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Default What a weird month.

I kind of feel off the wagon a bit. It's been an interesting month.. I got engaged at the very end of last month (which you would think would get me extremely motivated but of course it was the opposite). I started looking into planning stuff so I could get a price point which immediately freaked me out and I have since been stress eating and working a million hours. So naturally I've avoided the scale for the last 2 weeks. Today I stepped on it after almost a full day of meals to learn that somehow in the almost 1 month its been since I have stepped foot in the gym or eaten healthy for an entire day... I have LOST weight!! (probably somehow stress related and all the working I have been doing) So I am super motivated once again (and could definitely use an outlet for all of the stress) so I have done really well today and plan on doing really well from now on. I'm a little bummed because I know I could have made some serious progress but dwelling wont make me lose the weight so I am moving forward and getting healthy!!

Also, what made it click for me today was I got off work a little early and decided to go buy mine and my fiances bathing suits for a trip to Florida we are taking 2 weeks from Sunday. I learned that I am down a suit top size (xl from last years 2xl) and I am in a size 18 pants!!!! I can't even tell you how excited I am Sorry for the super long post guys. Hope everyone is having a wonderful summer
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Congratulations on getting engaged! You need to relax, though - if you're stressing out this early on, you're going to drive yourself insane by your wedding day!! Have you gotten a wedding book or binder yet? If not, that is the one thing that kept me from losing my head through the entire process - it was a central place for all of my ideas, pricing information, vendor contracts and anything else I needed. My maid of honor and now-husband had matching ones, too, which made planning SO much easier. Now, it's my engagement gift to every bride-to-be I know

And maybe you didn't fall off the wagon as bad as you think - you may not have been doing it consciously, but you could have been incorporating everything you learned from while you were actively trying to lose. Or maybe it's proof that when we stop stressing over things so much, they naturally happen. Either way, it IS progress! Congratulations and hopefully, it's the motivation you need to get back in the game!
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Hi congrats on your engagement! And on going down on clothes! I'm with futureformerfisher, a binder helped me out when I did all of my planning. I did everything a la carte (saved me tons) and was in charge of everything from ordering liquor to hiring bartenders to orderings linens to setting up reservations with rentals tables/chairs - the whole package, lol. I, also, lost wait during the planning but used working out as an outlet from all of the chaos. It was my time to just be with myself and focus on me, me, me and me. Granted, that was back when I was 24 and had tons of energy, too, lol. 4 years later, I have to pump myself up to do anything haha.

Good luck with the planning and on the continuance of your journey!
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