Not enough calories?

  • Hi! I have been using to keep track of my food intake, but I have a bad habit of not entering the foods until the day after. I have noticed that I'm so paranoid about dieting that I haven't even been hitting 1000 calories BUT I have been eating all day long (fruit, nonfat yogurt, veggies) with a small lunch and dinner so I'm not even hungry. The average is about 800 calories on a daily basis.

    Should I just be happy that I'm not over-eating or should I try to eat more so my body doesn't start doing something crazy?

    of course... more calories means more carbs.
  • Well having such a low caloric intake is really bad. So bad infact many diet plans have outlawed anything under 1200, some places won't go below 1500. The less calories you eat the more fat your body holds on to.

    Eating small meals several times a day is good, but you must get in enough food. You don't want to mess up your metabolism.........
  • You definitely need to eat more calories. And Carolyn is exactly right. Your body will hold on to stored fat if your not taking in enough calories. Try eating five meals a day balancing out the calories. If you still don't have enough calories then try some low fat snacks.
  • Thanks for the tips. I know I have heard things like that (body holding on to fat) but I'm just not sure at what point that will happen. I think I'm going to aim for at least 1200... that's what my doctor said he reduces calorie intake to on his dieting patients. I need to start logging foods as I eat them so I'll know whats going on! Thanks again.
  • Hi Brenda,

    Too few calories can send your body into "starvation" mode. It becomes extra efficient in hanging onto fat and slows your metabolism down. This will make it more difficult for you to loose weight in the long run.

    I know that you are vegetarian...but are you vegan? Could you have a slice of cheese? I also find that nuts (almonds especially) are a good snack. They are a bit high in calories...but are very good for you - plus you have the calories to spare!

  • Nuts are great kris! I heard nuts are a mood lifter as well and are great for brain cells! good fact to know!