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Well i'm a bit late to thread but though i'd chime in.

I have came from the exact same situation as you, for as long as i remember i have never had a normal healthy weight body. All through school i was pudgy with a gut and really balooned at the end of highschool. I still haven't finished losing all my weight and still to this day imagine what i would look like without this stomach fat i seem to still be hanging on to. From the start of my weightloss i set so many goals for myself and just kept going by as i realised that more of my weight than i thought was fat and i could never of imagined what my body has changed into now (i can see muscles on my thighs and crazy things).

It is so worthwhile and crazy when you start to notice weird things that show up. I remember getting freaked out when i felt ribs on myself, i had seen people with ribs but feeling them on me was just crazy i never thought i had ribs i could feel. Good luck on your weightloss and congrats on what you have already lost.
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Call me NNS!
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Good to see you around Shrinking Student! I remember seeing you in the IF thread when I first joined - are you still following IF?

Thanks for your insight. It really is such an adventure to discover new things...just the other day I noticed I have some pretty insane thigh muscles! I couldn't stop flexing them! Can't wait to see what the future has in store.

Congratulations on your weight loss so far! Assuming I'm converting right, it looks like you've lost a person. Incredible!
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I'm definitely the same way. I've always been overweight, but I didn't know my actual weight until I started paying attention in 3rd year university when I was about 204. I then lost about 25lbs but gained it all back and then 20 more. I've since lost 22 and my current "goal" is 165, but we'll see. My first hurdle is to get into the 170s because I don't ever remember seeing that on a scale. From their I'll chip away at it until I'm satisfied.

I have no idea what I'll look like. And I have no idea if I will keep it off - like, am I just supposed to be one of those people who stay fat? I've always been the "big one". I can't imagine not being the fat friend and because I can't imagine it I've brainwash myself into thinking that's how it's going to be.

Like, will the "skinny" me just be an impostor?

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I'm really glad to hear there are others on here going through the exact same thing. It's what I love about these forums.

I'm 24, and I've been overweight all my life. Overweight is probably the wrong word to use. I've been firmly wedged in the obese category since I was a child. I was always the fat one in school, but up until the 6th grade I was at least a bit athletic. I used to be a part of sports teams, used to swim regularly, and while I was big, I was at least fit. It all went to **** after that, because I've just gotten bigger and bigger.

Last year I decided to make a change, but as you can tell from my ticker, I haven't put in consistent effort at all, and as a result I've lost just about 13-14 lbs in all this time.

Like you guys, I spend so much time daydreaming about what I would feel like if I ever got to my goal weight (or even halfway there, to be honest). I have no idea what my body would be like, what shape I would be, how people would react, etc. because I've never been anywhere close to a normal weight. I feel like getting attention from the opposite sex would freak me out a little because I've never been a person who gets it. Some aspects of losing weight do scare me a little, but man, I'm so eager to know what it's like.
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I was just thinking of this. I don't know what I will look like. I've been fat all my life. My doctor even told my mother to take me off of whole milk when I was a child. I've lost and gained but I have never been fully wedged in the skinny or healthy category. I can't even pick a goal weight because of it. I'm also concerned with what my face will look like. Will I looks old? Emaciated? I'll never know if I don't try though.
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This thread really speaks to me. Being overweight has always been part of my identity, funnily enough. I don't think that even if I'm "thin" one day that I'll feel happy because of it. I think what bothers me the most about being overweight is that I physically don't feel comfortable in some situations and that I've had mental blocks to do stuff (ie. sweating/out of breath, thighs rubbing and shorts pulling up, not being able to squeeze behind things, feeling like I can't wear certain types of clothing, not wanting to go swim with friends).

I've had moments where I just didn't care and felt good about myself and my body, but recently I feel that I'm just not taking care of myself that way. The "yolo" mentality just doesn't work for me. I had a chat with a friend who struggles with being underweight, and we both figured that we need to know what our body specifically needs to be in its prime condition. I've blamed my mom for being overweight and I've prayed and prayed for a beautiful thin body, but really, I think what I should focus on is on finding what my own body feels good in. And I know that it's not my current weight. But right now, in this moment, I feel good that I can accomplish something.

Everyone has different needs and I hope that we'll all be able to feel physically good as well as beautiful. I try not to picture what I could or might look like because that might destroy my will of becoming healthy inside and out.
Good luck on your journeys and I hope we can be there for eachother!!
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Im 23 and i have also always been overweight , so i know what it feels like.the smallest i ever was in high school was my freshman year at 170. I also would always daydream about what i would look like if i were small, but you shouldent obsess to much that can lead to things lie eating disorders which i am recovering from. I had to change my thinking instead of thinking about how you would look ect, try to focus more on health and being in shape and how you feel and less how you look.Good luck
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Hi there!
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Yes. I've been overweight since I was 8 or younger. And obese for probably ages 13-20. The ONLY time I've ever consciously been at a clinically normal weight was a couple years ago. I got down to 142 lbs, and it was really awesome. Then my life changed, things got complex in some areas, I didn't try as hard, and I regained some.

So yeah, overweight again. But still, I haven't been obese since age 20! I'll take my wins where I can.

But even 142 isn't that thin. I'm with you in that I've never actually been thin. No idea how I'd look or feel or even what my body shape actually is (although at 142 I had more natural curves than I expected, which is surprising). I really can't wait until I can try it out, though.
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