 2 lbs above where I am now (and that's the max - but I basically fluctuate within 1 lb above and below where I began the break at).

    dayoneagain: Thanks for the info! I'm glad it's easy to clean AND that it works well (those are my two big requirements). I may look into that.
  • I was In Ries last two challenges and look forward to the next one . I'm a bit older than you all but I think I can offer so thoughts to help.
    First with exercise you need to get into a habit . Put it in your calendar , make an appointment with yourself .
    I've been in a regular routine since August I started with walking for 30 min progressed to getting a fit bit and now I work out with a trainer in a gym. I only recently started weight lifting.
    Two find something you really enjoy some love running, me I love the elliptical and weight training and I have made it a priority of getting 60 or more minutes of exercise 5 days a week. It is not just about that number on the scale but getting stronger and feeling better . Fuel your body.
    Three , step outside the box there are fitness opportunities everywhere . If you can't get to the gym or walk, pop in a video or turn on you tube lots of fitness gurus give free videos, dancing workouts. Check out Pinterest for weekly and monthly challenges .
  • Hey all! Quick update! I was scared checking the scale today as it was Easter not long ago, but I'm still doing well! It helps that my job is active! I'm in a musical, so I dance every day and a LOT! My goal is to lose weight a little more slowly than the last time so it's more of a lifestyle change, not just a race!
  • Hey everyone! I didn't finish the last challenge but I'm definitely going to jump into the next one. I've gained a few pounds in the past couple of months which I think is due to a lot of life changes and getting used to my new schedule (I graduated from graphic design school, got a full time job, and joined a gym for the first time). Now, however, I'm ready to go back in weight loss mode (day 3 so far.) My personal challenge this time is to not let my gym workouts influence my eating. I usually have an easier time losing weight when I DON'T exercise because then I have a smaller appetite, but I really want to exercise for health reasons, so I'm going to make it work somehow!
  • Riestrella, I just love your blog. You have such a flair for writing, and it's so inspiring. I can relate to your rants because I get the same feelings sometimes. It can be so easy to just throw in the towel when you're discouraged, but that's not how we really feel in our hearts. We will keep on truckin'.

    I am going to stay away from challenges for a while. I thought they would give me encouragement to really work my plan, but I think instead that I start to feel pressured and lose control. I think I need to just go it alone for a while to get back on track. But I will still be here reading, and posting my 2 cents once in a while. You just can't shut me up! LOL

    Another online friend of mine moved to Atlanta recently. I've never been there, but from what I hear it's a nice place to live, not just a nice place to visit. Much better weather than we have here in PA. Lucky you!
  • I've been walking this week, and it's been nice! However, we're in a 'spontaneous rain or snow' phase where I live. I hate walking in the cold, so I don't do it (or I'll quit - it has happened before), but luckily it can go from 30 one day to 65 the next here, so I just move my walks to the nice days.

    I'm also looking forward to the end of the month when the new challenge starts!

    Equinechick: Thanks for the advice!

    kahaney: a musical? That's awesome! I did one in high school (though I can't sing or act, it was still fun!), and it is certainly a workout!

    Mongoose: I feel the same way about exercise - I want to do it for my health, not necessarily for weight loss. And congrats on graduating and on your new job!
  • Hey guys! Had a rough couple of days. A friend of mine passed away a couple of years ago and it was his birthday on the 1st April. Usually I try and make the day as happy as can be, but I still get really sad about him passing away and at such a young age. On top of that I've been battling off an on-coming cold/cough for a couple of weeks now, as well as coming on my period. So my body and emotions have been doing a number on me that's for sure! I was diligent with working out, however, I went on a 4 mile run yesterday which I really enjoyed. I did it in a 12:13 min/mi, but I realised that I'm not running as fast as I could be because subconsciously I'm scared of injuring my knee again. So on my run tomorrow, which is just a 2.5 mile run, I think I'll try running faster in small bursts to see how I feel. I was thinking perhaps running faster during the chorus of the song I'm listening to. I think overall it will help with my pace and it would be a fun thing to time it to music vs. looking at my Garmin for distances.
    Today I missed my cross training session because I woke up and felt so drained and couldn't be bothered going out to go dancing in a room with loud music. So I essentially went back to bed and rested up. I'm going to try and run tomorrow, I think I should be better.

    I'm still failing at drinking water and I'm not sure why? I think I've felt a bit knocked out of my normal routine as of late so need to get back into it. Working from home is dangerous that way, you have to develop a working day in your home environment, since work has been slow recently I've generally been bumming around. But I should be making sure to differentiate my working days and my weekend days.
    As for food...let's not keep going there haha. Not my worse but certainly not my best.


    NNS - You know my number 1 weight loss strategy for when I move is being too broke to eat junk food!! Aww, thanks so much for your support it really means a lot to me. You were the first person to point out to me that maintaining the weight I've lost so far is a good thing, I hadn't thought of it before. I needed to be reminded of your wise words again, so thank you for making the time to encourage me .

    Penny - Are you interested in Podcasts? Personally I never got into them, but I like the idea. If you like them you should tell yourself whenever you listen to one you should go out and walk. You'll walk and learn something! I've heard Hardcore History and Serial are both excellent. Other than that, honestly it's just habit building. I made the habit of waking up, eating, drinking green tea, getting changed and doing a workout. If I don't do those things in that order then I feel like I can't do them as strange as it sounds. If you time your exercise to be at a specific point in the day then it might help. Maybe before you prepare dinner, you might end up walking faster because you'll be getting hungry!
    Thank you so much for your kind words, you're completely right - I'd be so upset if I had regained the 36 lbs and looked at myself in those pictures. It's all a matter of perspective I suppose, the grass is always greener on the other side and all that jazz.
    I know I've probably asked you before, but what state do you live in?

    kahaney - Glad to hear you're on track! What musical are you dancing it?

    Mongoose - Glad to see you! Congrats on graduating and getting a full time job, is it in Graphic Design? Tell me about it RE eating too much after exercise. It's important to listen to your body, but it's so easy to reach for junk food when your body is telling you to fuel up. I recommend getting some go-to protein snacks in your kitchen and reaching for those immediately after exercise.

    wannabehealthy - Thank you for reading my blog, you've reminded me that I should really update it! I was doing well then got out of good habits. I really hope we like Atlanta, well, I really hope we live in a safe part of it I suppose! It's not going to be our forever home but it would be great to live somewhere exciting again . Absolutely come and join in the chat for any challenge, it's great to remain in a circle of support even if you aren't part of the challenge. I might not even be in my own challenge next so I'll be there with you just chatting away!
  • My problem with water is the cold winter. It makes me want hot coffee instead. Sometimes I just drink my water at room temperature, but I don't like it as well. When I worked, I got up and drank a full bottle of water before leaving for work. I drank the second one during the first 2 hour shift. That was such a habit that I never had a problem getting all my water in. I need a new habit.

    Before I got married I had my own apartment and food was the last thing in my budget. Had to pay rent, utilities, car payment first, so I could barely buy healthy food let alone junk. Needless to say it was easy for me to stay in the 130s. Marriage has it's perks, but one happens to be too much available food. LOL

    I know what I have to do to get back in weight-loss mode, but I'm always going to start tomorrow.
  • Ugh. I am struggling right now. For some reason my mind is pushing me so hard to eat and eat and eat (crap, of course - I never want to overeat cauliflower ), even when I've just had a meal. It's that full body urge sort of feeling. I really hate it. I've had it for the past few days in waves. It's likely tied to my period (which is now). There's really no way for me to fix it; I just have to ride it out. But it's rough when it's so persistent.

    When it gets like this, I get thoughts about how I'm not getting enough food and so I really should eat three donuts right now. It doesn't make sense, obviously, but it's very convincing. I have to use logic and be all, "Even though you're eating at a slight deficit, your body's storage makes up the difference - you're not even close to starving." But my mind is like, "I am if I'm not eating fries."

    It just makes it so much harder to eat well. But I can't just have one thing off plan - in this state, it won't stop there, and it'll just fuel the fire (I know from experience). I have to be more vigilant all day, which is mentally tiring after a few days. I hope it clears up soon. Sorry for the winding post, but I do not enjoy this at all and venting is kinda helpful.

    Rie: I'm so sorry about your friend. I can't even imagine losing someone so young.
    About the water, have you tried keeping a pitcher of it near where you work? I've found that it helps me a ton.
    I...sometimes like podcasts. It helps my walks go by so much faster, and it gets my mind going (I get so bored with exercise - I need something mental to do). But I have to be interested in them. I like them much more than music while I walk (most times).
    I live in Wisconsin. Which I do not love in winter.

    Wannabehealthy: I can't do cold water in winter, either. I do room temperature all the time and never have it with ice (I'm often cold anyway). If you don't like it room temperature, maybe heat up the water so it's warm or hot? My friend from China does this all the time (it's a health thing over there, I guess). Or try drinking it with herbal tea, or adding fruit to flavor it, or cucumbers?
  • I'm relieved to see that other people have the same problem with eating too much after exercise. I thought it was just me, haha. I need to retrain my hunger signals.

    Rie - Thanks! Yes, luckily I found a job in graphic design. Specifically, marketing and branding.

    Wannabehealthy - I'd suggest herbal tea. When it's cold, I keep a mug with a teabag on my desk and refill it with hot water several times throughout the day. (or you could use an insulated bottle.) Keeps me warm and hydrated at the same time.
  • Hey guys,

    So my 2.5 mile run yesterday was a big success! I used my tactic of running faster every time a chorus played on the song I was listening to and I ended up decreasing my pace by a minute which is awesome. I ran it with a 11:38 min/mi which is a lot nicer to see than 12/13 min/mi's. I felt like I really pushed myself and even though I had to walk at one point because of a stitch I was still faster. Woohoo! I think I will go at a steady pace for my long runs but for my short runs I'll do the pace increase tactic.

    Today I have a barre class, which is always hard, I'm on my period so I always don't want to do anything during this time. Tomorrow is Yoga which is always nice and relaxing.


    wannabehealthy - I know what you mean when you say "I'll start tomorrow" since I do it too - but instead of tomorrow how about now? Even if you've eaten badly for half the day that shouldn't be a free pass to continue eating badly for the rest of the day, you know?

    Penny - I'm the same way on my period too! Must have all the terrible food. Thanks, it's difficult too because he died because he was obese. I was talking to a mutual friend and she was saying that his weight was almost a form of suicide because he was so depressed. Despite being one of the nicest people I'll ever meet, he never realised his own worth and continued to eat. I have a great bottle with times written on it so I can see by __pm I should have drank this much. But I've not been strict with myself! Silly me.

    Mongoose - Congrats on the job! That's so great. It's a shame when people spend so long learning a skill and don't get an opportunity in that field.
  • I made it through last week! It was one heck of a week at work and I am SOOOO glad it is over. My exercise and food routine suffered, but all I care about is that I met all my deadlines with work even if it meant working until 11pm and getting back up at 5am once or twice... Whew. On top of that, I was without a vehicle for two days last week (bf was away) so I was commuting by bike and it snowed BOTH of those days! Go figure.

    I went to my friend's yoga class last Monday and it was SO good. I'm planning to buy a Groupon ($25 for 5 classes!) and start going to her classes every other week, but I'm broke right now so I'll probably have to wait a paycheck. The type of yoga she teachers is really strange but also very easy to follow and makes me feel amazing after. My abs hurt for two days afterwards though! I only managed one run last week and it was rough. We did a super long (30+ mile) very hilly bike ride on Saturday, and on Sunday I was so sore. I waited until later in the day after my body had warmed up a bit, but I still struggle through so I only did 2 miles of the 3.5 I had planned for. Still glad I went on at least one run.

    Oh!! This weekend I finally started working in the community garden! I cannot express how excited I am for it. I was also really great exercise. We had a group volunteer day Saturday to get the community areas cleaned up and spread out compost to everyone's plots, and on Sunday my gardening partner and I worked on our own plot. We got some lettuce, radishes, and peas seeded. I'm going back today to add parsley and labels. It will be so nice to have fresh produce this summer!


    Wannabehealthy - I feel you on needing warm things in the winter! I find myself always wanting soup or tea or coffee, and not craving fresh veggies and salads. Thankfully it seems like spring is here!

    Penny - Yay for walks! Are you sticking with your walks even with how you are feeling now? You will get through the struggle!

    Mongoose - Oh you are definitely not alone!

    Ries - Have you ever tried running faster by doing short, fast strides? Maybe I'm incorrect, but I feel like that probably has less impact on the knee. Either way sounds like you had a great, faster run this time around. Keep it up! It's so much easier to push speed when you're doing a shorter run and know it will end soon..lol
  • Ah, the fog is lifting! Those cravings are nuts when they hit. I've tried everything for them - eating more, eating less, eating what I crave, getting specific nutrients based on specific cravings, etc. etc. And nada, zilch. Just gotta buckle in, hang on, and stick to the plan. Not fun, but it's the only way.

    My current goal is working on building my way up to the minimum recommended amount of exercise for adults (150 minutes aerobic something, 2x a week fully body anaerobic something). Does anyone know if I can do weight training with no weights (I have no weights, don't wanna buy them, and don't have a gym)?

    Rie: awesome job with your run! Knocking a minute off is a big deal! You're making want to start to learn to run, honestly (but I still wanna wait until it's a wee bit warmer). How long do you think it might take me to be able to run 3 miles without a break (regardless of speed)?
    That must have been so hard to lose your friend, especially when it was preventable. How are you doing?

    NNS: That kind of work week is rough! Congrats on getting through it! Hopefully you have some time to kind of rest now (or at least a relatively relaxing work week).
    I've always wanted to live near a community garden! The closest I ever got was an old one that got so polluted it was unusable. :/
    Yep, I stuck to my walks even with how I was feeling! I didn't really think about not doing it, actually (weird). Glad I did! The challenge will be sticking to them in the upcoming weeks, when work is going to get nuts. I can do it though. Right? Right.
  • I forgot, I was going to ask you guys this! I'm going on a short four day bike trip (just around Milwaukee's bike paths, but we'll be out on them like all day) with friends in a couple months, which I'm looking forward to, but my endurance for bike rides is really awful. I'd like to be able to keep up and have a great time, but I don't know how to do that.

    Do you guys have suggestions for the best way to build up my biking endurance by the end of May? Obviously I need to start biking more, but past that I'm kind of stumped. I'd appreciate any help!
  • Hey everyone! Boy, this chat does keep busy. Took me a while to catch up with reading everyone's posts. I've been busy with work and my boyfriend visiting for the week. Obviously I wanted to show him Minneapolis and that included taking him out to eat, hm, twice a day, so I have been way over my calorie limit. Also, because he was here I didn't go to the gym AND he brought me more chocolate - when I hadn't even finished the chocolate my sister had brought. I also received a parcel from a friend with four full-sized bags of paprika potato chips (I cannot find these in Americaland). Looks like all my loved ones and the universe are ganging up to test me. The chips have been here for two whole days and I haven't touched them! Hope I will be strong enough to enjoy them in moderation when I decide to open them.

    Anyway, now that the bf has gone back home, I can get back on track. I had a good session at the gym yesterday and ate well, and am looking forward to working out more today. I'm not going to weigh in this week because I'm sure it will just be discouraging after all the bad stuff. On a positive note: I bought a pair of jeans yesterday. It's the same label as my previous pair that I bought in December and it's one size down! When I started getting serious about losing weight again, I was definitely hoping I would progress faster, but all things considered I'm pretty happy with how I'm doing. At least I'm losing.


    Rie - It's exciting that you're doing so well on your runs! Congratulations! How is the weather down there? I haven't been running at all because my feet have not recovered from hiking over spring break - they are literally held together by sticky tape and I'm still worried I might lose my toenail. I should post a picture to gross everyone out.

    Penny - Yep, I get those cravings. Always really glad when they are over too! Not sure how you can effectively do weight training without actual weights - I've heard people suggest using water bottles for dumbbells but that just doesn't seem practical to me. I get that you don't want to invest in a lot of gear, but I'd recommend may buying a pair of actual dumbbells at the least. I have a number of different weights and I got them at 5 euros per pair or so, so I think if you look around you could probably get some for cheaps too. This suggestion might be entirely useless to you, haha! Anyway I recently started weight training using the machines at the gym because it was too daunting for me to figure out all the movements myself. As for the biking, that trip sounds like fun! I hear there are some nice routes around Milwaukee. I'd definitely take a day in advance to see how you do if you're on your bike for a full day, if you're not used to longer trips. Mainly because that will tell you if you are comfortable on your bike, which I think makes all the difference. That way you can adjust the height of your seat, etc.